Most of you probably don't know (including my husband), that we're expecting twins! This is a picture from our 15 week ultrasound. I can't wait to have 4 kids under the age of 4. It's going to be sooooooooooooo awesome.

Just kidding, April Fools! Oh, ha ha ha. Whoa, I'm so funny.

I love April Fools day. I love playing tricks on people, but I hate having a trick played on me. (Yes, I am one of those people.)

When I was in 3rd grade I showed up at school with crutches because my "ankle was sprained." My teacher looked me in the eye and said, "Cristin, is this a joke? It's April Fool's Day. Be serious." I said, "No. This is not a joke." I had to sit out of recess and P.E.., plus someone got assigned to carry my stuff for me everywhere. At the end of the day I threw the crutches on the ground and walked out of class. Ha ha, April Fools on them.

A little over a year into our marriage we told Erik's mom and sister, Ditte, that I was pregnant. The best part of this joke was that Ditte called and left a message on our phone asking to know all "the details." We laughed about that forever. What exactly did she mean by "the details"?

On Sunday, Erik lost his phone after church. He dropped us off at home and then ran back to the church to look for it. I found his phone on Luke's bed and couldn't decide whether or not to call Erik (he had my phone) using the "Beeker from the Muppets" voice or "Mr. T" voice. I went with Mr. T. I said, "Um, hello, I found this cell phone." Erik said, "Yes, are you at the LDS church?" He thought I was someone else. (Mr. T, perhaps?) I laughed so hard about that one.

So, today is the holiday for practical jokes and I can't think of any good ones to play on Erik. Everything that comes to mind is far too mean.

"I'm divorcing you!"
"Your mom died!"
"The doctor called. You have cancer."
"I gave away everything that was in our savings account to my sister."
"I'm pregnant with someone else's baby."

In my ultimate April Fools Day world I would say one of these phrases and then wait a day to reveal that it was all a joke. You can see why I can't do this with any of my ideas. It would be bad, really bad. If only I could come up with something that was a happy medium.


  1. wow. You totally got me there. I thought, "I can't believe she's telling me through her blog!" happy april fools. I would go with the I'm divorcing you. That will go over well.

  2. Cristin for a moment I thought I was reading the wrong blog!

    I told Vak this morning that I transferred money from our savings to buy a stock that I just KNEW would go way up and instead lost A LOT of money. ha ha right? Jokes are cruel...

  3. Nancy might have already told you once, but my sister has a friend who plays horrible "practical jokes" on her husband. She told him she was pregnant with an unexpected child once they thought they were "done," and then waited a few days to tell him. Meanwhile, he was having a crisis of faith and whatnot.
    My sister has another friend (this one male) who plays a "game" with his wife called "save the baby." He says, "Save the baby" and throws whatever he's holding at their child and she has to jump in the way like a Secret Service agent taking a bullet.
    I guess the point of all this is my sister has some strange friends.

  4. I have to admit, I was hoping you were going to do a blog practical joke... I'm glad you got both of your sisters! How ironic would it be if this actually happened now (hehehe...)

  5. you think that's funny but i have a friend who is expecting twins in july and she will 4 kids under the age of 2! may mercy and heaven help her!

  6. Oh my gosh. You totally had me going! That was a good one.

  7. I didn't believe that Twin thing for a second!! Good try. Amy-1 Cristin-0
    It was a good call that you didn't go with any of your ideas for Erik, that just mean.

  8. I didn't even recognise the holiday. With kyle out of town, I go entire days without speaking a word to a single soul. It's a solitary life I live.

  9. Cristin, you are hilarious. You totally had me going for a second there! I can't believe you don't have a microwave! I do agree that food tastes better heated in the oven. I also can't believe Charlie is almost 1. This year has gone really fast.

  10. When my brother was engaged, his fiance's friend (with the finace's consent) called my brother to tell him he was about to marry someone that has been cheating on him. It was not a great idea for an April Fool's joke. He got really mad, wanted to call off the wedding, etc. My sister in law is pretty clueless, so I'm sure she had no idea the damage it would cause. I now cringe at the thought of mean jokes like that...totally cruel!

  11. I'm so glad this was a joke! Seriously, cuz I've been there. I have this ultrasound photo! My first 4 are 33 months apart. My. Brain. Is. Mush.

    But it's lots 'o fun!!!!!

  12. Crap--I was thinking this had to be some play on the seriously-so-blessed site. I forgot about Beeker.
    hee hee



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