Forcing Luke close to a Freaky Pirate (He's Screaming), April 2009

In all reality, I should not have been so mad at Erik for showing Luke the James Bond movie because I love tormenting our children. Take note. I love tormenting our children, but I do not love other people tormenting our children. It's a double standard, for sure, but oh well.

Caitlin and Zachary Looking Especially Freaky

Yesterday we put on Spiderman masks and started acting like nothing out of the ordinary was happening. Luke came out of the bathroom to find us this way and started screaming. He pointed at us, "Take off the mask, NOW!! Put it in your bedroom!!! Take it off NOW!!!!" Although it isn't very motherly of me, I did really enjoy his little outburst.

Charlie is still a little too young for the mask freak-out, so we stick with other mean things.

Erik acting like he's going to give Charlie a spoon full of ice cream.

Erik putting the ice cream in his mouth instead. Ha ha. Jokes on you, Charlie.

A Brainwashed Patty Hearst Robbing a Bank, FREAKY

I think freaking our children out must run in our family. Growing up, my mother would tell me bedtime stories about Patty Hearst and the Jonestown Massacre. I am not making this up. That picture of a brainwashed Patty Hearst robbing the Hibernia Bank freaks me out to this day. Thanks for the memories, Mom.

Maybe I will continue the tradition by telling bedtime stories about O.J. and Elizabeth Smart. I will probably wait till Luke is at least 5 years old though for that.


  1. I think tricking charlie is much more mean than scaring Luke- which is really really funny!

  2. Dodd is the one who likes to torment our kids. He holds ice on their tummies and counts how long they can take it. They have gotten really good at it.

  3. I think the freaky fingers are way scarier than the masks!

  4. This is hilarious!! My dad used to do this kind of stuff to us all the time and I think it made me a tougher kid- odds are good you won't end up scarring them for life :) And in the mean time keep posting the stories!

  5. Poor Luke. I'm really sad we had to leave! I had too much fun with those masks.


  7. I have to say that picture with you and Luke is priceless. You look awesoome by the way. No way you had 2 kids and bad sleepers to boot!

  8. Fun stuff! I have a practical joker for a brother & a great-uncle. Let's just say things are never dull when they're around.

    PS: The ice cream joke is one of my all-time faves. We pull it on our 2 yr old all the time...puts him in hysterics, and us, too.



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