Rats in the Kitchen Are Only Cute in Cartoons

Yesterday I found out that the supermarket I shop at several times a week is temporarily closed due to rats.

This reminds me of the time we ate at BCD Tofu House in Koreatown and discovered they had received a C rating by the Health Department as we were exiting the restaurant.

OR the time yesterday when I found an ant in the butter I smeared on my roll after I had taken a bite.

OR the many times that I have found out after a delicious meal with my in-laws that everything I had just eaten was outdated and expired food.

OR last week when I discovered Charlie's poop on my hand after I had used my finger to pick something out of my teeth.

I don't think I will go back there for a very long time. Now I will be labeled a food fusser just because I don't want to eat rat poop in my ground beef. I wonder how many times I have eaten rat poop and not known it. Everyone knows that the easiest place to hide rat poop is in the ground beef.

Speaking of food fussers, I'm this close to posting a sign in our kitchen for our dinner guests that says, "Please do not cut minuscule pieces of fat off of your meat. It's driving me crazy." Big pieces of fat, understandable, but little ones?? Come on! That's the good stuff!


  1. eeeew! You have had some bad luck with food! At least you're not dead so if you did eat rat poop, it can't be that bad right? Probably not much consolation though :) We love to eat at this Indian restaurant in downtown Provo and I'm always REALLY nervous about what could be lurking in my food... but it's too good to stop eating there!

  2. OH, I HATE little creatures in food. Once, when I was in China, I watched a cockroach crawl out of the food I was about to eat and across the table. I thought I would throw up right then and there. Just thinking about it makes me nauseous.

  3. Yuck! Did you happen to read that article on msn a couple of weeks ago about nasty things that we eat and don't even know it. Like the red food coloring in some strawberry yogurts (and other things made with red food coloring) is actually made from crushed up bugs. I haven't had strawberry yogurt since I read that and possibly won't again until I can buy it from Whole Foods or something.

  4. my biggest food worry trying to grab the food before the 10 second rule expires :)

    I guess it pales in comparison of your woes!

  5. Yeah in Argentina they always serve the "barbque" meat with a lot of fat and every bite you are supposed to eat it with a little fat for more flavor. Fat=flavor. This is why I NEVER buy boneless, skinless chix breast to cook. no fat, no bones= no flavor.



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