The above picture is:

a) My Mug Shot

b) My "Before" Picture

c) A Convict's Wife
d) My New Passport Photo

If you answered D, you are, sadly, correct.

I went down to Walgreens last month to get my new passport pictures taken. I smiled right before the employee snapped the photo and she sternly said, "NO SMILING." I almost snapped back, "Hey, this isn't 1850. It's okay to smile." However, I didn't, and this is what I got - a cross between a mug shot/Extreme Makeover Before picture.

Don't worry, it's a done deal. I got my new passport in the mail this week. I only have to keep this picture for ten years and seriously, how often do people look at your passport? (In my case, not very often.) It could be worse, it could be my drivers license.

Speaking of which, here is my current drivers license picture. I didn't think it was that bad until I was shopping at Target and the cashier actually said, "Whoa. That is a bad picture. No really. That is bad." Uh, thanks?

The winner, of course, is Erik's senior high school i.d. card photo. He said this was on purpose. Yeah, I meant to take all those bad pictures too.


  1. dude...you are...umm...BRAVE.

  2. So - are you going on a cool trip? Did I miss the post about it?

  3. wow Cristin, you have lost a lot of weight. I can see it (or not see it) in your face

  4. ok--that is a terrible picture of Erik.

    I knew that had to be your passport picture. Take it from me, I completely freeze up in front of any camera, so I'm kind of the queen of bad pictures.
    Yours was pretty bad:) hee hee
    Love it

  5. Thank you for posting that picture! I finally have one I can put in that empty frame sitting in my living room.

  6. These are great photos. It makes me think of my last driver's license photo. I got up early and hot rolled my hair, put on a cute outfit, makeup, the whole 9 yds. When it was my turn to stand in front of the camera, the grouchy old lady working there said, "Just stand there and look pretty."

    There are probably much nicer things to say to DMV workers. I couldn't think of any that day (sigh).

  7. i still think you are pretty :)

  8. How funny. I still have a Utah drivers license for four reasons 1. I don't want to pay $40 for a new one until I HAVE to 2. I don't want to take the test 3. I don't want to waste my time at the BMV (it's bmv here...isn't it dmv everywhere else?) and most important 4. my Utah drivers license picture is actually good. I will never have a good one again. They only come around once in a lifetime. I don't think your drivers license picture is even bad, but I'll admit that your passport photo is a little intimidating.

  9. You should be able to get some mileage out of that picture of Erik! I'm sure you can think of something to bribe him for!

  10. My brother was so hot and popular his Senior year... this proves it.

  11. I'm laughing out loud...literally. Not at your picture...actually, your passport picture is pretty dang good! It's Erik's picture! Fun-NEEE!

  12. Yeah, why do they tell you not to smile? They said the same to me when I got my new passport photo.

    I love Erik's picture. He looks different but so similar all at the same time.

  13. They did the same thing to me. How come they can't tell you to look somber earlier than the moment they are snapping a picture?

  14. LOL - I couldn't stop laughing when I read this picture. Have to love the picture of Erik!

    P.S. Your passport photo isn't bad - and neither is your driver's license (I don't know what that girl was talking about).



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