We eat a lot of meat. It is a very simple dinner. We throw it on the BBQ even when it is snowing and raining. Then add a salad, baked potato and some bread. Boom. Instant dinner.

However, after much thought, Erik and I have decided that we need to eat less meat, i.e., tone it down to one night of beef and one night of chicken or pork a week. Of course, we still might eat meat for lunch and breakfast, but at least dinner will be better. (Yes, this is bizarre coming from my husband who was a butcher when I married him.)

SO, what do people who don't eat beef and chicken eat?? I can grill salmon/shrimp and make bean burritos, but after that I am stumped. I want to have a good well rounded meal that is easy, cheap and nutritious. All ideas are welcome.


  1. We eat chicken and some kind of beef about two times a week, so on the other nights we do homemade pizza (w/spagetti sauce as the sauce), lasagna (w/same sauce), bean/rice/cheese burritos, potato casseroles, hawaiian haystacks (has a little chicken), spagetti, homemade mac and cheese. All very easy and low meat. I'll be checking back for other ideas.

  2. you should try eating soup once a week for dinner. we do that. and we love potato soup from costco. It comes as a powdered dehydrated mix and you just add water and it is really good. you could add some ham to it and some cheese and some sort of bread with it too and it is easy, cheap and very yummy! (the box is less than $7 and makes 34 servings)

  3. Were the same way, we enjoy eating some kind of meat at dinner every night. But I have found that veggie stir-fry, cheese and broccoli casserole, and pastas like fettacini alfredo w/ broccoli or tomatoes are pretty easy and yummy meat-less meals!

  4. Cheese enchiladas, pasta salad, breaksfast for dinner (pancakes, waffles, eggs and hashbrowns, etc.), pasta with just sauce and cheese, vegetable pizza, beans (like a pot of pinto beans- best with homemade bread)

  5. I have been trying use less meat too lately, there is a food storage website that I love that has all kinds of recipes that have little or no meat. www.safelygatheredin.blogspot.com
    they have stuff like black bean burgers which are great!! Rosa pasta that is just yummy!!! and more you should check it out. I am trying out 3 food storage meal every two weeks to see what the heck we should be putting in our three month supply.... Good luck!! there is also a really good corn chowder recipe that I posted a few weeks ago, Keyth loved it!!!

  6. I agree with everyone who has commented so far like soups and pastas, but also can add egg suppers like fritatas and quiches and omelettes. My doctors have said that eggs are actually good for you despite their previous bad reputation for raising cholesterol. We also do baked potatoes with toppings, etc.

  7. On Allrecipes there is a recipe for black bean and salsa soup. It's SUPER fast, cheap and easy and tastes very good. Heck, it's even healthy! Or at least it CAN be if you don't dallop sour cream and throw a bunch of cheddar and chips on top!

  8. I hardly ever do meat -- well, grilled by itself, anyway. We often (almost every night, really) have ground beef or cubed chicken in things. We love pastas and soups like the others have mentioned (chili in the crockpot -- which is kind of like a soup, right? -- is my favorite). We do (loaded) baked potatoes by themselves as a meal. Waffles (it's one of the few things NOBODY in the family complains about eating). And casseroles may not be everybody's cup-of-tea, but my husband grew up with them and it's his comfort food.

  9. Make lasagna or penne casserole, but substitute silken tofu for the ricotta & don't use meat in the sauce. My husband is SUPER anti-tofu, so I didn't tell him what was really in it until he asked for seconds... He asks for it all the time now!

  10. Vegetable lasagna and other pasta dishes, substitute beans for meat in Mexican recipes, soups. What about cooking more meals that may have meat as an ingredient, but not the main ingredient?

    It's funny, I was a vegetarian for years, but I can't really think of what I ate. Actually I ate a lot of carbs. I wasn't one of those vegetarians who actually eat vegetables. I'm actually a lot healthier now that I've incorporated chicken into my diet.

  11. Its funny cause now we eat meat almost every night but from 8th grade until I married Greg I was vegetarian. I'm SOO much healthier now than when I was not eating meat but I agree that its nice to not eat it EVERY night. People already mentioned soups, vegie stir fry, pasta, you could also try some vegetarian dishes for lunch such as Humus and Tabulie on pita breat (my kiddos love it!), also if you put tofu into things like lasagna and stir fry then you can't taste it....it also tastes good fried in a little oil with sesame seeds. Yum! That one tastes great with stir fry. There are also great alternative meat products - Morning star farm stuff....love the bacon! Its kinda pricey but you can find couopons and it goes on sale. I still stock up when I see it on sale (the bacon and sausage patties). They are made from soy and vegetables but really taste good, even Greg likes them. Anyways, if you want any good soup recipes I have a ton...or allrecipes I'm sure. Did you type in Vegetarian in the site...i'm sure that would give you a lot of ideas too.

  12. Veggie lasagna you can add zucchini in. Eggplant Parmesan. Potato soup is easy to make at home, the recipe I use has carrots and celery in it too, squash soup, corn chowder, tomato bisque, Tostadas, veggie stir fry, all kinds of pastas, vegitarian pot pie, all kinds of fish recipes,a white fish marinated in pineapple juice and soy sauce grills into great tacos, if you like ceviche you can do ceviche tostadas. Salmon put some lemon slices pat of butter and dill on top and broil it. salmon burgers, Homemade pizza is cheap and you can get really creative with the toppings. I really love tomato and basil. Check out food websites they are great for ideas allrecipes was suggested and is great... also foodtv.com or epicurius.com, shape.com also sometimes has some nice vegetarian recipes in their recipe section


    I'd been hearing a lot about how going meatless for one, two, or three meals a week is a fantastic way to save money, but I was all like, What do we do? Gnaw on broccoli?

    Veggie soup, my friend. You don't even have to do the WW recipe---make it as full of calories as you want, but it's easy, fast and cheap.

  14. My favourite go-to recipe website is recipezaar.com.

    Where the world's recipes are.

  15. I love that you did this post! It is giving me a lot of ideas! We do a lot of pasta, or dishes with ground beef. You could use ground turkey to make a lot of the things you normally would use beef for. Turkey meatball sandwiches?

  16. I just thought of a favorite of mine, lemon spaghetti! The recipe is on my blog. I also love a greek salad with balsamic chicken (a South Beach Diet recipe). NOt sure if Luke would eat it...but you and Eric would probably like it

  17. I'd like to add: potato bar, tostadas, taco salad with beans instead of meat, veggie stir fry, tomato soup with grilled cheese sandwiches. Another requirement at this time in my life is it needs to be a fast meal. Have you tried Applegate Farms chicken hot dogs? Jonathan HATES chicken hot dogs, but he really likes those ones.

  18. I was a vegetarian for 10 years and after 3 years off, I'm back on the veggie bandwagon. I make everything you make, just with fake meat. Soy chicken is really good, we eat beans, salads and everything else:) I suggest you get a vegetarian cookbook, it will help you out even if you still eat meat.

  19. -There are lots of yummy ideas in the Cooking Light cookbook including a lighter Mac and Cheese, Mushroom Bread Pudding.
    -"Taco Soup" a la Weight Watchers (without the ground turkey...still yummy!).
    -Hmmm. If you don't mind a little MSG in your life, I stirfry Yaki Soba (the kind that comes with a ramen-esque flavor packet....come to think of it, you could use boiled and drained ramen) with whatever veggies are about to go bad.
    -I have a great recipe for an Asperagus Popover from Cooking Light Magazine if you want it We have that with a caesar salad.
    -Pasta with Pesto
    - Cheese or Veggie pizza.....

  20. my mom went Vegan this year. At first she thought it would be hard until she figured out she could make whatever she use to make, just without the meat. We do a lot of

    -stir fry
    -chicken noodle soup
    -bean soup
    -salads (with lots of filler like nuts and cheese and berries for flavor)
    -noodle dishes (alfredo with broccoli is my fave)

    turkey burger (instead of hamburger)

  21. Oh yeah check out http://cuisinenie.blogspot.com

    She has some recipes on there that look to die for

  22. People had good ideas. Here somethings I don't think anyone mentioned:

    Vegetable fried wontons or egg rolls/spring rolls (use your mandoline to jullien carrots, zuchini, cabbage then saute lightly and stuff in wraper and fry)

    vegetable sushi (California rolls...)

    "canolis" argentina they use crepes and stuff with sauteed veges and usually serve with white sauce

    you can "stuff" a lot of different vegetables (bell peppers, tomatoes, zuchinni, serve with red sauce, stuff with vegetables and rice mix with egg, bread crumbs and cheese then put back and bake

    grilled vegetable sandwiches (remember caitlin's baby shower. grill bell peppers, eggplant, onions, tomatoes then spread pesto on good french bread instead of mayo )

    egg salad sandwiches are easy (you should really just look at doris' lunch menu at lassens and her salads to get lots of ideas, and she has all the recipes. they make also a vegetable sandwich with cucumbers and avocados, sunflower seeds...)

    remember mom would make the filafel balls with pita and thousand island dressing? you could also really simply make a tziki sauce with plain yogurt, fresh chopped dill, and chopped cucumbers)



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