[I can't help it, here are my thoughts on the "very dramatic" Season 13 of the Bachelor.]

Here are some clues that you should not get engaged to someone -

1. You are on national television.
2. The man use the phrases, "have a connection" and "follow my heart" excessively.
3. The man cries a lot.
4. The guy is THIS guy -

Jason Mesnick, Compulsive Proposer


Melissa's parents - Kudos to Melissa's folks for not wanting anything to do with this show. Can you blame them?

Jillian - Got out while she could and gets to be the next Bachelorette - SCORE!

Melissa - Doesn't have to move in with Jason and his brother.


Molly - No. Please don't take him back. Really?!?

Jason - Self-explanatory.

Me - I can't believe I watch this show. Somebody slap me.


  1. Great Comments! My theory is that this was the plan all along and Jason was paid a hefty sum to cause this drama. US magazine printed a story last week describing what happened last night and also said that on the week ends he wasn't with Mel he was with Molly (after taping ended). I also wonder if Melissa was a paid actress for a big sum of money and that is another reason we didn't see her parents. What a great example he is for his son.

  2. Awww, don't hate on Jason, I actually like him, and I REALLY wanted to him to pick Molly anyway...so I am happy now.

    Actually, Jason shouldn't have been on the show in the first place. He should be home with his son and devote 100% of his energy into raising his son, and if love happens to come along, then fine...but I disagree that he should have even been on the show at all.

    I thought Melissa's reaction on the after-show was fantastic...good drama. However I do take issue with "The Bachelor" constantly saying it was "the most dramatic" because the show was technically over before the drama happened. How silly. But one thing s for sure, I will be watching part 2 tonight!

  3. I would have watched it, but it was too fun getting to hear the updates via everyone else's blogs. Too bad, so sad.

  4. he is disgusting. did you read reality steve's latest post? I believe it! sooo wrong.

  5. The last time I watched the Bachelor was when we were in Wymount. I watched the whole season this last time online. I was so ticked off when I watched the 2 hour finale. What an !*@! We all know what word best fits in that space! At first I thought the crying was just because he was sensitive. Then it started getting annoying! Lucky for you Melissa and Jillian - you deserve someone better!



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