It has been amusing for me to read other blogs and see all their fantastic Christmas decorations. I had every intention of decking our house out with fancy decorations, but when I got out my Christmas totes earlier this month, the kids started destroying everything before I even hung it up!

So, I made an executive decision and decided to just hang up about 10 ornaments on our Harbor Freight Christmas Tree. The rest of the decorations were thrown back into the boxes and immediately packed away in the shed - away from the children. Luke hung the stockings. Nice, eh?

Luke also likes to decorate the tree with gift bags. Allowing my child to decorate the Christmas tree with trash is my ultimate revolt against the themed Christmas trees my mother likes to do. (The year I was on my mission, I heard they did a Backstreet Boys tree for Christmas. Of course the one year they do a theme I might care about, I'm gone. Thanks.)

Tonight I felt really old. Since we are going out of town for Christmas, we are pretending that tomorrow is Christmas morning. This is the first year that Luke actually has an idea of what is going on (he loves Santa Claus) and it feels so weird to be on the other end of this equation. To tell you the truth, I haven't been this excited for our "Christmas Morning" in a long time. The kids seem really happy too.

(Note to self: Trim Charlie's nails so he stops scratching up his face.)


  1. Can't wait to hear what the kiddos got for Christmas! Where are you guys going?

  2. Zach really wanted to dress up as santa for christmas morning. It took a minute for me to convince him that Jonah was going to cry if he did that. I'm excited for Jonah to understand whats going on next year. Hopefully. It's still more exciting now that I'm the parent.

  3. i hear ya on the decorations...but mostly i'm just cheap and lazy. have fun today!

  4. I wish I hadn't put all the nice ornaments on the tree because Gavin has been breaking ornaments left and right. We've had at least 8 or 9 broken this year! And the kids have walked away with some of their favorite ornaments, so I'm going to have to turn the house upside down to find them all before I pack up the decorations!

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