My sister, Kaci, called me this week, very excited about a woman she recently heard speak at church about using coupons. This woman claimed that using coupons helped her to only spend something like $25 a month on groceries to feed her family of 3.

That poor, poor woman.

As great as it sounds to only spend $25 a month on groceries, imagine what kind of food her family is living on! I used to collect coupons, play all the grocery games, and even get free things on double coupon days... that was until I realized I was buying things like Hungry Man Sandwiches and Pepperidge Farm Frozen Bread just because they were cheap.

So this is my argument for not obsessively using coupons -

If your use of coupons permits you to spend only $25 a month on groceries, what are you eating? When do you have fresh vegetables or good meat? Coupons usually allow you to only buy things like frozen chicken pot pies and boxes of Lucky Charms. I don't understand how anyone could have a healthy lifestyle on $25 a month.


  1. eeew man boobies! I'm totally with you on this, I would rather spend a little bit more money and have better quality, better tasting, and healthier food!

  2. I spend about $400 a month for 2 people! So I can't even imagine what $25 a month would be like.

    I always hear people talk about eating top ramen for meals to save money since its like 10 cents a packet but that is seriously soooo bad for you. When you eat poorly you have bad skin, break out easily, your hair suffers and your body suffers. eating bad = being WT!

  3. Wow - that's crazy! I'm an avid coupon user, but if I don't need it, I'm not going to buy it "just because" I have the coupon. It's been a big help for our family :) But I agree with you, I wonder what she was eating on $25 a month.

  4. I grew up eating disgusting casserole. It was cheap and we were poor. Now, my Mom did have 'balanced meals' in that there were always veggies (canned or frozen) and such. Given the limited budget, I think my Mom did well with what she had to work with. However, I can't eat casseroles to this day because I associate them with being poor.

    Even when I was incredibly poor in college, I never ate Ramen Noodles. I always told myself I knew the day I was destitute because it would be the day I bought Ramen. My favorite food for my poor self was bean and cheese burritos- and not the frozen kind.

    If that woman can only afford $25 per month in groceries, then I applaud her efforts in home economy because it is rather impressive. I suspect you are right though- it can't be a particularly healthy way to go.

  5. I'm with you on this topic! I rarely find coupons for things I actually use. I do like to go to websites of things that I know I'm going to buy at the store anyway and see if I can find a coupon.

  6. Amen sister! We use coupons but only occasionally...try being married to a chef and present him with a bunch of coupons only for him to laugh at you. This happened many a time when we were first married. It is ALL about fresh food at our house.

  7. Thank you for adding that Lovely picture. I'm going to go puke now.

  8. I am a coupon clipper as well, but I only buy items I am going to use. Like I have a coupon for Daisy sour cream, Whole wheat bread, and Simply Orange Orange Juice. Tyler and I very "picky" about what types of food we buy. But if we are going to be buying the product anyways might as well save some money with the coupons.

  9. I use coupons and I know people who use them and save a ton of $$ and eat healthy foods. My sister is a crazy coupon lady and she makes everything from scratch including their whole wheat sandwich bread. She's also the person that has a garden and cans all her own fruits/veggies for the winter. I think there's an art to it and I am not that great at it.

    My favorite is using coupons for toiletries and diapers. I have gotten stuff that I use on a regular basis for free by using coupons.

    What we do to limit our grocery budget is what is advised in the "One for the Money" pamphlet. Once a week in the winter I make homemade soup, bread, and salad, and we have one vegetarian meal a week.

    Honestly, if you HAD to you'd be thankful you knew how to get by on so little, but if you don't have to then it's better to eat fresh foods.

  10. That's a great rack on Erik! Tell him to get a manziere.

  11. Kimberly's right. There is an art to it. If your sister lives in Mesa, it was probably MY sister she heard at church (probably not, actually, but my sister did just talk about this at some RS function last week). SHE IS BRILLIANT, and the healthiest eater I know. She hasn't had a bite of sugar in five years (except her wedding cake), she runs marathons, eats all sorts of grains and what-not...

    ...and totally does the coupon thing. As in, it's her JOB, basically. She puts a lot of hours into it, but she's cut her grocery bill from $500 to $100, or less. She figures it's as good as getting a job. It's unreal. The way she gets fresh produce is with something called "overage" or underage...I don't know. She's explained it to me 20 times, but I don't have the capacity for it.

    Plus, I'm not anal retentive, as she tends to be.

    At any rate, I just felt like I had to stick up for her. Not that you were dissin' or anything. But just in case...

  12. I've heard much a talk about all these great coupon sites but have yet to catch it. I don't buy most of what I can find coupons for. Every once in awhile, maybe. But they tend to only work if it's name brand and we often for go the name brand when we can. I'd love to say I only spent $25/month... But I try to keep my eyes open for deals that'll help!

  13. Before I had two kids, I was a coupon rock star. I was a pro at aligning the store discounts with my coupons. I get the newspaper every Sunday with every intention on using the coupons, but now my coupon use is hit and miss. When I go to the grocery store, it's like I'm on a delta force-style military mission. I need to be able to get in and out before anyone detects us or any bombs (meaning MY KIDS) explode (meaning MELT DOWN). With no family near us or support (meaning BABYSITTING), a trip to the grocery store is no longer the leisurely comparison shopping experience it once was. Kudos to those who make it work!

  14. Dude...I finally came out of my google reader and had to revisit this post. I was telling my friend about it and we were totally laughing...its even better reading all the comments - its almost like some took it as an attack on their coupon-clipping character! LOVE it. I would rather buy fresh fruit than free fruit snacks any day. Oh and loved the fish tank.



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