I love San Francisco. Love it, LOVE IT, LOVE IT. I am oozing with jealousy because my brother-in-law, Christian, and his family, get to live there for three years while he is in school. Life is so not fair sometimes. (We were only there for 3 days... this may seem like a lot of pictures, but this is nothing out of the 300+ we took this weekend.)

Christian posing in front of the dental school. In case you were wondering, Christian is going to be a dentist, which is like a jeweler, but for the mouth.

We did really touristy things like go to Fisherman's Wharf. My job was to keep Luke from jumping into the ocean. He just doesn't get it.

We rode the trolley car all the way to the end of the line and back. Charlie loved it more than Luke did. He held on the entire time, just laughing and squealing.

Then there was Sunday... is it bad that I am starting to find all of this kind of funny? The protesters began gathering outside the church during the 1st hour. They had a pretty good chant going, "What do we want? EQUAL RIGHTS! When do we want it? NOW!" Little did they know though, Christian's ward is full of incredibly noisy little children that blocked out most of the protesters' noise during Sacrament Meeting (the 3rd hour).

Something else I don't get is why dress like this? Luke looked out the church window, pointed, and said, "Costumes, Daddy! Costumes! Like Halloween!" There was a guy in a wedding dress and then a couple of folks in this face paint. I mean, if you're trying to gain sympathy for your cause, don't you want to appear as normal as possible?

The leader of the group appeared to be this fellow in the white robe. From what I could tell, it was very similar to a toga (open on both sides) and he had on nothing underneath. (Don't get too excited, ladies.) Kudos to Erik for getting this great shot of the guy doing leg stretches on the police barrier. It was bad enough and then when he started doing this, I thought, "Oh no he didn't... oh yes he did." Once again, please explain to me how dressing like this and flipping us off as we exit the church will help you gain sympathy and support for your cause?

One last picture... taken as we were leaving the city last night. Although we spent one hour in traffic trying to get onto the Bay Bridge, I forgive you San Francisco. I still love you. See you again soon.

Gros Bisous, Cristin


  1. I would have gone up to them and asked where they got their costumes from. Thats so weird! I know, I love San Francisco too! I wish I had taken more advantage of it wen we lived there.

  2. When we left Golden Gate Park we drove past the "big" No on 8 protest at City Hall - there were maybe 100 people.

    We are opposite in our feelings for San Fran. While the buildings are beautiful...Ben and I are not fans of the city. Ben got offered a position there when he promoted and he turned it down without blinking an eye.

    It was fun to see you guys there. Stop by our house next time you come up! :)

  3. I'm glad you kept Luke out of the Ocean. I've been to SF only once, but I am sure I could live there quite happily all the days of my life.

  4. Great pictures! I wouldn't be offended if you posted more.

    I was wondering if they were wearing facial masks - cleansing their pores while protesting?

    That was a pretty funny comment about the costumes and I wonder what the protesters thought of you guys taking pictures as you exit church? LOL

    Thanks for sharing!

  5. I was at the Santa Monica Pier taking some photos and there was a small protest starting there. Lucky me was standing on the same corner waiting to cross the street. They started to chant the same thing you had outside church, I responded when asked what do we want? I said to cross the street. It made me chuckle because I am so over all of this. It is a legal issue now, nothing they or I can do.

  6. The leg-stretching, yoga clad, wild haired man photo is my favorite. What a great photo. Seriously, what point to they think they're making by all this ridiculousness?

  7. Wow, I guess I'm glad we did the west coast trip this summer before the Prop 8 fallout exploded. (Or maybe it would've been more entertaining had we waited?) We loved San Francisco too, although maybe it won't love us back so much anymore. In case you're wondering, Vancouver is equally entertaining (although they already got their "equal rights" so maybe not so much protesting). Did you happen to go to Telegraph Hill? You should rent the documentary about the wild parrots.

  8. The stretching toga man kills! Awesome! Sounds like good times!

  9. I love, love San Francisco too! Thanks for the great pics. I also got a good laugh over the werido doing leg stretches! I just don't get it...
    Oh and I will have to send you an email so you can send me a link to firefox. (if thats how it works??) Seriously, it surprises me how clueless I am!

  10. The Toga wearing Jesus wannabe could just possibly be the strangest pictures I've ever seen! Ah, only in San Fransisco...I also love that picture of Charlie, he is such a cutie pie! He totally looks like Eric in that picture!

  11. Just stumbled onto your blog and I must say this post made me laugh! I'm from CA and my husband and I lived in the Bay Area for a while. One thing we ALWAYS said before heading into the city is that you are ALWAYS guaranteed that you will witness one freakishly over-the-top situation per trip. I'm glad to say that we have safely lived in the South for several years now. Take care!



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