I called my mother after reading the blog of my friend, Jessi.

Me: Mom, I'm really worried about Luke. He can't hold his pencil correctly, not even close. Jessi's little boy can write the word "goo." He's the same age as Luke!!

Mom: Not normal.

Me: Oh dear. Where did I go wrong as a parent?!? Should I have put Luke in preschool already? Should I take him to a specialist? Do you think he has a learning disability?! I don't know what to do...

Mom: He's TWO!

[Oh, how we should all be so blessed to have a mother who holds a Masters Degree in Early Childhood Education!]

A while later, Luke comes to me laughing and says, "Mommy! Charlie has funny pictures on his face!"

This picture doesn't do Luke's "funny pictures" justice. He drew all over Charlie with a yellow highlighter. Charlie, apparently, loved the attention.

And do you know what the best part is? I observed Luke's grip as he was desecrating Charlie's face and it was moving towards correct form! Way to go!


  1. I too was an early childhood development major...stories like this crack me up and and I was lucky enough to see them while working in a preschool!!! Totally age appropriate! I agree with your mom on the other kid, not normal! Love the funny pictures Luke! ~Heather

  2. First of all, I love this post - just as I love all of your other posts. Thanks for always bringing fun and humor to life with a toddler and baby. I can relate every time it seems! Okay, so I know, just like your mom, that our boys are only "2" and don't need perfect pencil grips yet. I suppose I should note that in post like the one you are referring to before I break into my little guys developmental milestone. I also know that 5 year olds can still be ambidextrious (sp?) and that is okay. Certainly my writing style lends itself to being descriptive about my 2-year olds developmental progress - since that is what I spent years and years writing about in school and work. Sometimes I wish I had a bit more creativity and humor like you in your writing. Anyway, I do love that your boys had a fun interaction when it came to drawing on their faces with the highlighters. It is important for them to have fun together and it sounds like Luke is being fun and playful with Charlie in his own ways :)

    I also have to say though - kudos for observing Luke's grip. We don't expect our little boys to do everything perfectly, but as their mommies, it is great that we get to be their teachers first and help them with small things related to bigger things (pencil grip related to learning to draw/write). Although developmental delays are real and not the fault of parents, there are so many little things that we can notice as parents and help our children on so that they don't have to learn it first when they get to school. I hold my pencil "incorrectly" to this day (and I turned out okay). But my mother who is an early childhood education teacher and cannot believe I never developed out of it. Trust me, Mom, I still turned out okay!

  3. I still don't hold my pencil right.

    Maybe that's what's wrong with me.

  4. What a relief it is! To have little boys who love to mess each other up! NOR-mal...

  5. careful with the highlighter. highlighter + drawing on face = eyepatch

  6. I am a lurker and I've commented before but as a fellow Early Childhood Education major and currently working towards my master degree - I have to totally laugh and agree with your post. Loved it! Love your ability to find the humor in any situation!

  7. At first when I could only see the picture of Charlie, I thought, Okay he does look like Luke (for once). Then I saw the pic of LUke with the one of Charlie and said. uh NO they don't. I wouldn't be worried about Luke. He talks a lot better than other 2 year olds, you know that

  8. I think moms worry too much. My almost 5 year old won't hold his pencil correctly and I've spent the last two years freaking out about it. Someday he will and even if he doesn't, life will go on.

    Love that Charlie so nicely let Luke draw all over his face. Cute pics.

  9. My favorite part of this post is that Luke was writing on Charlie's face and you were observing his form :) I also hold my pencil incorrectly to this day, and as far as I know it hasn't caused any major problems!

  10. hee hee--way to go Luke's pen gripping skills!
    Way to go mom for seeing the bright side of an irritating incident:)



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