I am so ready for spring. Like, really, I can't take it anymore... the cold, the snow, the wind. It's just not fun. It puts me in a depressed mood. I'm going nuts trying to find things to keep the kids occupied all day. Plus, putting Charlie in his carseat while he's wearing his big coat is really difficult. That alone makes me not want to leave the house.

An Anomaly - Charlie Wearing his Huge Winter Coat While in the Carseat

Things I am going to do when the weather improves -

1. Buy pepper spray so I can go on walks outside without being afraid of dogs.
2. Go on walks outside.
3. Go to the park.
4. Set up a slip n' slide in the backyard.
5. Buy new summer clothes to fit my post-pregnancy body.
6. Pack all of our winter clothes and pray we don't have to wear them again until next year.


  1. Dang stole the words right out of my mouth. What Im actually saying is what the heck was I thinking having a kid in the dead of the winter!!! Also Im saying what was I thinking holding Carter back from Kindergarten now I have 3 at home, not smart!!

  2. I just want to wear open toed shoes again!

  3. That is such a cute picture of Charlie! I totally feel ya! I am in Idaho and freezing! I leave my house twice a week pretty much because of obligations, but it's such a hassle to do anything that is outside of my house! We are moving to Texas because we hate the cold!

  4. Have you ever seen Muppet Treasure Island? There's a song from that movie called "Cabin Fever" and it has been stuck in my head probably since January. I am so ready for spring to come that I sometimes get antsy watching the weather report.

  5. You might have inspired ME to buy a slip n' slide. I used to love those things. Poor Kyle and I would have so much fun with one of those!!

  6. I feel your pain, i shout curse words at the snow every single day... But on the bright side, if it wasnt so cold Charlie wouldnt be able to wear his jacket that makes him look like an adorable puff ball :)

  7. Cute cute picture of Charlie.

    We had several days of spring weather that fooled me into thinking winter would end. But today it's back to 20 degrees (which I guess is better than single digits). I'm trying to be positive here.

  8. That's one of the only reasons I love southern Arizona right now...the weather is a balmy 70 degrees. But then I recall that in a month I'm going to be hating my life because of the insane heat, so I guess it's 6 one way, half dozen another, huh? Hang in there!

  9. That is a stinkin' cute picture of your little guy.
    Love the Eskimo coat:)
    I'm actually waiting to buy clothes for my post pregnancy body too--of course, my son is going to be five in April...

  10. very weird--the above comment came up as bank's kids blog--hmmm... I'm going to have to look into this--

  11. He is such a happy baby! I love his smile.

  12. aMEN! I love that picture of Charlie! My list is the same except for the slip and slide...I don't think Grace is quite ready. However, I should be walking more now so I can actually have fun buying post-preggo summer clothes.

  13. I don't ever want to wear open toed shoes.. I don't have to get a pedicure. That picture of charlie is SOOO cute.. sorry I haven't read your incredible blog in like 2 weeks



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