So far, the labors with both of my children have been good indicators of what kind of temperaments they will have.

Sweet Charlie doing the traditional tunnel crawl.

Charlie's labor was peaceful and he is pretty mellow.

Luke lamenting a sore above his lip, band-aid and all.

Luke's labor was intense and he is "high spirited." When Luke was born, I couldn't stop screaming. I screamed so much that people on the other side of the hospital confessed later to hearing me. I remember the doctor saying, "Cristin, harness the energy you are using to push this baby out." I replied, "It just feels good to scream!"

If I were to write a book about Luke right now, I think it would be titled, "It just feels good to scream!" Small tasks, such as getting dressed, getting into the car, and eating lunch, have become monumental challenges as he seems to defy me at any chance he can get. Everything needs to be "his" idea - what to wear, what to eat, where and when we go anywhere. He rarely responds to "No" or "Time Out" unless it is enforced by a spanking or cup of water thrown into his face. Sometimes I want to go somewhere private and just scream as loud as I can. My temper tantrum threshold has reached it's limit and I'm about to burst.

When we were in Orange County last week, the unimaginable happened. Luke opened his car door while we were driving down the freeway. Going 70 mph, he started pushing at the open door. There was nothing I could do but scream.I squeezed his leg tightly and screamed at him to "Stop pushing at the door!" Of course, he kept pushing at the door as hard as he could. Anyone who's tried to restrain him during a temper tantrum will agree, he is a very strong 2 year old. I screamed for about 5 minutes straight until we were able to stop the car.

If you want to scare your toddler, scream. Scream long and loud. Luke was so freaked out that I actually kind of felt a little bad for screaming, but not that bad, because it felt really good to scream.


  1. Oh Cristin, I don't really know what it's like to have a toddler and I can only imagine but I know from watching you that you are a great MOm! But I agree that when things get hairy sometimes a scream releases the negative energy that needs out!

  2. I know you are a great mom, too, Cristin. I would have screamed if my child opened the door on the freeway! In fact, Else opened the door as a little girl when I was driving around town! I don't remember for sure, but I know I probably screamed plenty at her for that.
    I know Luke is blessed to have you and you are blessed to have him! Keep loving him...scream when you need to...but love him afterward!
    Love, mom lassen

  3. Ha! Thanks for that! :) Soon I am off to labor and delivery...I guess I have a chance to find out what I am about to be taking on!

  4. Oh Cristin....Sis Lassen is so right...Luke is VERY blessed to have you as a mom. Not that this compares to what you went thru but Zachary took off in the grocery store the other day. I think that must have looked pretty funny running thru the store screaming his name.

  5. I have a son (5 years old) and a granddaughter (3 years old; we're Mormon, what can I say!) and both of them, individually, have the same personality as your Luke. Get them together, and my house is trashed in about 5 minutes. In about 5 hours, I am about to be locked up in a looney bin... and he is the youngest of 7! I have to use the child locks on my car with him. And I can't tell you how many tickets I have gotten and how many(minor) car accidents we have been in because I was yelling at my kids. This one has more defiance and energy than the rest of them put together, and none of them were lumps on a log! So, you are not alone.

  6. You know, if I had a band-aid stuck to my upper lip, I'd want to scream too!

  7. Poor Cristin. I would have probably have done the same thing.
    I love that picture of Charlie.

  8. Oh Charlie, he is such a cutie! I think one day it will be revealed to us all what Luke's special purpose here is and hopefully at that point and time he can began to channel all of this energy of his into that purpose and will no longer make your life so miserable.

  9. I think you are on to something with the whole 'labor can tell you about a child's temperment' thing. My twins about did me in (not getting any drugs probably helped in that dept. to- no, I wanted the drugs, we just didn't have time). The twins have been totally high maintenance and they're 8 now.

    My youngest, easy, peasy mellow. Thank goodness! The labor was pretty easy for her to- just the pushing didn't work out so well.

    Anyway, both boys are darling and your freeway experience sounds terrifying for any Mom. Thank goodness all ended well. I'll keep that screaming trick in mind. Except I already scream more than I should so they'd probably be immune to it. I need to save the screaming for the big stuff- like trying to open a car door on the freeway!

  10. oh yikes, that IS freaky. And I SURE understand when you talk about him wanting to be in control of everything- Leyna's a little pistol too and every situation I have to ask myself, "What should I do with her this time? Ignore her? punish her? try to talk her out of it? Offer a bribe?" It's tricky trying to figure it out. Luke sure keeps life exciting though, huh? You really need to turn all these posts into a memoir so someday they can turn Luke's little life story into a movie. :)

  11. Cristin,
    I think Owen and Luke would be great friends....AND they could beat the crap out of each other as an added bonus. Screaming does feel good sometimes. Oh and I give myself time-outs frequently throughout the day. Usually by running and hiding before Owen can find me and that also feels great.



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