I tease Erik a lot for never being able to say no. His worst offense is dinner and party invites. We recently had four invites on the same evening and Erik told each of these people that we would be at their event. He had it all planned out how we would drive around and leave everything early. It wasn't until I pointed out that the driving distance between these events was over 100 miles that he called people to say we weren't coming. I'm constantly telling him, "It's okay to say no."

Lately, I have fallen into this trap. Wanna go walking at 8 a.m. every morning even though you'll have to wake up Luke? (Okay!) We need a treasurer for our playgroup! (I'll do it!) Will you deliver 20 Prop 8 yard signs late at night, by yourself, 20 miles away? (Of course!) Will you watch my children all day long? (Why not?!) Sister Lassen will you please put on an etiquette dinner for 20 youth in less than 3 weeks? (Sure and I'll even make it more work for me by agreeing to make a short film on social manners!)

This morning Charlie woke me up at 5:30 a.m., after 4 hours of broken sleep, and I wish I could curl up into a ball and everything would magically get done. Our new house is still a disaster. I spent all day yesterday just organizing our bedroom. All day on one room and it still isn't that clean. Whenever this happens I think about how Extreme Home Makeover builds an entire home in one week and I can't even clean one room in one day. I love my children, but sometimes they make me feel like I am dragging around 2 tons of rock, making it impossible for me to get anything done in a reasonable amount of time. I often wonder if it's even worth trying to do anything while they are both awake.

So continuing with my incredibly slow theme of getting things done, today I hope to clean the living room. Wish me luck on my "grand" undertaking.


  1. I'm going through the exact same thing. Why try? Lets just be slobs. p.s. I hope that movie your making is funny! Post it when you do!

  2. Oh, Cristin...I wish I could help you. Wait! I'm still struggling on keeping up on my own house! And I'm 5 years out of the toddler stage! Not trying to make you think it'll never end...for some people, they finally do climb out of it. But for me...it's still a daily struggle. I don't know how some people manage to keep their homes nice all the time...but unfortunately, I'm not one of them. The battle now, is GETTING my kids out of bed, and getting them to get their jobs done. The work for me becomes getting them to do THIER work! John joked yesterday that while I was out running errands, it was a full time job for him to get the kids moving. Anyhow, this was meant to encourage you, not discourage you. Hope I didn't make it worse for you!

  3. yo girl..i know whatcha going thru! it aint easy saying no...but sometimes we just gotta! and it ain's easy getting a house clean with yunguns underfoot....but you can do it if you drink lots of caffeine and eat lots of chocolate.

  4. Good luck... your gonna need it, coming from someone who knows. If you remember after coming home from your Girls night out last night, you asked me "what did you do the whole time I was out?". I was so proud because I thought you would be impressed that I made dinner, fed Luke, did the dishes, tried to put charlie to bed, cleaned the kitchen, swept the kitchen and dining room floor and semi straightened the front room before the Ward corelation meeting at our house at 8pm. then you asked me "what did you do?" and I felt pretty deflated about that. Oh well, you tell me that I make you feel the same way so I guess we are even.

  5. Wait, your play group has a treasurer? Is this normal for playgroups??

    My bedroom has been clean once in the past three years. Normally (ie: right now) there are little piles of stuff lining the walls and the bed that we have to walk around. The rest of the house gets cleaned, but rarely dusted.

  6. Oh, no. You're "yes" people? Kyle and I are undeniably "no" people. At first when I realised he was a "No" guy, I wondered if I really wanted to commit to someone like that. Well, he's dragged me down with him, and I don't even feel very guilty anymore, when I tell people no.

  7. Cristin,
    I two have been were you are. David said something to me once that helped me alot. He said,"honey the only thing I care about is that the kids are alive when I get home. IF that is all that is done It is alot." Got to love a man who understands you can't do it all. In fact sometimes all you can do is keep them alive.
    Love Ya

  8. something is sad if cristin and erik have to communicate thru the blog.



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