I keep hearing people say how they can't wait for the election to be over. Not me. I am nervous for the results.

Although I am not completely satisfied with either presidential candidate, I've had to pick 3 or 4 things that matter most to me and find the candidate that agrees with my stance on those issues. These issues (for me) include gay marriage and late term abortions. We already know Obama's position on abortion, but today I saw this video that was released this weekend of Obama's interview with MTV about Proposition 8. (In case you were wondering, he does not support Proposition 8.)

Good thing Obama can't vote in California!


  1. What a shocker - HE FLIP FLOPPED!!! Originally all 4 candidates opposed Gay marriage. He is heavily influenced by the rich - especially those in Hollywood. I am very nervous for this election for Prop 8 and for President. PLEASE VOTE YES ON PROP 8!!

  2. From the Vice Presidential Debate


    I guess it wasn't specified as to not chaning the constitution.

  3. that is sad. on a side note he didn't really flip flop, he just doesn't deem it necessary to alter the consitution to protect the definition of marriage. but what will mccain do differently? mccain says he will leave it up to each state to decide on if they want to allow gay marriage.

  4. The thing is we already voted with Prop 22 to change the law in California. But when a few judges overruled the voters we had to take it to the next level. Changing the Caliornia Constitution to define marraige between one man and one woman is what voters must decide. I was wrong in the Flip Flop debate of Obama - but I think that if morally you oppose gay marraige you should support the efforts of those who are working to preserve it.

  5. I agree with you Leslie. I feel like Obama is trying to be everything to everyone. He agrees with the argument that marriage is between a man and a woman, but won't fight for it. He sounds like one of those people that if Prop 8 doesn't pass it won't affect them or their family.

  6. I love how Obama continues to contradict himself! Here is a man without a stand on anything...that's why he voted Present so much of the time in the senate. He needs to get a backbone! McCain is not my favorite either but at least you know what he stands for!

  7. I'm just restating what others said, but here goes, another voice to add:

    He said this back in June at a fundraiser for him put on by a Lesbian group. It's funny that he is "against" a movement but doesn't support laws to further his opposition, if it's really there. Personally I think it's a popularity issue for him. He says he's against it while at a Lesbian fundraiser. He says he's against it on MTV. But when it comes to a national audience which has (by a solid majority) rejected gay marriages, he is against gay marriage.

    The other issue is that gay marriage was forced on California by the judicial branch when no law was ever passed that allowed it AND 2 previous additions were made to California law to prevent it in 1970 and again in 2000.

  8. Well I wish the news covered more candidates so we had more info. It seems we all should have demanded to know the other parties and their stances. Maybe we would have a better selection for president and vp.



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