I got my "new" phone in the mail today. It's about time. I've been using Erik's old phone with a broken screen. Since I can't see who's calling me, I pick up each call. Once I activate my "new" phone I can go back to screening my calls and using Slydial to return calls. Then I will never have to talk to anyone ever again.

So, are you ready for this? For a point of reference, this is Erik's phone -
This is my phone -

I know, it's very sexy. (The antenna is the funniest part.)

See, here's the deal: I signed a 2 year contract with Verizon 3 years ago. That contract is now month to month. I don't want to sign another 2 year contract. Apparently, their cell phones are programmed to self-destruct around the 2 year mark so that you are pressured into entering into another 2 year contract to get a "great deal" on a phone. I found this one on Ebay for $30 (including shipping!) So, yeah, take that Verizon!

The only downside to sticking it to the Man is that I have to have a dorky cell phone. Of course, if I ever really want to look cool, I'll just hold up my iPod Touch to my ear and pretend to talk into it.

It's so hard being this unmaterialistic.


  1. cristin, that phone you just got came out in 2004! do you realize how old a 5 year old phone is??!!! And it's big too! I remember selling that phone. It was the "cadilac of all phones" at the time.

  2. that's okay--mine is even older :) But I can make calls and receive them. What else matters? (besides wanting a newer, cooler one?) lol

  3. I'm pretty sure you got a bum deal. But hey, you have an iPod touch---that's still better than me!

    Kelley's comments always make me smile.

  4. Use your new cell phone with pride, girl! You are recycling... saving the world. Single-handedly changing lives...

  5. Honestly, I have always had hand me down phones until recently. Now I have a cool touch phone and I just keep having problems with it freezing. I think it's better just to stick with the basics.

  6. You bring up a great point about phones not making beyond two years--almost to the exact date! What's up with that?

  7. You're a good wife Cristin, if my hubby got an iphone I would be demanding one too! You deserve to buy yourself something nice for saving money by sticking it to the Man!

  8. Beautiful - wait I think I had that phone before - lol :)

  9. this is hilarious, only b/c I had the very oldest cel phone around until I finally got my bootie in gear and upgraded last fall. now, my husband (the technojunkie) wants to get me an Iphone, but I'm a slow adapter and don't want to spend the extra $200 to upgrade 1 yr early.

    Ahhh, the if only we lived in a free-cel-phone-world!

    PS: found you on Mormon Mommy blogs! ;)

  10. ha ha :)

    girl... atleast you have a REAL celphone... i only have a prepaid TRACfone :)



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