Exciting news! I have decided what to buy with my Pennies from Heaven and it will not be a microwave! I've lived so long without one, that it doesn't really feel necessary for my survival. I make popcorn with an air popper, boil water in a tea kettle, and reheat leftovers on the stove. Our old house had a built in microwave, but even then I didn't use it very much. I prefer the taste of food reheated in the oven or on a stove top to the microwave any day.

I haven't always hated the microwave. My mother won our first microwave in a drawing at the mall when I was 7 or 8 years old. It was huge. I was super excited about our new appliance, until my parents laid down these rules -

1. Do not stare at the microwave or you will die.
2. Do not stand too close to the microwave or you will die.
3. Always keep a cup of water in the microwave in case it goes on suddenly. The cup of water will protect the microwave from blowing itself and you up.

Then they made us watch that part in Gremlins when they kill the Gremlins in the microwave.

Stupid Gremlin. Microwaves can kill you.

I remember as a child turning the microwave on and then quickly running to hide away from the box of evil until I heard it beep. As a teenager, my fear worsened when I started a fire in our microwave by trying to heat up a paper bag with popcorn kernels in it that I had stapled shut. However, what really put me over the edge was when my younger sisters wanted to "play restaurant" and they would make me the must disgusting cheese sandwiches in the microwave. (Anyone who has ever microwaved bread and cheese knows exactly what nastiness I am talking about.)

So, back to the Pennies from Heaven. (Now, remember, it's all in an Amazon.com gift certificate.) Did you know that you can buy groceries through Amazon.com?

Last night I purchased 6 boxes of Earth's Best Sunny Days Snack Bars for only $9.71 and 12 boxes of Annie's Homegrown Mac & Cheese for $11.13! (Both of those prices include the shipping!) While many groceries on Amazon are not cheap, occasionally you can find great deals like this.

So, here is the plan for my money. Every time I purchase groceries using the gift certificate, I transfer the money I would have spent out of the food envelope into my fun money envelope, i.e., I am shuffling money around. In the end I will have $135 to apply towards a trip to go visit my sister, Kelley, in Baltimore this summer! Yipee! Hooray for Pennies from Heaven!


  1. That is some impressive budgeting! AND impressive to live without a microwave. We were without one for a month and it about wiped me out. I had to wait until I had the cash to buy a new one which meant a month microwave free. Yikes!

  2. I'm still scared that I will get cancer from standing infront of the microwave! My parents threatened me with that one too.

  3. Hooray for fun trips and extra money!

  4. That's so funny! No wonder you are not a microwave fan like the rest of the world. We didn't have one when I was a kid (ages ago) so I didn't get those fears implated at such an impressionable age.

    And great money laundering! Love it when it's legal! heh heh

  5. Wow go Cristin, I'm impressed! I had no idea you could buy groceries from Amazon.com, definitely good to know!

  6. P.S., thanks for the anti-microwave history, that is really funny that your parents made you watch Gremlins! Ha!

  7. Pennies from heaven indeed! Baltimore sounds amazing. (ANYwhere sounds amazing compared to here.)

  8. Your parents are really weird!

  9. When I was 18 my mascara was all dried out and so I put in a little bit of water and decided it woudl be a good idea to put it in the microwave for like 10 seconds to get it warm so it would mix better. My microwave was above my fridge and when I reached up to grab it and pulled it down, the mascara bottle exploded all over the place including onto my face......THATS WHY I LOOK THE WAY I DO....

    ha ha....it didn't burn me thank goodness, but it could have! I was such a smart girl. 3 months later I was engaged to a man who made me dinner with frozen microwavable meals and tried to convince me how good they were....BARF!.....perhaps I should have given up microwaves long ago too?...lol



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