Since experiencing our own struggles, I have always felt this instant connection with anyone dealing with infertility. It is something that can never fully be understood until you have been in the situation of not being able to have a child. Sadness, loneliness, grief, anger, and frustration are some of the words that instantly come to my mind when thinking about this topic.

So, when I learned last week that our friends, Lindsay and Sommer, have been chosen by a birth mother to adopt her child, I cried. Every time I think about it, I want to cry. What an amazing sacrifice this birth mother is making in the name of her child. Lindsay and Sommer will be wonderful parents.

When they relocated to California this summer, their adoption fund was spent in the process. So suddenly, they find themselves in the strange position of having a baby joining their family in January (so soon!), but lacking the money to complete the adoption.

I've never asked for money on here before, so I hope that will convey the importance of this to me. I know we're in a recesssion/depression and everyone is struggling, but if you can donate even a little to their fund, I know it would mean so much to them. The easiest way is to send money through paypal to sommermoon@hotmail.com. Thanks, everyone!


  1. I am so excited for them! Thanks for posting how to donate to their fund. I saw on their blog they have to go to Germany, that is going to be another expense on top of the regular adoption fee.
    I'm excited for them to bring their baby home! Adoption is wonderful!

  2. Thanks Cristin! You are rockin' awesome- We really appreciate this!
    See you and the boys soon! Ps. love the family pics-they are great!



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