Tonight while my husband was at a meeting, I decided to give him the gift that keeps on giving. I logged into his email and enabled Mail Goggles. By default, Mail Goggles is only active late at night on the weekends, but I changed it to work every night of the week between 11 p.m. and 6 a.m. I also changed the difficulty level to a 4 (he is a rocket scientist) just to make sure the math was challenging enough.

Mail Goggles will check to see if you really want to send that late night email by asking you to solve some simple math problems to check your state of mind. Erik has a history of sending crazy emails out during the early morning hours. Just the other night he sent a mass email concerning his upcoming ward mission correlation meeting that was filled with spelling and grammatical errors. In the past he has asked for a raise, agreed to buy fish tanks, and made conflicting plans, all by email during the early morning hours. Just because you don't drink, doesn't mean you still don't need Mail Goggles.

What I want to know is where was this when I was single? Dang! I have done some stupid things by email. The worst of which was a little prank I played on my boyfriend when I was 17 years old. We got in a fight one night so I logged into his account and sent emails to all of his friends pretending that he was telling them that I had dumped him. My advice: Never log into the account of someone else and pretend to send emails from their name. Not a way to win friends.

Blogger needs to invent "Blog Goggles" to prevent idiotic things from being posted, i.e., embarrassingly mushy public declarations of love for your spouse, excessive pictures of things that no one cares about, etc. I am posting this at 11:37 p.m. Let's pray I am in the right state of mind.


  1. i like that it's defaulted for late nights. it's like my dad always said, "nothing good happens after midnight".

  2. amen! wow, this is a great tool. I have never seen/used it before.

  3. I am definitely guilty of posting excessive pictures that no one cares about. However, since having a baby, i don't think I could do that math even in the middle of the day.



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