One of the first things I learned when we moved to our small town is that McDonalds is the place to be take your children during the winter. The first time someone invited me to meet them there for a playdate, I threw up in my mouth... discreetly, of course.

I don't know if anyone here in town knows of my disdain for the Golden Arches. I don't want to be rude (I try to save those feelings for my blog), so if Luke is bored, I usually go when I am invited. The first few times were really awkward for me. I would usually just order a milk for Luke and a water for me. We'd stay for 30 minutes and then go home for our real lunch.

Despite my best efforts, Luke always ended up with a hamburger, chicken "made of who knows what" mcnugget, or french fry in his mouth. So, as soon as we would arrive home, I would strip him down, wash his clothes in hot water and stick him on a cleansing diet for the remainder of the day. (You think I'm joking, don't you?)

So, this last Friday, when our good friends invited us for a playdate at the Playland, I went because Luke loves these little boys. I figured we would do the milk and water thing, and then I discovered the McCafe! The life-changing McCafe! They have decent smoothies and hot chocolate on the McCafe menu. I couldn't Mc-believe it!

This goes against everything I believe, but if the weather is bad, I might actually consider taking the kids to McDonalds even if I'm not meeting anyone there. I pray this is not the a sign of things to come. If next year you find me eating cheap non-kosher hot dogs and drinking Kool-Aid, you'll know it all began with the McCafe.


  1. Why would you eat kosher hot dogs anyway? You're not Jewish (but your mom is, or her mom was, or something, right? Do you still carry on the family tradition of kosher hot dogs?)...

  2. Ah hon, with kids we all find we have to lower our standards from time to time. LOL! I'm glad you found something you feel comfortable eating.

    I know a guy who owns a bunch of Mc franchises and he said his profits at one store doubled when he added a playland. I know why. Those Mc People are masters at marketing to kids.

  3. kosher hot dogs = 100% all beef

    It's not that weird, Costco hot dogs are kosher.

    my question is: why WOULDN'T you eat kosher?!

  4. My mom would never let us play inside the McDonalds playlands because she saw a thing on 20/20 that kids poop/pee in there. I always felt jipped when all my friends got to play at McDonalds... you're a good mom, and that's awesome that you can enjoy it now too!

  5. I LOVE Kosher hot dogs. It's the only way to go. I was totally like this with McDonald's until I went to other countries. Their McDonald's are like sit-down restaurants.

    I'm like Amber in that my mom never let us play in the balls either until we were older and begged her so much she gave in.

  6. Your Mc-believe it comment made me laugh out loud! Yeah, McDonalds just doesn't smell right. Have you seen Super Size Me? That will turn anyone off to McDonalds (at least for a little while).

  7. Ooh...I like Hot Chocolate! I wonder if it would taste good if you dipped fries in it? :)

  8. Hello! She said, Non- kosher hot dogs!.. Cristin, I've never taken Jonah inside of Mcdonalds. I have never heard of this mc cafe. But, Sadly, Jonah LOVES their french fries. When I'm really desperate, I go through the drive through and buy fries, stick them in my purse, and bribe him while I shop. Muahahahah.

  9. I drove by a McDonalds the other day and on their marquis, they had this cryptic message:


    No, thanks to you, I know what that's all about.

  10. I feel that way about McDonalds too. I think the last time I stepped foot in a McDonalds was 2 years ago for a "playgroup" type activity.
    So gross--though I haven't seen the cafe thing around here.

  11. I love everything about McDonald's McCafe... everything except for the silly name



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