I woke up this morning with the urge to do something crazy. We have been collecting our spare change for over a year now for no real reason. I dig into the change when I want to go to the bakery or buy a smoothie. Well, I decided today to cash it in. I know, crazy.

I called Erik at work and asked him how he felt about it. He said it was probably worth $20 and to go to lunch with the money. I guessed that the value was closer to $40. Either way, we agreed that the money would all be mine... all mine! [Insert evil laugh.] Are you ready for this?

Buttons - 3
Dollars - 2
Half-Dollars - 0
Quarters - 235
Dimes - 455
Nickels - 325
Pennies - 1275
GRAND TOTAL - $135.25!

I got it all in an Amazon.com gift certificate so I wouldn't have to pay 9% to Coinstar. Now I get to decide what to buy. I'm having trouble deciding between a microwave* or an air mattress. These are tough decisions.

One fear, however, is that if I continue to frequent the Coinstar machine, I may turn the kids and I into slot machine fanatics. Let me tell you, the sound of those coins falling into the machine is rather addictive.

*No, I haven't been drinking. It is true. I have been anti-microwave for years, but lately I've been thinking it might not be so bad to have one to heat up our leftovers more quickly. No one says I have to pass my weird microwave issues on to my children.


  1. I don't think I ever realized that you still don't have a microwave. Wow. I would really get one. Today I heated up leftover lasagna and green beans for lunch. I even learned a microwave cake recipe! (That was actually really nasty) But it's really convenient.

  2. LOL - that's awesome Cristin! I didn't know you could get an Amazon certificate. I thought it was grocery certificates or something like that :)

  3. Caitlin's comment really cracked me up. How can it be convenient AND nasty??? Are you conveniently baking a nasty cake? LOL. Is it ever convenient to make something nasty? To me, if I bake something "Nasty" than I just wasted a WHOLE lot of time!

    okay, now for you- I don't even go to coinstar! That is how cheap I am. Yes, I am the lady at the bank with the coins in a ziplock baggie depositing them. Tellers love me:)

    But that's pretty cool, that's a whole lot of nickel and dimes!

  4. I told you it was going to be $100.00. I still think it is funny that you are going to finally get a microwave after you have been so against them.

    I am with Kelley. I am so cheap that I will spend the hours counting out the money and rolling it myself...

    Keep us posted on what you get.

  5. we are cheap as well and spent one FHE rolling our coins ourselves. We turned on a movie and 2 hours later... $75.

  6. Wow, it didn't look like that much at all! Congrats on being so RICH! (I just won a bet with my sister, who was convinced I had thyroid disease. I even had to get blood drawn to do it, but it was worth it----I AM ONE PAIR OF JEANS RICHER!)

    I vote microwave. Air mattresses could puncture at any time.

  7. JACKPOT!!!!!! And the best part is it's all yours! haha....

  8. Wow I'm impressed, I don't think I would have the patience/discipline to save spare change for a year! That's awesome, let us know what you get! Oh, and I would be interested in reading a post about why you are so anti-microwaves?? :)

  9. ...but what about the 3 buttons, how are they coping with rejection from the coinstar machine ?

  10. Wow, that's awesome! What will you get? I didn't know about the Amazon thing. That's way cool. Hey, what's the update with the swimsuits?

  11. Amanda -

    I still haven't received my bathing suit. Target is taking a really long time... like so long, that I don't even know if I want it anymore!

  12. we've Never had a microwave, but lately Ive been wanting one just to make it easier to re-heat food. I'm getting tired of having to do everything in a pan.

  13. AWESOME!!! We have a coin jar too. Now I'm wondering how much is in ours!! I love how you're trying to decide between a microwave or an air mattress when Erik already gave you permission to spend it ALL on YOU!!! WOW- I have a list of "Anie needs" that I already know exactly what I could spend that money on. Maybe a new pair of running shoes.... or some maternity jeans... or maybe a hair cut! Ya- maybe I need to cash in MY coin jar!! :) But I guess if you don't have a microwave, you should probably start there. How do you LIVE without one!?!? I use ours at LEAST twice a day. I'd like to hear about your "microwave issues" as well as what you do to heat up leftovers! Also, what air mattress were you planning on getting?? A GOOD air mattress really is a necessity! We got an AWESOME one right before moving to DC. We LOVE it! Pretty expensive, but well worth it!

  14. Wow, I'd never have guessed that much. Now if only I could actually save our coins...Then I'd know to lay claim on it knowing it would be more than "we'd" think. ;)
    I too lived without a microwave for quite some time (a friend realized this when borrowing my place in Monterey for the weekend and then offered me his extra) but I do have to say that it's nice for reheating the leftovers and helping defrost when you forgot to take out the meat from the freezer the night before.



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