Monday was the first day of the rest of Luke's life. (Whatever that means, I'm not quite sure.) I've decided to try to (gasp!) potty train him. For real, this time.

I have been very nervous about transitioning Luke to underwear. I've done lots of preparation. I read "The No Cry Potty Solution." (Yes, Elizabeth Pantley, really does appear to write a book for every parenting situation.) We've memorized songs like "Accidents Happen!" from Elmo's Potty Time. Thanks to the generosity of my grandparents, I even bought this wonderful vacuum that picks up poop.

So, here we go!

I made this potty poster for Luke to look at while he's sitting on the toilet. The first thing he said when he saw it was, "1, 2, 3, 4, 5!"

I went to the dollar store and bought a lot of little presents. Every time he goes in the toilet he gets to pick a gift out of the basket. Today he received playdough, a fake rat, a coloring book, stickers and 2 toy cars. (I even wrapped a picture of Mickey Mouse that I cut off of a box. He'll love it.)

The presents worked really well today... almost too well. After he would go in the toilet and unwrap his present, he would immediately hop back on the toilet and do like 2 or 3 little tiny drops and say, "Another present, Mommy!" Sometimes he would do this 3 times in a row, just so he could get another present. I love bribing my child to do things I want.

After 3 days of potty training, he seems to have peeing down pretty well. The problem is the poop. He can't do it in the toilet yet. If he doesn't have a diaper on when he has to poop he'll cry for one and then go in the diaper as soon as he gets it on.

As long as he has this figured out by the time I want to put him in preschool next September, I'll be happy.


  1. Good luck! I love the poster, thats cute. I love the present idea, thats brilliant!

  2. That poster is a great idea! Macie did the same thing as Luke when she first starting going in the potty, except her obsession was stickers. Good luck with the pooping, sometimes that just takes time.

  3. When are you going to stop with the presents? Thats going to get expensive! I just hope he doesn't expect it from now on. Or he is going to be asking his preschool teacher where his present is.

  4. Too bad you didn't have a little portable potty you could sit him on while he's watching a movie maybe when you think he's going to go poop (how can you tell?) anyway then he'll get used to going poop in the toilet. That poster is really funny. Man, you want me to look around my house for junk to give him? You are going to run out really fast.

  5. Nice Cristin, I'm impressed! Man I think life is hard now, I can't even imagine the joys of potty training! I'm glad he's picking it up pretty fast, good job Luke! :)

  6. Once he gets the whole poop thing, your world will change! It'll happen, believe me!

  7. junk presents expensive? well so are diapers. I just don't know what you will do the day that you try to ween him from the presents. I like the poster a lot. OOh, you could just start to wrap up objects around the house.

  8. I love the how to potty poster. I need to make one.
    Great idea

  9. Love the poster idea! (Heather)

  10. Poop is the funnest part! He'll get it, it just might take a little time!

  11. I had one child who could pee in the toilet like a wiz (sorry!), never EVER had an accident, but REFUSED to poop in the toilet. Same as Luke, he'd ask for a diaper, "doo" his business, & we'd clean up. He was 3.5 when he potty trained, & it was 1.5 months later when I finally MADE him poop on the toilet. He screamed, was scared, but when it finally came out, he looked in & said, "OH! Is that all?", then flushed, washed, & never asked for a diaper again.

    So my advice is to let him get the pee-thang down, then the poop will follow. (it always does, doesn't it???)




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