I am happy to report that we are now (thanks to my in-laws!) Disneyland Annual Passport Holders!!!

Pretty funny considering I have always made fun of the Disneyland Annual Passport Holders (DAPH's). As you may know, the totem pole of dorkiness goes like this (from top to bottom) -

Star Wars Geek
X Files Fanatic
Disneyland Annual Passport Holder
Dungeons and Dragons Player

I knew this one DAPH who's goal in life was to spend the night at Disneyland. He knew all sorts of random facts about the best places to hide (the vents above the bathrooms are good, artificial caves near Big Thunder Mountain Railroad are bad). DAPH's go down to Disneyland just to make fun of tourists, socialize with the characters, buy overpriced Mickey Mouse paraphernalia, etc. They make comments like, "Oh, this theme music is new!" and "This isn't what Walt would have wanted." They're on a first name basis with the Jungle Cruise guides. In other words, DAPH's act like they own Disneyland.

Strange thing is that now that I am a DAPH, I can't stop thinking about ways to get to Disneyland. I think about it all the time. Study calendars, call and harass other DAPH's I know about when they can go with me. I even, in a momentary lapse of judgment, thought I could take Luke and Charlie to Disneyland with me by myself. Then I realized that was crazy considering I can't even take both of them to the Petting Zoo by myself.

So, not sure how much I'll be blogging now that I'm a DAPH. The time not spent driving to Anaheim, will probably be wasted doing important internet research about people who have died at Disneyland and other interesting facts so I can live up to the title of DAPH.

(Thanks again! We can't wait to use our passes!)


  1. I am soooo jealous! We seriously debated about becoming DAPH's :-) back in September when we went, but since we're not So. Cal. residents, we thought it was a little too expensive. Now I'm kicking myself for not getting one because we've been talking about going down next month and it would have been FREE this time if we had just done it back in September...

  2. To be a real "pro" DAPH, you'll have to go here and download the program: http://www.ridemax.com/. (Save time in line...). Happiest place on earth! Our family's favorite vacation memories are of the Magic Kingdom! Best, Barney

  3. I can't wait to take the kids to Disneyland - it's one of my positive memories. My mom used to work for Disney, so we got in free all the time. George, however, is not looking forward to going to Disneyland.

    I still want to take the kids though :)

    Have fun :)

  4. Lucky you!! I really want to be a DAPH....I can dream....and one day maybe my dream will come true! :)! No, seriously though we have been thinking about it for awhile now....just aren't sure if the kiddos are old enough yet for a monthly trip to SoCal. :)!

  5. so.......does this mean that you have already done the star wars and x-files and now you are on your way to dungeons and dragons? Interesting. . .

  6. Ha. You've always avoided this; I've always striven for it. I'm pretty sure nothing in life would make me happier.

    PK and I are HOPEFULLY headed there in a few days. We should bump into each other. Except that i never want to go to Disneyland with kids, which would make it hard for you.

  7. If I lived in CA, I'd be a DAPH too!! I'm so jealous! Jonna bought herself an annual pass a few months ago...and has no regrets! It's easy to do when you're single! She's been 3 times in the past 3 months! But we're going in Feb for our annual trip...so your blog got me pumped up about our trip! Congrats!!

  8. Cristin, you have to let me know if you are going because everyone I know all the sudden is no longer pass holders and I have no one to go with. I am not doing Disneyland alone! We've only gone once and had them since October. Please, please can I come?

  9. Actually, Steve and I were DAPH's this last year--yeah, we're dorky. But in our defense, we're not into X Files, and although I like Star Wars, Steve doesn't. Does that help? :) Congrats on joining the club--it's totally worth it!!

  10. Cristin, I'm so freaked out now about Disneyland because I just read that whole article about all the people dying over there! I'm never going there again. I'm all alone in my house and I'm really scared!

  11. Can't wait to meet you Monday at Disneyland! It's going to be a fun year trying to see how often we can use our passes!
    Merry Christmas!
    Love, mom and dad Lassen

  12. I tried to hide the fact that I was a Disney dork for YEARS, but really, this is a dream come true for me. I'm so stinkin' excited. To prove our devotion, I only think it RIGHT that we go the first day possible. I hope everyone else in So. Cal who got them for Christmas does not do the same thing. But who cares, WE CAN GO BACK! My first item on the agenda: get to know the jungle cruise guys by name...

  13. I am jealous. Have fun on Monday. I hope you come home with 2 kids.



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