Good news! For the first time in a month, I walked outside today and didn't think about being attacked by a rabid raccoon. The only reason I can't get this off my mind is because it is a true story, and as everyone knows, true stories are always scarier than the fake ones. Chances are that if "it" already happened to some poor soul, "it" will happen to you too.

Today I felt like sharing a personal horror story, i.e., a true and scary story that happened to me.

Around the same time that I heard the life altering rabid raccoon story (one month ago), Erik and I were spending the weekend out of town at his parents' house. One evening, late at night, Erik and I asked his Mom if she could listen for our sleeping children while we ran to the supermarket for diapers. Since it was so late, the house was dark and very quiet.

[Let me just interject here that my mother-in-law is a fantastic, very alert, and attentive grandmother who would never intentionally ignore or place my children in danger.]

We get the diapers and return home. As we pulled up to the house, the lights were still off, but the front door was wide open. Unbeknown to my mother-in-law, Luke was standing in his pajamas, on the end of the driveway, in the middle of the night. alone.

As soon as I saw Luke, I jumped out of the car while it was still moving, said, "What the heck?," picked him up, and went inside the house. It's horrific to think of what may have happened to him had we not arrived when we did... especially since my in-laws' house backs up to a very busy street.

So, if you remember anything from this post, let it be this:

a) Two year olds will sneak out of the house late at night. Lock your doors.

b) Rabid raccoons are everywhere. Take extreme caution when leaving your house.


  1. That's odd, for sure, but I was expecting Luke to have pure white eyeballs and be speaking fluent Spanish or something. Quick--it's still early! Change the story!

    The word verification is asking me to type "theadesp".

  2. Oh man! I would have totally freaked out! Thank goodness he was ok - love the picture :)

  3. A good reminder as we travel to relatives' houses for the holidays to lock up those kiddos at night! That's totally something my kid would do.

  4. As if mom didn't feel bad enough that it actually happened on her watch, now the World Wide Web now knows her mess up. :-)

  5. But then again, I guess it can't be as bad as posting a picture of a bloody-nosed baby!

  6. That is really scary. Check out my blog - I just had a very scary mommy moment this weekend my self.

    PS - Happy Anniversary! It's a miracle that you have put up with Erik for 7 whole years. :) You should get some type of award!

  7. Two year olds are such escape artists! I'm glad you guys showed up and rescued him! What a relief! And i'll have to remember the racoon thing next time i'm outside....:)!

  8. oh man, i totally heard that racoon story too and it freaked me right out!

  9. I'm glad that it was the mother-in-law and not the father-in-law that was responsible for Lukes escape. Love Gramps

  10. There are raccoons all over our neighborhood. Steve has seen them pop out of sewer grates. We can hear them at night fighting outside our building. They're freaky. We've also seen foxes (which also freak me out), opossums, and turkeys. Way more wildlife than you'd expect just outside NYC.



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