Luke sat through the entire hour of sacrament meeting today!! I can count on less than one hand how many times this has happened since he was born. Amazing! I owe it all to my recent birthday gift. Yay for the iPod Touch! Luke entertained himself with this Bubbles App for at least 20 minutes.

My sister-in-law, Kirsten, asked me last week if it was bad that she entertained her son with a game on her iPod during sacrament meeting. I said, "No! It's just like an extension of a coloring book. Don't feel bad!"

Well... now I am questioning my own practices. I got up towards the end of the meeting today to nurse Charlie and noticed that the 2 kids in the pew in front of us were playing games on iPods. My judgmental self immediately thought, "I can't believe their parents would let them play those video games during sacrament meeting!" Is the harmless bubble app really an "extension of a coloring book" or am I setting my 2 year old up to play video games during sacrament meeting for the rest of his life? I'm so conflicted. What if this is just the beginning of his video game addiction and then he looks like this kid -

I am at the point with Luke that I will do almost anything I have to do to get him to sit through sacrament meeting. I'm shoving fruit snacks down his throat and bringing a backpack with toys and crayons. I'm not sure if spending a load of money at Deseret Book for church themed activities is the answer either. Perhaps there is a religious themed App I could download onto my iPod? That would solve a lot of problems.


  1. I think I have mixed feelings about this...Luke's age, not a bad thing. You do what you need to do to get a small child to be quiet and sit through Sacrament. I think once he is old enough to know and understand what is going on I dont think those kids should be allowed to play with things like that. In our ward, we have a family who brings their portable dvd player and lets their 8yr old watch movies! I think that is going a little too far! Great job to Luke for lasting all of Sacrament meeting!

  2. We started taking Jonah to the other ward's nursery during sacrament meeting. Genius I know. What does Charlie do during Sacrament? I swear he's an angel sent to you.

  3. p.s. Where did you find that picture of me at!? No one is supposed to know I used to look like that!!!!

  4. That picture is awesome! i dont think its a big deal when theyre young, our rule growing up was that we could do quiet activities until we got baptized, then we had to sit up and listen... but who am i kidding, Cody and i still write notes or draw silly pictures on the back of the program...

  5. I would let Luke play with it. I think there's a big difference between a 2-year-old playing with bubbles on an iPod and an older child playing a video game.

    We have different sacrament rules for our kids b/c of their age differences. Hayden has to sit still/fold his arms until after the passing of the sacrament. Then he's allowed his pad of paper and markers and can draw for the rest of the meeting. Owen still gets snacks, books, quiet toys, etc. Basically anything that can keep him quiet & occupied is ok in my book.

    We do a few things to try and set ourselves up for success. First, EVERYTHING is ready on Sat. night (clothes ironed and laid out down to underwear, diaper bag & church bag packed and loaded in the car, stuff laid out for breakfast, etc). Second, I arrive at church at least 15 min. early. Third, I get up an extra hour early on Sunday mornings so I'm not rushed. I have to do these things or Sundays are the worst day of the week for me. Zach has Sunday morning meetings every week so I have to get the kids ready all by myself and then he sits on the stand so I have to take care of all three boys by myself.

    When we were at BYU Margot said something that really stuck with me and that was "sacrament is the most important thing you'll do all week so you better be on time for it" or something to that effect. But I totally agree. I see a huge difference in how my kids act if we're there early vs. just on time.

    Anyway, sorry to go off on this topic but it's something we talk and think a lot about. When Zach was first called to his calling Noah was under 2 mo. old and Owen was barely 2 (I love reading about Luke b/c I think he and Owen are a lot alike...Owen might even be able to give him a run for his money) and it was awful for me but now it's gotten a lot easier.

  6. PK would totally look like THAT KID if I weren't around (an over-estimation, but you know what I mean).

    Anyway, as usual, I don't know. I never answer parenting questions. I do know that screaming kids bug me, so as for ME, I'd be thrilled if every kid at church had an iPhone to tinker with. But you may have a point.

    I know as a kid, I was allowed to read and lay under the bench until I got baptized. That was the cutoff for when I had to stop behaving like an infant. I stuck to it, though. (Even though sometimes I still wish I could sprawl out on the soft cushy benches and have a nap.) Maybe you could give Luke a cutoff, set at whatever age you think is appropriate. That way, he knows he won't be allowed to play through sac. meeting for the rest of his life...

  7. That junior high school picture of Erik brings back a lot of memories.

  8. I think it's cheating. Through out all time mothers such as myself have had to struggle with kids who wouldn't behave. Jake use to yell back and forth with a little girl named Olivia all through church.Jake is eight and is still getting taken out by David. Ashley use to yell every time she had to pee or poop. This Sunday I had to tell my ten year old daughter to get off of the floor during sacrament meeting. My sixteen year old thinks he needs to pee a couple times during sacrament meeting. Should I let them play with their phones during church as long as they text about gosple related subjects? "NO!" video games should not happen in church. You are just going to have to suffer like the rest of us do. If you want him to pay attention put him on Concerta he is young he not going to pay attention unless he is some future prophet. I personally hate when I see grown adults playing with their palm pilots etc. at church. I have even watched an adult reading a non church related book during Sunday school. We all just need to put on are big girl panties and muddle trough it will get better.

  9. oohhh... We have the same debate going on. Our kids like to look at pictures on the Iphone during church and then it turns into playing games. I really don't like it.

  10. I don't even bring our phones into church - it's just not the place. But I too find it difficult to keep them "controlled." I made a church picture book for them. It just a 99cent photo book, with pictures I took and then some cut outs from magazines or pass along cards. Then it has phrases from primary songs. One picture is our bishop, another the temple, or scriptures etc. Then just so they can each have a book they each have one with pictures of them...just random ones that they like. I guess my kids are vain because they LOVE looking at pictures of themselves. Granted this doesn't last the entire meeting, but it's a start! Oh, and the other thing they love is their mini magnadoodles. I got them for $1 at Michaels (I think they're now 1.5 or something). They're small, slim, cheap and they think it's pretty cool. Good luck!

  11. My initial reaction to electronic games in church is the same as tank tops and daisy dukes on little kids. What is the age cutoff? Why not just start them out right and get them use to what its supposed to be from day one? If it bothers you that a 7 year old is doing it....then don't let your 3 year old do it.

    Peekaboo bags

    miniature scripture scrap books with pictures from friend and/or animals etc

    snacks, snacks snacks

    I have ALWAYS had Dominic wait until after the sacramento to do activities, even as a 1 year old. Its such a short amount of time and really helps them understand the importance. Now that he is almost 7 he rarely colors or reads books anymore even. He mostly sits and listens (or zones...not sure....with occasional game of tic-tac-toe on paper with us).

    Also, I have always tried to have him sing along with hymns. Now he can do it by himself, but before he could read I would whisper the words to him one phrase at a time right before they were sung. Participation is key to not getting bored.

    Doing things like this to get them involved in the meeting really helps the meeting go faster for them. If its just 1 hour of sitting instead of activities broken up, it gets to be over-kill boring.

    PREPARE YOUR STUFF ON SATURDAY....snacks, toys, everything. When I have a frazzled morning my kids know it and react to it.

    Living scriptures coloring books can be downloaded for free....I did a post about it..... Have him pick out he pictures he wants to color that Sunday.........

    I dunno...good luck.



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