Yesterday afternoon I caught Luke feeding chocolate cream pie to Charlie under the table. I should have been mad that Luke was sticking a fork so close to Charlie's eyes, but I was more angry that Luke ruined "it" for the rest of us. "It" is referring to that fun rite of passage known as feeding a one year old tons of garbage on his or her birthday.

Everyone handles this tradition differently. I've attended first birthday parties where the baby is presented with their very own Costco size sheet cake. For Luke's first birthday we gave him a cupcake. Whatever you do, the idea is usually the same. Parents like being able to feed their kids junk food without feeling guilty about it and 1st birthdays are a good opportunity for things like that.

I've been thinking a lot about Charlie's upcoming first birthday party. I'm not sure what to do for him. We're in a recession, so I'm trying to simplify things this year. For example, I will probably only hire the DJ for 2 hours instead of 4.

I thought it would be fun to center his whole first birthday party around things Charlie can eat when he turns one. Here's the menu I have come up with so far -

Peanut Butter

Potato Cheese Whiz Soup
Cheetos (the really hot ones)

Deep Fried Ho Ho's with a side of Crisco

Whole Milk

For his birthday present we will give him a gift card to McDonalds.

The only game will be watching Charlie taste all this junk food, guilt-free, of course.

Sounds fun, doesn't it?


  1. I gave Baby X chocolate milk last night. He immediately ditched his sippy cup with the inferior kind of milk.

  2. I gave Jonah a piece of cake last night. He licked all the frosting off and threw the cake off his tray. I think you should keep the DJ for the whole 4 hours.

  3. Oh yes! Let the sugar rush begin.

    I have the cutest pictures of my 1 year old twins going down on their own 1 layer round cakes. What parent doesn't love a frosting covered face?

  4. Don't scrimp on the DJ. Nothing screams POVERTY! like a 2-hour DJ gig. Better to just cut out the side of Crisco.

  5. When I was a senior in high school...I worked at a Hallmark/Pharmacy store. A woman came in to buy wrapping paper and the party favors for her son's first birthday. Just that alone was over $100. CRAZY!! I love the cupcake idea. Hank still won't let us forget that for his third birthday, it was a cake from Jonna's ez-bake oven. (He doesn't remember...just saw it on a video we took of his party).

  6. One more thing...just got done reading your mom's blog for the first time! I now know where you get your witty writing skills from! Wow. You both should be writing a book! (maybe you are?)

  7. I don't know that I would get the Costco cake for the 1 year old...we got one of the free cakes for "baby's first birthday" from Albertsons. It was the perfect size, much more fun than a cupcake and it was free! Maybe the difference from that and a Costco cake will free up the $ to get that DJ for the entire time!

  8. Wow that menu sounds like a kid's first birthday dream come true! I'm excited to hear what you end up doing, are you going to use the same banquet hall with the catering? Might want to make sure they can provide the potato cheese whiz soup and the Ho Ho/Crisco dish...

  9. We never gave Lizette her own cake either. She has only had cupcakes for her birthdays.



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