There were two things I made Erik promise me when we got married:

1. That we would never live in the desert.
2. That we would never give our children mushroom haircuts!

Me with My First Mushroom Haircut in 1980

My parents really like Mushroom Haircuts. I don't know why. Perhaps it is the simplicity of the cut, or maybe it is the gender neutral style. Either way, my sisters and I all sported the Mushroom Haircut during many stages of our childhood. Thanks Mom and Dad for having such style!

My Mom Sporting the Mushroom Haircut (With My Dad) in 1988

My Dad with the Original Mushroom Haircut in 1976

I got most of my Mushroom Haircuts at Fantastic Sams by a stylist named Bubbles. At the end of our session, she would put my hair in a box and make it magically turn into a lollipop. Very cool. When I was in Junior High I really wanted a perm to look like Mariah Carey, but my Mom vetoed the idea. She never told me why I couldn't, but I'm guessing the reason had something to do with a) Fantastic Sams didn't do perms and b) it wasn't a Mushroom Haircut.

My youngest sister, Caitlin, had the Mushroom Haircut for so long that despite growing up to be a really pretty girl, I still picture her today with this haircut when I am talking to her on the phone.

Caitlin with the Uneven Mushroom Haircut, Date Unknown

You would think that by the time I turned 21, I would stop getting the Mushroom Haircut, but old habits die hard. It was an honor to bring this family tradition with me on my mission.

Not So Happy Sister Mushroom Haircut, 1999

So, the torch passes to us! Since we don't have a Fantastic Sams in our town, Erik cuts our boys' hair. We recently figured out that the fastest and best way to cut their hair was to put them each in a sink and give them hair care products to play with.

Charlie was especially entertained by sitting in the sink. It was a very nice holding spot for him.

I hope that we never let our boys hair grow long enough for the Mushroom Haircut. I don't want the temptation of keeping up the tradition.

Although, I suspect that if anyone were to pull off the Mushroom Haircut well, it would be Charlie. I'm biased, of course, but he is turning into a very handsome little boy.


  1. I'm so relieved that the blog ended with an adorable picture of Charlie, and not a terrible picture of you with a mushroom haircut. They still happen you know!

  2. Oh my gosh! That was hilarious! Charlie is sooo cute!!!

  3. Charlie is so adorable. I was so weird looking. I can't decide if it's because of the mushroom haircut, or just me.

  4. Yes, I too still picture Caitlin as the little girl with the mushroom haircut when I talk to her. I love the pics of the kids in the sinks. so funny!

  5. Cute pictures! I've had a mushroom cut, too--not one of my proudest moments.

  6. I must say you look cute with the mushroom haircut! And I loved the cute pics of the boys getting haircuts! I have to agree with you Charlie is going to be a little heartbreaker!

  7. I can't believe Luke can still fit in the sink. And NO I do not picture Caitlin with that look when talking to her.. eww I was the ugliest, thanks for letting people view that picture of me again (everyone thought I was a boy, good thing I had on a dress) OH yeah the reason why Mom wouldn't let you get a perm is because they were EXPENSIVE! Why do you think she took us to F.S..? Haircuts were only like 7 bucks.
    I'm still trying to figure out where Charlie came from.

  8. My sister was blessed to have the mushroom "doo" for many many years. Thank goodness that never happened to me!

  9. Oh, mushroom haircuts. I think the 90's bullcuts for boys were pretty bad too. I didn't have one of these, but I did have AMAZING 90's bangs. Charlie is such a little hunk! :)

  10. These pictures are hilarious! I think we've all sported 80s/90s haircuts that we're not proud of, I'm just not brave enough to post them on my blog :) Oh and Charlie is ADORABLE!

  11. Oh yeah...Charlie is a SUCH a cute little boy! Look at those eyes!

    Haircuts come and go....just walk down our hallway and look at the "photo gallary" through memory lane...lots of funny haircuts. The ones we have now will be wierd in 10 years!
    Oh well!

  12. oh that guy is super super cute.

  13. LOL. I just took my 3 girls in for haircuts last night! AND...after reading your post, I'm realizing some of their cuts could be mistaken for what you call a "mushroom cut". Oh well...at least we can comb through it again!



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