Mancation, all I ever wanted! Mancation, time to get away!

I just had the most totally awesome, rockin', sweet mancation. It was sick. It was off the hook.


We recently had 5 men spend the night at our house for a little mini-mancay. I was so excited to be a part of the trip. As the only female, I tried to remain low key. While they were having their slumber party downstairs, I pretended to be sleeping. In reality I was laying in bed, with my door open, listening to every word they said. I was hoping to hear some good man secrets, you know, things I could share with my girlfriends. Unfortunately, I only learned one man secret, but it's a good one -

MEN ARE BORING. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

After about 10 minutes of listening to the boys talking downstairs about their careers and blah blah blah, I shut the door. Couldn't take the man talk anymore. Like I said, men are real snoozers when they get together.

It didn't get any better when they woke up either. They did not so interesting things like gather around Erik's dirty fish tank and discuss the difference between good and bad algae. Fascinating.

One of the guys (you know who you are) had this really dorky shirt on that the men liked to discuss. It took everything in me to not poke myself in the eye with a stick during their conversation.

This is a picture of all the men eating breakfast. They are laughing because someone just farted or something. If you look closely you can see my brother-in-law, Larry, holding a roll of toilet paper. He said he needed it for the desert, you know, just in case.

My brother-in-law, Jeremy, insisted I get a picture of the bikes. Supernerd alert! Check out the pi symbol on the bike!

(Erik just asked me why I didn't post pictures of them actually riding the bikes and I told him to get his own blog.)


  1. this is really funny to me. i have had the same thoughts with my husband and his friends. i kept waiting for them to talk about chicks or something - most of his friends are still bachelors. i thought maybe they were just holding back because i was there, but i don't think so anymore.

  2. oh good! I was wondering when you were gonna post about this and spill some really funny story about something you overheard. I guess not. Good thing Larry didn't tell you the REAL story behind the toilet paper...he was just being nice by saying "just in case"

  3. Cristin, I just have to tell you that my good friend Tracee calls me a blog-a-holic, but you're WAY worse! Haha. I love it though. Glad you guys are doing well!

  4. 5 men spending the night in your house? You're a tolerant wife Cristin, Eric is lucky! It sounds like my hubby would fit right in with the group, he would get a kick out of that shirt (ya, weird...) Eric should start a blog, then I would have two blogs to crack me up every day!

  5. Men are absurd. I can understand your disappointment at not discovering any huge secrets----there's nothing to learn.

  6. I forgot that going to Korea was another mancation I went on... wow, I seem to do a lot of mancations! Korea was only like this at the actual MAV competition.

  7. Bummer....no juicy secrets. I don't think guys gossip like girls do - lol - not that I gossip?

    I told George about the "mancation" and he says he wish he were closer so we could play games and hang out with you guys.

    Come visit us in Seattle and take another mancation! :)

  8. Jeremy and I were crying we were laughing so hard. I hope Marnie sees this post. I'm going to have to tell her!P.S. Jerm appreciates the picture of the bikes. He can't get enough!

  9. Hilarious! I love how you told Eric to get his own blog instead of making him look cool on yours. What a loser.

    I'm finally catching up on blogging and am totally jealous you can go to Disneyland whenever you want. Then I think about how I have 2 kids now and anywhere I go it feels like I'm taking the circus with me. Ahh, such is life.

  10. Cristin, thank you for your comment on our blog, and especially for your prayers. Love, Sara

    P.S. hilarious post!

  11. Mancation... la la la... I have the song in my head now! That's so funny! I love the dorky shirt.

  12. This is one of your funniest blogs yet. Although I wonder if it's just people related/married to Lassens who are boring? ha ha

  13. Stephan's pretty proud of his Pi symbol for his bike. It was quite a process picking it out. He had to find someone who could do custom vinyl printing last minute. Then, he had to select the right kind of font for such a project. Should it be italic or bold? He printed up a bunch of sample pi's and I told him which one represented him the best. I'm a good wife. He is a nerd, but am I a nerd also because I indulged his nerdness?

  14. Oh, P.S.— I'm glad it's Eric and not me he's discussing good and bad algae with.

  15. Well, I appreciate your attempt at anonymity. I enjoyed a few moments before my "friends" and "loved ones" had to post their little comments. OK it was me! It was all me! The algae, the equations, PI!!. It was a bold pi. I was kind of pressured into the shirt. I'm the big fat nerd.



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