It's not my imagination. I really am trapped as a stay at home mom of two small children.

I thought I had been to a lot of places until I took Brandon's advice and counted all the counties I have ever visited. Here it is [drum roll] -

169 Counties

Wow, what a loser! That's only 5.4% of all the counties in the USA.

My map of the world doesn't look much better -

I actually think it's not that I don't go anywhere, it's that I go to the same places over and over again. For example, this week I am driving to Orange County twice in one week. [Insert picture of me making a pretend gun with my fingers and pointing it at my head.]

So, unless there were some crazy trips my parents never told me about, this might be as good as it gets for some time. I'm not really in the mood to do any long road trips with two little kids, zig zagging around the country to rack up my counties anyway. However, if someone volunteers to watch my kids, I may be easily convinced to take a road trip anywhere. Death Valley, anyone?


  1. If it makes you feel any better, I'm pretty sure my county and country counts would be worse than yours. Waaaay worse.

  2. Uh. Both your maps look better than mine would!

    I know what you mean though. This time of year I get wanderlust big time!

  3. Steve couldn't help noticing the little dot in the corner by Washington, which would be Point Roberts. It's connected to land by Canada only; you have to get there by boat or cross the Canadian border. He thinks it's really awesome and would like to know if you've been there.

  4. I think counting counties is stupid. i can't tell when I crossed into a new county line!

  5. I agree with Kelley on this one! [Although I can tell when I've crossed.] Are you okay? Hope you're not gettied depressed over your lack of travel to, for instance, Hinsdale County, Colorado [pretty, but very small], or Grand County, Utah [lots of space but pretty boring except for Moab]. Maybe I've been to more counties than you, but 18 roundtrip treks through Nevada gets pretty boring. And there are people in NYC who think it's more important to get to Bloomingdales frequently than to ever see New Jersey, let alone the Midwest. I think Orange County would be an interesting place to go but I guess it depends on why and who you are visiting.
    Of course, I would like to find a township map of the U.S. and track the places my ancestors lived. Don't know if that's possible yet.
    YOU are a VERY interesting person and it has nothing to do with where you've been or not!

  6. Counties? i've never heard of that. I'm sure you really know deep down inside that you have been to more places than most of your friends.

  7. That was fun, though I'm sure I'm not being too accurate with the counties. How did you do the world map?

    Are you going to visit your grandma in the OC?

  8. So, uh, you haven't been "Nowhere" until you've been to Lincoln County, NV (where I'm from). It's the backwards Utah shaped one just above Clark County (Las Vegas). You thought you were in the middle of nowhere in Tehachapi -- try Panaca, NV.

  9. How can you remember every county you've ever visited? That's ridiculous.

  10. I can barely keep track of what store I have been to let alone the counties...but I like the states map. If you have the desire to come to San Joaquin county I know a place you can stay in Tracy! :)

  11. I disagree with many of your readers. The small number of counties you've visited tells me you're less of a human being and all your feelings of self-worth should be undermined as a result. I would only agree with your "loser" self-appelation as a starting point for the ridicule and shame you should be experiencing.



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