Benjamin Button is like Forest Gump meets Big Fish while reading The Notebook and talking to Simon Birch. That's the best way to describe this film about the man who is born old and ages backward. Hmmmm, curious.

Perhaps, like me, you are asking the same question I did before I saw this movie - how is someone born an old man? I mean, how would an old man fit inside a pregnant lady? I imagined something similar to the old Saturday Night Live skit where Will Ferrell is born as a fully grown man with a cigar in his hand.

The aging process was the most fascinating aspect of the film. You see, when Benjamin Button is born he looks like this -

Brad Pitt as an animatronic baby with an old man's head...

... then ages into this...
... then becomes really ugly and creepy...

... and then turns into Forest Gump for a few years...

... and then suddenly he is Brad Pitt!

Confused? So was I! How does someone, who is so ugly, wake up one morning and look like THAT? I always thought Brad Pitt would age gracefully, like a handsome Robert Redford. He got so ridiculously good looking in the movie after being so hideously ugly, that when Erik turned to me and said, "Wow, now that's a fantasy!" I said, "What? Being with Brad Pitt on a sailboat? Mine too!" For Brad Pitt's sake (and ours), let's hope that his future looks nothing like Benjamin Button aged him.

I couldn't figure out why no one in the movie says, "Hey, maybe you should see a doctor about your aging problem, weirdo." Also, spoiler alert, anyone else angry he ran out on Cate Blanchett and daughter like that? What was that all about? Or sleeping with all the married women? C'mon.

With all of that being said, I've seen worse movies. I prefer Benjamin Button to The Notebook.



  1. Troy and I loved your review. It was spot on. Plus, I hated the Notebook.

  2. Having given birth 2 years ago to an 80 yr old man myself...this movie was to close to home and I refused to go and see it...its still hard for me to look at Mac's baby pictures.

  3. Disneyland tomorrow! I'll think of you. Since your last post, I've been googling Disney deaths, myths, and legends out the wazoo. Can't stop thinking about it---it's all so intriguing.

    As is the curious case of B.B. Isn't there already a movie like that with Robin Williams? Curious.

  4. Is this out on dvd? Now I have to see it! Blog more!



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