When Erik and I were first married we got in an argument about how many kids we wanted. He thought that six sounded like a nice number and I wanted no more than four.

Oh, we were so naïve.

This morning I called up my pregnant friend and asked if I could watch her two boys for her so that she could rest. My friend seemed fine when I picked up the boys, but then three hours later I got a call from her husband that the baby was born. I couldn't help but laugh. Who wouldn't want a labor like that? Nice and fast.

So, alas, here I was with FOUR children under the age of four all day today. Let me tell you. Kids are not all they are cracked up to be. I am tired and the day is still not over. There are dishes to be done and toys to be picked up. I can't figure out how to get Luke and his friend to sleep. They are both so excited to be in the same room. I tried my hardest to tire them out today, but it's 9:15 p.m. and I can still hear them jumping on his bed. I have a feeling it's going to be a very long night. Heaven help us.

How do people have more than one kid? How did the pioneer families sleep in one room log cabins? How is it possible that I function on 5-6 hours of sleep every night without naps? I think I'm slowly losing my mind.

A special shout-out goes to my mother-in-law who raised NINE children, including five children in a 7 year span. I suddenly feel very guilty for having her watch our children for two weeks in September, but the tickets are non-refundable so what can I do?


  1. Hello there, I saw your post on Mormon Mommy Blogs and had to stop by for a visit! It's a lovely place:)

    All us moms know what you mean! It's a miraculous role, there's something in the makeup of a mom that gives us SUPER powers. How else could you explain it all;)

    Great post!

    Kristin K

  2. 3 hours? I am so jealous of T. Sheesh, that's amazing.

    This is the precise reason I am biding my sweet time with having #3. Hopefully by then, Cec will be in school. I don't think I could handle too many little ones at once.

    If motherhood has taught me anything, it is that I have limits.

  3. I'm convinced your MIL has superpowers or something. I couldn't do what she did in a million years.

    I always thought I wanted two kids, and now cannot imagine having another one for at least another couple of years.

  4. Well first of all...(most people anyway) don't have 4 children in 4 years. When I had my 4th, my oldest was 7, Hank was 4, A.J. was 2, Jeri a newborn. Doesn't seem like that big of a difference...but it is. I think no matter how many kids you have, somehow, you just do it. Remember life before Luke and Charlie? You probably looked at other people with little toddlers, and thought..."Youch! That looks hard!" Now you're doing it...and it iS hard. But you get up every morning, and you're doing it. I loved seeing those pictures of Erik cutting the boys hair in the sink, and the burping video with Luke. I just laughed. I used to change Erik's diapers!!! And here he is...a daddy himself. And a great one, I can tell. And you are a great mom, I can tell through your posts, you are! Before you know it, they aren't toddlers, and it gets just a little bit easier, physically anyhow. Where you are right now in your life...it's the most physically challenging (in my opinion)part of motherhood. As they get older, the physical demands, of feeding, changing, etc, etc, go away...but it's a different kind of challenging time. And one more thing! Kudos to you for VOLUNTEERING to help your friend, who needed you! That is HUGE, Cristin! As overwhelmed as you are in your life, you saw the need to help your friend, and took it on. I think that's great.

  5. Pioneers did it because the mom could send the kids out to play with sticks. I'm pretty sure if you sent Luke out to play with sticks while you did chores inside, he would
    1) run away
    2) eat the sticks
    3) ignore the sticks
    4) get abducted.

    I think parenting involves a lot more these days than it did in pioneer days. It's a tradeoff. We could choose to come during perilous times PHYSICALLY, or perilous times emotionally/politically/economically etc.

    Look at me being all Dr. Phil.

  6. I say on almost a daily basis..."I don't know how people have more than three kids." but I think I use to say that about two....and one, come to think of it. I watch one of my neighbors who is a kindergartener (after school) for about 6 hours a day....during that time I have 4 kids - a 6 year old, a 4 year old, 2 year old and my baby. I don't know how people have more than three kids!! Granted they are all girls....and there is LOTS of drama, but if we had a 4th it would probably be a girl knowing my luck. Kids are hard!! With that being said - koddos to you for watching 4 kids under 4....can you imagine that lady who just had the 8....yikes!!

  7. At least they (usually) come one at a time. So you have time to adjust. Whenever I watch other people's kids I'm like, "NO WAY! I obviously can't have any more." But then I do and it's fine.

  8. Ya, Zach and I used to want five kids, now it's down to four. Zach told me yesterday he's fine with only two. My in-laws had six kids, all under two years apart. My mother in law said having more made it easier. She said the first year is hard and then once they started getting older they entertained each other. On the other hand, our mom says we all fought. It just depends on the kids.

  9. You are a good friend. Now give the other tow back and enjoy the two you have! Being a mom is hard work no matter how many kids you have.

  10. I meant the other "two" ( I can't type) kids.

  11. If you're feeling guilty, take Charlie with you!

  12. Props to you Cristin! What a good friend... not only did you watch your friend's kids, but you as well as all four of the kids lived through it! (I'm assuming...) At least watching 4 kids makes you appreciate only having your two!

  13. I've been away from home and haven't looked at your blog for over a week!
    I'm so proud of you for helping your friend! While you are going through it it is hard, but when the day passes...or for me, the season passes, it all seems like it was no big deal.....
    You will never regret having your children when your children are each other's best friends and you love being with your kids and their spouses more than anyone else in the world! Forever is a long time....20 years is a small moment....I'm speaking from a different vantage point than where you are right now. It will come to you, too, before you know it! In the mean time, keep writing and sharing your experiences before you forget the details!
    See you Saturday....and by the way, I'm not afraid of my two weeks with the boys in September...I have lots of helpers here. Love from your MIL with the superpowers...NOT!



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