Picture taken moments before the clawing at each other really began.

Hey, guess what? Two kids is still harder than one! In fact, I would even say that it is harder now than when Charlie was first born. Is there any hope? Someone please tell me this gets easier. (Lie to me if you have to.)

My job would be pretty easy if these kids could just get along.

Luke moving his toy to the couch so Charlie can't touch it.

It usually goes something like this:

Charlie puts toy in his mouth.
Luke screams at Charlie.
Luke takes toy away from Charlie.
Charlie tries to crawl away from Luke.
Luke body slams into Charlie.
Charlie cries.
I intervene.

Siblings fight -- I know that. My sisters and I fought hard. (Kelley and I actually got in a fist fight over a Scrabble game. The word Texas is still a sore spot between us. FYI - It's a proper noun, you can't use it... but don't tell Kelley that or she'll get really mad.)

I used to give Luke the benefit of the doubt. Instead of smothering Charlie with a pillow, perhaps he was trying to put the pillow under his head to make him comfortable. The spit accidentally flew out of Luke's mouth and hit Charlie, right? Did he mean to hug Charlie or punch him in the chest?

The only hope I have now is that I can parent them in shifts until they grow out of this phase. An ideal day is when Charlie wakes up early and then goes down for a nap right when Luke wakes up. When Luke goes down for a nap, Charlie wakes up. When Luke wakes up, Charlie takes another nap. When they both wake up, Erik comes home and saves me. Of course this means that I do not get a nap, but what are the alternatives? Refereeing fights? Charlie gets daily concussions from Luke? Luke is in a semi-permanent state of "Time Out"? No thanks.


  1. That sounds very unpleasant. I don't know if it gets better---I know my sister and I fought so hard, the only way we'd ever make up is when one of us eventually knocked a hole in the wall somewhere and then we bonded trying to think of ways to fix it or hide it before our parents came home. But the REAL way we became friends is when we both got to Jr High and started sharing clothes.

    And my mom says my sister loved me when I was first born---she never tried to kill me.

    So I don't know.

    But Luke's funny for trying to move that enormous toy onto the couch. At least he's clever.

  2. I still bicker with my siblings! I don't think they'll ever grow out of it - you'll just learn how to better deal with it.

    Just remember - take it one day at a time :)

  3. Cristin I have three words for you: Me and Kelley. REMEMBER our childhood, so SORRY it only gets worse!

  4. I'd give them until they're in high school. It worked for my brothers; they were sworn enemies until them. (Sorry, that probably doesn't make you feel any better.)

    The Scrabble story is really funny! We played it a ton when Steve's parents were here only it was his *dad* arguing for acronyms, abbreviations, and proper nouns. Probably spent more time arguing for fake words than making real ones. No fights broke out, though :)

  5. I know we all fought growing up, but Zach was best friends with ben growing up! He wants to have our kids so close because he has so many good memories growing up close to his siblings. Unfortunately, I don't have as fond memories as he does. But I really think Luke is just in his terrible twos. he's not going to throw a temper tantrum for you and then turn around and give charlie a kiss and a toy. I'll cross my fingers for you.

  6. It does get easier. I promise. Even if they continue to fight you get better at handling it and/or tuning it out.

  7. Speaking of Scrabble---did you "borrow" my deluxe edition? I sure would love to get it back!



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