Kitty Litter Cake (Can you spot the Tootsie Roll "poop"?)

Let me tell you about the most exciting, strange, and bizarre, mutual activity I have ever been a part of:


When we discussed planning the activity in our Presidency Meeting, the counselor in charge went down the list of activities:

Pulling hot dogs out of ice water with your toes.
Eating cake that looks like kitty litter.
Letting a rat run from one hand across to the other.
Tasting candy bars out of baby diapers.
Pulling beads out of a box full of live crickets.
Eating mystery food and a dog biscuit.

"WHAT?! A dog biscuit!?" I stopped her, "I don't think it's a good idea to be feeding dog biscuits to the kids. I mean, it sounds funny, but what if someone gets sick or a parent gets angry? This could be bad. Maybe we're taking this too far." She agreed and took the dog biscuit idea off the table. We decided to have the missionaries feed menudo to the kids instead.

A Big Scary Cricket

To help run the activity, each leader was in charge of a "station." I chose the cricket station. This entailed timing each kid as they stuck their hand in a small see-through box loaded with live crickets. They had to pull out one bead at a time for one minute. Their team earned one point for each bead. In the first group, 2 out of the 6 kids wouldn't do it. I didn't blame them. The crickets were pretty intimidating. If one escaped, I just stepped on it rather than picking it up with my hands. I didn't want to touch those things.

Each group cycled through with pretty much the same attitude. Kids would stick their hand in the box and squeal as crickets hopped around them. There were always a couple of kids who were too freaked out by the idea to do it.

When the second to the last group came through, one of the kids asked me how many points he could get for eating a cricket. I said, "100 points, but now I'll have to offer this option to everyone." I then stood up in the middle of the cultural hall and announced the new opportunity -


Within minutes, everyone was shoving crickets in their mouths, left and right. They were eating them alive. They were swallowing them whole. They were putting them in the menudo and eating them. They were asking me if they could eat more than one. They were asking me if they could just eat them for fun. Kids were begging me to give them 200 points for eating an extra-large cricket. There were so many kids eating crickets at once that I had to say, "Find a witness. I can't watch all of you do it at the same time!"

And you ask, what was the prize? It must have been something amazing if they were willing to eat live crickets!

The prize was 100 Grand... the candy bar. They ate live crickets for a candybar.

The moral of the story (and I'm sure there is a sacrament meeting talk in this story somewhere):

1. Peer pressure is a powerful thing.
2. Kids will do stupid things.
3. Maybe the dog biscuit idea wasn't so outrageous after all.


  1. oh man, that is so gross...i can't see our kids doing that!

  2. When I was a Mia Maid, For every girl's birthday we would kidnap them and take them to Cold Stone.Every girl would eat a chocolate covered cricket too! I never did it. I think I was wearing braces at the time, and I really didn't want cricket guts stuck in my braces!!! But you know what, Cold Stone doesn't have Chocolate covered crickets anymore...I wonder why??

  3. You mean you never tried dog food as a child?! You must not have older brothers.

  4. That is absolutely disgusting! No way would I do that... ewwwwww.

  5. Oh man! That's crazy! Too bad you didn't get any pictures of them eating the crickets! I'll have to suggest this activity to Darwin for his kids :) Thanks for sharing, Cristin! There is no way on this earth I'd eat a cricket though. Wow.

  6. WHAT?!?! They ate crickets to win a freakin' candy bar?! They are crazy! I think I would have had the urge to throw up just watching them. That is disgusting!

  7. I'm trying not to gag right now....

  8. We just talked about doing this for an activity last week! Thanks for the ideas!

  9. Ok, I'm forwarding this post to our YW president!! Love it!! Are you serious, though...they REALLY ate LIVE crickets????? (I've been known to be gullible...I'm just checking the facts!)

  10. We did a similar activity when I was in Young Women's a couple years ago. One of the gross foods we had was "cat food" but it was actually deviled ham or something (which is just as gross as cat food in my book) because we didn't want parents getting mad.

  11. Lisa - Completely, 100% TRUE. I promise.

  12. Could I send your fear-factor posting to our YM/YW leaders? I think the kids in our ward would love it!! (They may come up with some of their own 'stunts' too. I'll let you know if that happens...

  13. That really is truly GROSS! Yuck!

    Blame it all on fear factor.

    One question, was the kid who ate the most crickets still hungry for the candy bar? LOL

  14. oooh, @ a friend's halloween party we had fear factor & I ate half a dog biscuit. I'm still regretting it. It was so sick. Dang peer pressure. I'm STiLL falling for it.

  15. Cristin, our ward usually does an anual fear factor for the youth. It isusually only eating stuff. When I went one year they ate pig ear, drank vinegar, etc. Yeah gross!They even have barf trash cans ready. I like your fear factor way better.

  16. That is too funny. Honestly, sometimes people do stupid things just to say they've tried them--now, think about it, every one of those kids will be able to say, "Yes, I have eaten a live cricket." Isn't that such a great conversation topic? :)



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