One of the biggest clichés people say about their significant other is, "I love my husband/wife because he makes me be a better person."

Well, I love my husband because he makes me be a better person. Literally. I am a very bad person without him.

My Usual Hotel Room, Pre-Erik

I wasn't always bad. It started with a strange job I had working for a paintball clothing company right after my mission. I would travel to various paintball tournaments and try to sell these hideously oversized and overpriced clothes to paintball fanatics.

On one of our trips, an owner of the company explained to me that the first thing he does when he enters a hotel room is hide the trash cans. He liked to just throw his trash all over the place. For example, when he finished a Big Mac, the wrapper would go on the floor. He wouldn't just sleep in the bed, he would throw the sheets in strange places when he was done. I don't think he even flushed the toilet. His reasoning was that he was the customer and the hotel owed it to him to let him live like a slob while he was their guest. Besides, that is why they had daily maid service.

While I didn't want to sleep on a mountain of McDonald's wrappers in a room with a stinky toilet, I could see his reasoning. Why not get your money's worth? Why waste my time putting used tissue in the garbage can when I could just throw it on the floor and forget about it? And most importantly, why make the bed when you know the maid is going to come in and change the sheets?

Doing the Dishes at the Marriott

Since marrying Erik I have discovered that he can not leave a hotel room messy. I mean, he makes the bed before we check out of the room. (I tell him this is a waste of time, but he doesn't care.) First, there was a the peanut butter incident in San Jose where he left the maid a tip, and then on our trip to Disneyland last week he did the dishes and started the dishwasher in the hotel room right before we checked out. Seriously?? Who does this?? As we exited the hotel and walked past numerous cleaning people, I jokingly said, "Room 203, that's us in case you were wondering, your welcome."

As someone that used to have a job cleaning old hamburgers out of the boys underwear section at Wal-mart, I do admire what he's doing... even if I am too lazy to actually do it .


  1. thank you for making me laugh. but you may need to do a hole post on the hamburgers at walmart

  2. Wow Cristin you were really messy! :) Props to Eric for being so courteous, I don't go quite that far but I do like to reasonably clean up my mess... and I definitely want to hear more about hamburgers in the underwear at Walmart and what kind of company sells clothes to paintballers- and more importantly why you worked for them!

  3. Matt refuses to let the maid service into the room when he stays at a hotel. He doesn't exactly make a mess, but he doesn't polish the windows either.

  4. It sounds like I would hate to clean up a movie theatre you've been to.

  5. Not to toot my own horn (but...I guess I am)- I do the same thing! The first time I ever stayed in a hotel, John asked me what I was doing when I was making the bed. (this is especially funny...considering I make my own bed at home 50% of the time). And we too, last time we stayed, I got the dishwasher going just before we left. It's that old phrase put in my head years ago as a kid "leave it better than when you left." I think Erik was raised by the same woman who was raised by MY parents! :-)

  6. No, the comment is: "leave it better than when you GOT there!" Oops.



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