I just received an instant message from Erik that he's home after an adventurous drive back from Arizona.

The adventure? Driving over 400 miles, alone, with no cell phone or GPS. The whole thing is just plain crazy and dangerous. I don't even want to think about what could have happened if he had broke down, gotten lost, or needed to make a phone call.

I, on the hand, am leaving my parents' home tomorrow morning with my mother and the kids for a detour in Huntington Beach, before heading home later this week. We will be traveling with:

2 Cell Phones
Garmin GPS
Laptop Computer
Portable Dual Screen DVD Player

I love technology. I didn't grow up with these little luxuries. Oh no. I remember my college days. The only people I knew with cell phones back then were the snobby kids from the Valley. They would come visit us in Flagstaff and parade around with these huge brick phones. Those brick phones with the antennas were pretty revolutionary.... and stupid.

I used to think nothing of driving long distances without a cell phone. One time I broke down in the middle of nowhere and had to use a pay phone. Another time, I got so lost in downtown Phoenix that we drove around aimlessly through scary neighborhoods for over 3 hours in the middle of the night, stopping at gas stations throughout the trip for directions. Then, I came home from my mission, and boom, everyone had a cell phone.

Think about it... do you actually know someone that functions like a proper human being without a cell phone? Do tell. The only person I know without a cell phone now (besides Erik), is Alcoholly, the woman we are visiting in Huntington Beach. She definitely does not function like a normal human being without a cell phone, but, then again, there may be other factors at play as well.


  1. I remember when mom and dad didn't have cell phones, I thought thy were so weird! We told them that if they tried them, they would never want to give them up. And they didn't!! Jonah doesn't even know what a regular phone is, because we only have our cells. How sad.

  2. I was the last of my friends to get a cell phone--as in, they had them in high school, me my second year of college--and have never been without since. Nor would I ever want to. Especially on a road trip! Scary.

    The word verification word I have to type in is "laraddle."

  3. I flip out if I forget it when I'm only driving a couple of miles! Yes, I definitely can't live without it.

  4. We've gone crazy with our cell phones!! Our first cell phone had 75 minutes, we bought it ten years ago when we decided that Jonna was a better babysitter at age ten, than some of the 15 year old girls that we had come watch our kids. (one girl said : "I don't do diapers" Jonna would wind do it for her!) Now, ten years later, we had 5 stinkin' cell phones! How did we become so attached? (One phone for John, me, Jonna, Hank & then an extra one for the younger kids to share). I know we're crazy. I can't imagine life without being able to reach my kids. (P.S. Hank doesn't know about his cell phone yet...he's getting his for Christmas. So DON'T TELL!) Still, I think we do pretty good. All five phones cost us about $140 a month...not too bad, I think.

  5. P.P.S...Erik!! You were in Arizona...and didn't come by?? I guess I can't complain. I was in Utah, and didn't look up a couple of friends. There's just no time!! Still...you know you're always welcome to pop in! Especially if you need to borrow a cell phone. We have plenty to go around!! Love you guys.

  6. ooh I'm excited to hear about your adventures with Alcoholly!

  7. your not going to share the story of how Erik broke his phone?!

  8. Proud to say we have not yet acquired a cell phone! And yes, we function quite well as normal human beings.

  9. You knew that one was coming, Cristin, lo que dijo tu hermanita.

  10. I am:
    1) a mother of 5 kids at 2 different elementary schools
    2) a wife whose husband works 40 miles away
    3) in the Primary presidency
    4) a sister to 3 sisters & 2 brothers, 4 of whom live in other states

    I do have to admit there are times that it would be EXTREMELY convenient to have a cell-o phone (as my 7 yo son calls them). But I don't want to be accessible, 24/7. I'm already too addicted to reading friends' blogs, Facebook, etc... WHY do I need another piece of expensive technology to waste my time & money?

    Besides, for those of you with those bluetooth earpieces... you look like BORG. 8^/

  11. I think cell-phones are terribly addictive, almost meth-like. Best evidence of this is the instant de-tox the students go through when my teacher husband confiscates one.

  12. We used to only have one cell phone, that was mostly for me. My husband was sort of anti-cell phone because of how rude people are to real life people when they are on their cell phones. But now he has one, and we need new ones and he wants to wait until we can get blackberry types cheap... so he's succumbed to the cool technology.

    My parents used to have a cell phone that was in a huge zip up case, like a planner. And in college, they sent me with this enormous flip phone that I couldn't use unless it was an emergency, it was just under the seat of my car.

  13. I didn't get a cell phone until January of this year, when I got off of my mission (my then-boyfriend, now-husband bought me one...he loves me), and although I actually functioned quite well without it, I have to admit that I am sure grateful to have one now!!

  14. I am with t5winmom. I just don't want to be that accessible. Maybe I'm a hermit! But we do actually have a cell phone for emergencies only that is left in the car and turned off.



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