There is nothing that makes me feel like a worse wife than talking to some of the spouses of my husband's co-workers. Since Erik builds experimental aircraft, he is surrounded by pilots. It drives him crazy. He's constantly flying with his friends in their planes and there is rarely a day that he comes home from work without mentioning that he wants to get his pilot's license.

This is where I am a bad wife. Even though Erik has meticulously been setting money aside for the past 2 years to get his pilot's license, he still hasn't started it, probably because of me. I keep making excuses, but the real reason is that I am afraid he is going to die in a small plane accident. There I said it. I am the official No Fun Wife.

Last year I was talking to the wife of one of the test pilot's at Erik's work. This man had been testing experimental aircraft for over 20 years. He had done crazy things like strapping a harness onto an unmanned aircraft and riding on top of it as it flew. He was also the first to test fly the company's experimental aircraft into space. When I asked his wife if she was scared for him to do these things she said, "I never tell him no, because then he will miss out on an experience."

Boom, straight to my gut! I am a bad wife.

So, when Erik called me a few weeks ago to tell me he would be home late because he was going for a ride in his friend's Extra 300, I didn't even flinch. Then he came home and I saw this short video of him screaming like a little girl -

[The best part is that the law requires anyone riding in an aerobatic airplane to wear a parachute, so Erik had one on. When I asked him if he knew how to use it, he said, "Nope." This didn't scare him one bit.]

Now Erik not only wants to get his pilots license, but he also wants to become an aerobatic test pilot. Is it bad that I want to tell him no? No amount of life insurance makes me feel good about this idea. No amount.


  1. Matt loves to try new things, and one of the things on his "list" is to get his pilot's license. I haven't really thought about the reality of it...simply because not a lot of people actually get their pilot's license, but I think I will avoid showing him this post, just out of "convenience."

  2. Well, it seems to me that you love your husband & like having him around. What an odd thing. Erik seems to like potentially dangerous activities - building rockets, sailing. If you don't feel right about letting him get his pilot's license, then stick to your guns. Of course, if you feel the people he's going with as a passenger aren't capable pilots, you have another problem.
    Regarding life insurance, Scott Card says women "should get enough on your husband to support you but not enough to tempt you."

  3. I didn't hear Erik screaming like a little girl on that video. It sounded like pure joy! I remember my dad telling me about the time he was flying up near the North Pole with his dad (the Colonel)and they got into real big trouble in that little plane. Their passenger, a Catholic priest (aka "sky pilot")started freaking out. My grandfather's response was, "what's the matter, George, do you want to live forever?"

  4. I am a no fun wife too. Must run in our family. For about a week Zach was convinced he wanted to be a poilice officer instead of a nurse. He said its always been a dream. Instead of being supportive, I went online and found every bit of negative information I could on police men. Cristin, you already let him work on a rocket! I don't blame you for not wanting him to fly. I would be the same way. Tell him after your kids are all grown up and when he starts having health problems, and in old age, then MAYBE.

  5. I so feel for you on this one. These small planes seem are always the ones to go down and it scares the heck out of me. I hate to fly, period. So, maybe that makes me not so reliable an opinion anyway, but really, I think it is terribly dangerous. Ask people who fly frequently how many close calls they have had--no doubt everyone will have at least one story.
    I'm afraid you'll have to tell your man I'm with you on this one.

  6. Just to clarify, when I said people who fly frequently, I meant pilots of small planes:)

  7. I just read that people in LA are plotting to burn down the temple. Are you dead?

  8. Sorry, I just have to jump in and say that my husband is a pilot of small planes, and it's actually much safer than you would imagine. The majority of accidents are caused by pilot error, and not by any malfunction of the planes themselves. I've had a few moments of worry, it's true, but seeing how absolutely happy it makes him, I think it's all very worth it. Just two bits from a stranger.

  9. Cristin, Erik is going to die with his boots on, he's always been that way. But I am a No Fun Wife, too and would be worried about that. That's why JErm doeasn't have a "real" street bike. He thinks he is so slick getting around me no street bike rule as he street legalizes his dirt bike. I enjoy having my husband around, too!



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