Charlie Learning to Walk Last Week

It's official, Charlie is finally walking everywhere without sticking his arms straight up in the air. Although we were so excited last week when he started doing it, I couldn't understand why he would feel that raising his arms directly overhead would give him great balance.

Watching him walk like that reminded me of a gymnast in competition. I like to call Charlie's walking strategy, the "Mary Lou." (Or for you younger folks, the "Shawn Johnson.")

Luke thought it was so funny. He would follow Charlie around the yard mimicking his perfect form.

Poor Charlie. He walked like that for so long that his arms were stuck that way. (Don't worry, like I said, he's better now.)


  1. He is really cute! Growing up I always wanted to be like Mary Lou.

  2. I think when kids learn to walk, they are hilarious how the lift their arms. That walk actually reminds me of King Louie from the Jungle Book

  3. I wish you had a video of this to post!

  4. he is looking for that perfect 10!

    I can't remember any of my children doing this--I'll have to really pay attention to our little one.

    BTW--I give him a 10 :)

  5. He really does look stuck! You need to post a video like the one you posted when Luke started to walk!

  6. Congrats Charlie on learning to walk! Yeah!

  7. That is really funny--I've never seen that before. You would think he would hold them out more in the front for balance. Hilarious!

  8. That is so so cute! One of my childhood heros was Mary Lou! (still is!)

  9. Oh my gosh that's so cute! I love the pix of Luke and Charlie side by side. How is he already walking? Wasn't he just born??



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