Erik and I have this little joke when it comes to exchanging gifts. We always ask one another, "Did you give me a bowling ball with your name on it?" Like we would ever give something to the other that we secretly (or not so secretly) wanted ourselves. AS IF.

Homer With the Bowling Ball He Gave to Marge as a Gift

This year I have given Erik many "bowling balls" with my name on them. (Hey, don't act like you don't do this either.) For his birthday I gave Erik a GPS that I insist on taking with me everywhere. For Christmas this year I got him an iPhone. (We exchanged presents last night. Thank you, Erik, for the nice camera.)

It is an understatement to say that I really, really, REALLY want an iPhone.
How could you not want this phone?!?

I know it's trendy and that there are people starving in Africa, but oh man, I can't stop thinking about how badly I want one. I could blog from my iPhone! Be on the internet at all times! Have my own GPS in my phone! Download podcasts directly to my iPhone!

The only reason I do not have an iPhone is because my family is die hard Verizon and will not switch. I am being forced to choose between the iPhone or my family, and I'm (reluctantly) choosing my family. Where are their priorities? I don't get it.

So... I will just live vicariously through my husband's gift. (You're welcome, Erik. It's hard spending the money you earn.)


  1. well let Erik be your ginny pig, that way you can find out for yourself if it is worth to switch. and also- a nice camera? what happened to your $800 one you bought 2 years ago??! please fill me in on this one.

  2. LOL - guys are funny! George likes me to write out a list of things I want and where to buy them - lol!

    Book - internet
    Chocolates - internet
    Gift Card - internet

    Just kidding!

  3. My apologies if this posts more than once... my computer went a bit bonkers.

    1) I need an explanation as to why you exchanged Christmas gifts on Dec. 16th.

    2) We don't buy each other presents that we want for ourselves, but that we want the other person to have. Like clothes we'd like the other person in. Or how I forced a watch on my husband because I couldn't fathom living without a watch.

  4. Steve wants the iPhone, too, but we're both on TMobile and getting a really good deal. It's a tough call; it would be so useful on road trips.

    A December 16th gift exchange? I just need to know, is it because you're celebrating Hanukkah? It's so rich in tradition.

  5. Ya sorry, I just don't think we should all switch networks just so YOu can have an I phone, maybe if you paid me.

  6. Okay- THAT was a hillarious post! I'm pleading the 5th on 'the bowling ball with my name on it' thing. LOL!

  7. So, Why did you open your gifts early??

  8. I actually do think it's hard spending the money that I take no part in earning. It makes me a lot more frugal. Then I see Kyle go out and think nothing of plunking down $500 for a SECOND GPS (yes, he already has one, but this one was...different), I'm like, "Why was I stressed about spending $30 on boots that I actually really need in this country?"

  9. Have you tried the Voyager for Verizon? It is awesome. Or the Dare, which is like the Iphone, but with the Voyager you still have the qwerty keypad in case the touch screen on the front bugs you. The voyager lets you go online and has gps too. Its a pretty great phone!

  10. yeah, I want to know why the early exchange too? and don't let Larry know erik has the iphone, he has been DROOLING and BEGGING for one for weeks now and I keep having to bust out phrases on him like "gazelle intense" and "no way josue". have fun with your new toys, lucky lucky.

  11. I actually really wanted an iphone but we're with Verizon also, I ended up getting the LG Dare for $150 bucks, it's definitely not the iphone, but it has the GPS, internet and you can get TV and download songs...a lot of the fun stuff that the iphone has... worth a look at, i like it!

  12. We exchanged gifts early because Erik was going to be an iPhone this week, so I had to tell him. He wanted me to have my camera before Christmas.

    (Kelley - you asked about the camera. I wanted a little one so I don't have to haul the big one around all the time. It's a Canon Powershot SD880 IS.)



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