Oh, dear.

This afternoon, while I was nursing, Luke killed Erik's Yellow Tang fish.

Shark aka Mr. Bubbles aka Yellow Dory

Luke poured liquid hand soap into the pump. I called Erik and he immediately left work early to clean up the damage. During his drive home, the Yellow Tang slowly consumed the soap that was being pumped into the tank and died. It was really sad watching him die, but I didn't know where the net was and Erik wasn't answering his cell phone.

Erik has been cleaning out the tank since 4:00 p.m. today. He's really upset. Of course, Luke has no clue what he did wrong.

No matter how many times I say, "It's just a fish!" we both know that this incident means more than that. You just can't have nice things with little kids... or at least with our little kids.

Little kids destroy nice things. If the little kids don't destroy your nice things, the anxiety you feel when your little kids are around your nice things will destroy you.

I'm really not sure how Erik's fish tank hobby is going to go after today's incident, and honestly, right now I'm afraid to ask him because he is rather intensely cleaning the tank downstairs.

It's been a long day.


  1. I am so sorry Erik. I bet you were so sad and upset as your picture shows. It is sad when you love something so much and it gets ruined. Hugs and kisses to you Yeyet!!!

  2. That was my favorite fish. I'm so sorry and if you're reading this, don't be too hard on Cristin. I know she feels sooooo bad.

  3. Sorry Erik! It was a beautiful fish. You guys need to keep a journal of all of Luke's "adventures" and write a book. It would help someone else who has a child as curious as he is. My sister Pam should have done that with Shiloh...what a book that would have been!
    Love you all....

  4. Poor Erik. You are right. Kids destroy everything. Our couch was never the same after we had kids. The poor thing has a hole in the side and a cut all the way down the back. I don't want to get a new one b/c it will endure the same treatment.

    So far Owen has broken my single stroller, my umbrella stroller, my baby swing, and bouncy seat beyond repair and has broken part of my double stroller.

    My mom used to always say "I can't have anything nice" and now I say it all the time.

  5. Dang, he looks ticked. That's why I don't want kids---they're going to come between me and Kyle, and next thing I know he'll be blaming me for not watching them closely enough, and I'll be blaming him for being gone all the time, and we'll get divorced and he'll remarry some bimbo and I should have never gotten married in the first place. This is horrible.

  6. Oh man this is one of the saddest stories I've ever heard! :( Poor Shark aka Mr. Bubbles aka Yellow Dory, may he rest in peace... It is really hard to loose a pet no matter what it is, sorry Eric, your face says it all. I'm sure Luke will one day understand what he did and feel really really bad!

  7. We had a similar tragedy last summer. While Daddy, the 3 yr old and the newborn were napping, I took our 7 yr old for a walk around the block. We were gone for 20 minutes. Well, in that short time, the 3 yr old woke up and decided that the fish were hungry. He dumped 3 large containers of fish food into the tank, closed the lid, and then went to play with his big brother's Legos. When I got home with his brother, I saw him playing with the Legos and reminded him he couldn't play with those and my husband and I laughed "Oh that little rascal..." Well then we all went to the kitchen for a snack and discovered the fish tank. My husband cleaned it as fast as he could but it was too late. The chemical balance was way off and the fish went into shock and all died during the next 12 hours. It was also a salt water tank and we lost about $300 worth of fish. We did set the tank back up but now only keep a few cheap fish in there until the kids are old enough to be trusted around it. Oh, well. I'm sure this will seem trivial when one of them wrecks the car :)

  8. amen; the anxiety just KILLS me.

  9. I know you look really mad in that picture Erik, and I am SO sorry for that sad, destructive experience, but I have to say that you are lookin' mighty fine and skinny! Love you guys.

  10. Thats why all my stuff is CHEAP. And thats why I hate fish. YUK!

  11. Oh, boy. Am I excited to begin on this new adventure in a month...but @Debi's comment--I'm still considering writing a book about Shiloh's many "adventures" from the older sister's perspective. Man, he and Luke probably would have gotten along really well--either that, or they would have killed each other. So, I don't know if it makes you feel any better, but both my mom and Shiloh survived his upbringing, and I'm sure you can accomplish the same thing with Luke!! Good luck!



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