Luke, Alcoholly and Charlie, May 2009
Thanks for Wearing Clothes, Luke and Alcoholly

I would like to believe that modesty runs in my family. Like to. You've all heard about my grandmother prancing around her house in next to nothing on my mother's blog. Luke isn't far behind. Lately, every time I turn around he's taking his clothes off and going naked. Completely naked.

Oh, to be as uninhabited as little boys and crazy grandmothers!

I know it is normal for little kids to run around naked. I have very clear memories of my younger sister, Kelley, running around the neighborhood naked with nothing but a cast on her arm. (In fact, this was just a few years ago.)

At playgroup this week, Luke appeared naked, and asked me to put his bathing suit on. Interesting how he can get undressed, but he has problems getting dressed. Luke's full frontal initiated an interesting conversation about circumcision.

Then there was yesterday. I was at the church in the morning with several other adults, including the Bishop, setting some things up for a mutual activity. I heard someone say, "Where's Cristin?" and then Luke came around the corner naked from the waist down. He was playing with some "older" kids in the nursery, had wet his pants, immediately removed them, and was walking around the church naked. The 5 year olds were shouting, "Luke had an accident! Call 99119! Call 99119!" The Bishop walked past me while I was holding a naked Luke and trying to console a screaming Charlie. Not my proudest moment as a mother.

I just wish that I didn't get so embarrassed for him when he decides to get naked in public. I keep find myself saying out loud, "Oh, he's 2," because people always think he is older than he is. However, what if I find myself saying, "Oh, he's 4," or, "Oh, he's 12," and this never stops?!


  1. Oh gosh, I am sorry, but this has me laughing...at least he kept everyone entertained! Good luck with the next few years!

  2. Had a moment at a mom's lunch where one of my friend's boys (2) just whipped down his pants and peed in the grass. Oh, to have that kind of freedom . . .

  3. I think its a guy thing. Since getting married I've learned that men in general are very open and proud of their bodies. I think it's totally normal.

  4. All I can say is that I wish I was that comfortable with my body! Honestly if I saw a little boy running around with no pants it would give me a good laugh, and like you said it's a great conversation starter :) I'm sure he'll outgrow it but until then I'm sure no one is judging you as a mother!! Oh, and I would love to hear more about Kelley running around naked a few years ago...

  5. really Cristin... REALLY?!

    It's only awkward because Luke's wah wah IS a conversation starter.

  6. that episode at the church reminded me so much of me and my boys a few years ago! You're trying to get something done and your kids make it next to impossible. I really have been there. And I remember having to teach my boys about not peeing just anywhere. It was like, once they got the idea of not using a diaper, they would just pee on any bush when they had to go. Don't worry, you aren't they only one who has been embarrassed by sons going naked. And Brayton was a 2 year old who looked like a 5 year old so I totally know what you are saying. And you were so calm that day at the church! Anyway, the plane crash turned out fun, huh?

  7. Love the blog post title. And the post itself is great, too!

    My youngest daughter loved being naked. Around age 2-3, she'd completely disrobe in public, usually at parks and such. While I remember being mortified, the stage passed quickly, and now, I almost miss it.

    So, I say, try & enjoy it while it lasts...

  8. I couldn't stop laughing because this happened to us in nursery last week. My son just took off his clothes and was walking around without his pants on. It's a boy thing. He also did this in the middle of Downtown Disney. I think most mothers of boys can totally understand !! by the way- i'm so sorry i have not sent out your dvd- I'm sending two actually and they will be in the mail tomorrow.

  9. Dude that conversation was great, I think it brought peace and comfort....to me at least! And you just wait for Erik in another year or two, then you can be the one laughing at ylfe and tiffany and I about our boys! Hope playgroup was great this year!

  10. That is too funny! At least he is entertaining. I hope that Cooper doesn't start getting naked in public because I don't know what I would do. Hopefully, Luke will grow out of it soon enough.

  11. So funny! I don't want to jinx myself my saying my kids aren't nuddies because I certainly don't want one... but so far we've been lucky. Although when summer rolls around and we tell them they can sleep in their underwear and undershirts, they are both way too thrilled at the idea.



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