If anyone is wondering what will happen if Proposition 8 does not pass in California, here's a perfect example:

On Friday, a first grade class in San Francisco recently took a surprise field trip to City Hall to toss rose petals on their just married lesbian teacher. The school's interim director said, "It really is what we call a teachable moment," noting the historic significance of same-sex marriage and related civil rights issues. "I think I'm well within the parameters." Parents were given the option of not allowing their first graders to participate in the trip. Parents of only two out of the twenty students did not allow their children to attend.

Honestly though, what is the big deal? Same-sex marriage is legal in California right now. In the eyes of the law, we are being told to view marriage between man-woman, woman-woman, man-man, as all the same thing. If Proposition 8 passes, marriage will once again be defined as a union between members of the opposite sex. It is more important than ever that we support this cause.

The California Education Code permits school districts to offer comprehensive sex education, but if they do, they have to "teach respect for marriage and committed relationships." That was how such a trip was justified, understandably so. Same-sex marriage is legal right now in California and these type of field trips are just the beginning of what will be taught to our children, because it is the law.


  1. So...does this mean you will be homeschooling Luke and Charlie?

  2. Well, I don't think Utah is going to approve gay marriage for a while. Maybe I'll stay here. That is so strange. Poor kids, they are probably so confused.

  3. If gay marriage were "normal" and acceptable, this would not need to be a learned social norm. Instead those who aim to destroy the human race seek to do so from the ground up, starting with the free access they have to our children in the socialized school system our government has created.
    Gay marriage is not a civil right. Sexual orientation is not a question of race. If homosexuality is a choice then it becomes a matter of creed, which is protected under civil rights. This is the biggest flaw in the homosexual argument. They cannot accept the fact that sexual "orientation" is a choice because if they did, it would weaken their argument that men and women are "born that way." But if they don't accept homosexuality as a matter of choice and therefore "creed," they can never lawfully gain the civil rights they so demand. So which one is it? Are homosexuals born that way or is it a choice. Well it all depends on the pro homosexual legislation pending that day.
    Homosexuality represents the slow motion suicide of the human race. By giving homosexuality a place within society's social norms, humanity accepts a practice that cannot provide for the continuation of the human race. One cannot procreate in a homosexual bond. Homosexuality is transparent in this way and therefore mocks the very basic principles of wisdom, truth, and the very nature of humanity's own creation.
    So if homosexuals are "born that way," then they are a mutation of the human race. Evolutionary principles confirm that mutations that cannot perpetuate their species promptly die out.
    I find it disturbing that so many people would fight so hard to protect something that goes against humankind's very nature and will ultimately prove to be our destruction if allowed to flourish and grow.

  4. My stomach hurts thinking about it.... Thanks for your informative posts!

  5. Cristin and Erik,

    Thanks for linking to this story. It sounds like a lovely event and I note that it was initiated by one of the parents. And only 2 kids out of 20 were pulled from the event. Those Mormons who do support marriage equality for gays and lesbians will find this encouraging. I'd note too, the endorsement of one of the brides as a "good teacher". As long as parents who object to such an event have the opportunity to opt out, I don't see the problem.


    Ken C.

  6. Wow, Jake. Maybe you should run for office! The problem with the "born that way" argument is apparent in the current view of homosexuality. The trend now is whatever makes you happy is okay, we don't want to "judge" anyone because that wouldn't be "fair." So lots of young people are just experimenting with their sexuality. Maybe they'll try the homosexual lifestyle for awhile... what's the harm? It's beginning more and more to look like a choice, isn't it? And when you have a choice, you can't use the civil rights argument! You can't change your skin color, so that is a civil rights issue. Homosexuals have the same rights as everyone else--they can marry someone of the opposite sex. I'm sorry that my grandchildren will soon be asking the question, "should I marry Bobby or Susie when I grow up?" Life is difficult enough, isn't it? Unfortunately, your argument about the perpetuation of the species is too logical for our present-day craziness.

  7. Kathleen,

    Even Dallin Oaks has recognized the biological component of homosexuality. So, “born that way” seems to be Mormon Doctrine. I’ll take Oaks word over Jake's. Apparently it will take a while for all of you rank and file to get the memo.

    Ken C

  8. Ken---I'm not ignoring the biological component of homosexuality. I believe there is a biological component to alcoholism too. But alcoholics choose to drink or not to drink. And thanks, but I got the memo. It's been hanging on my wall for 13 years. It was written by Dallin Oaks' boss. Check it out: The Family, A Proclamation to the World.

  9. Kathleen makes a very valid point. While there are those leaders in the church who believe there may exist genetic pre-dispositions, be they dormant or active, to certain vices such as alchoholism, addiction, and homosexual attraction; the church has published its official doctrine in the form of "The Family A Proclamation To The World." The argument that one can choose to engage in the vice that one is tempted with is also legitimate and part of the doctrine of the church; therefore, there is room to accept the idea of genetic predisposition AND choice which defeats the argument of "I'm born that way and can't change." We know that the act of homosexuality has existed since the days of Sodom and Gomorrah and even then it was a choice. Often the mere idea that homosexuality could be considered a matter of choice can cause the person proposing such a notion to be percieved as heartless or cruel. Homosexual attraction is not to be taken lightly and the person suffering from such a trial, be it due to genetic predisposition or social pressure, should be treated with love and empathy. Unfortunately many in the gay and lesbian community feel that love and empathy should mean unconditional acceptance of reletivistic doctrine which quickly turns to totalitarianism as we are seeing in CA, MA, and now most recently, CT when their reletivistic agenda becomes state law applicable to everyone.

  10. Jake and Cristin's Mom,

    Thanks for putting into words my exact thoughts! I'm not always sure how to say things well, and you both did it for me! I've been thinking about the predisposition/choice thing for a while. And Cristin, thanks for being an example by voicing what's right in the middle of one of Satan's storms.

  11. Cristin, you are SO good at this!! I have just been floored over learning about how in MA, children from kindergarten up are taught to view gay marriage as a normal option...WHAT THE HECK?!?! Kindergartners? Really? And there, the parents don't have the option to back out. Crazy.

  12. wow.i just don't think i could ever turn gay....

    men have so MUCH MORE to offer.... ya know... DOWN THERE.....

  13. Ken, what's with the Mormon hate? Don't you get it that it's not about hatred or oppression? It's about mucking with the system that has fueled human ingenuity and growth since before recorded history. We've got 10,000 years of evidence where men and women have joined together to make families. Marriage between husband and wife has been the core of the Western family for thousands of years. Even the Greeks (who encouraged homosexual relations between soldiers in the armies) recognized that there was power in the unity of a man and woman. Recent studies have shown the detriment caused to children when the mother or father is absent - an the children are our future. Whether you believe in natural or Divine forces in this world, I don't think that the relatively short history of 'acceptance' same-sex relationships is enough evidence to change the way the whole society works. The list of genetic predispositions is long: alcoholism, drug-abuse, spousal and child abuse, depression... you can go on. But just because 'God makes people that way,' doesn't mean He want's people to stay that way.

    Let's legalize drinking and driving for those with the genes that make them alcoholics. Let's legalize spousal abuse for those with that disposition. No drugs for those who are genetically programmed to be depressed - it's their nature. All of the above are 'natural.'

    I don't care what you do in your bedroom, or who you do it with. That's your business. Just don't pull my kids in there to watch you and tell them it's OK.

    That's why I support Prop 8.

  14. Aside from the marriage issue, when did attending a wedding become a field-trip-worthy activity? There's such a double standard!

    I can't imagine the nuclear reaction of the pro-gay marriage group if a 1st grade class was taken on a "field trip" to see their heterosexual teacher get married.

    Apparently "equality" to the pro-gay marriage group means "I can do what I want, & I'm going to FORCE you to accept it". And many Americans are just lazily going along with that. WHAT HAPPENED TO US???

  15. I stood on a busy street corner today during rush hour proclaiming my belief in traditional marriage. I encouraged people to vote yes on prop 8 in order to protect our religious freedom. This country was founded by people who did not want to be told how to believe in God. Our Founding Fathers decided Freedom of Religion was so important that it was the first thing they listed in the Bill of Rights. Now I stand at the threshold of having a doctrine I believe to be fundamentally wrong being force fed to my children who are 8, 6, and 3. If prop 8 does not pass I will have “no legal right” to object to my children being taught that which I believe to be wrong. Where is the tolerance for my beliefs? You may believe that there is nothing wrong with gay marriage, and it is your right to believe that way. But when you try to condition my children to accept that which is wrong and perverse for that which is normal I must take a stand. I will vote yes on prop 8 to protect my children and my religious freedom.

  16. I was disgusted to see this - don't get me started!

  17. @jim,

    "This country was founded by people who did not want to be told how to believe in God. Our Founding Fathers decided Freedom of Religion was so important that it was the first thing they listed in the Bill of Rights."

    Wouldn't that by itself mean that they have the right to do what they want as well? Where is the tolerance for their beliefs? Where did Christ hate homosexuals? When did He stop loving everyone equally? Please let me know so I can follow in His footsteps!

  18. Webmaster,
    actually, freedom of religion does not grant people the freedom to DO anything they want, just the freedom to BELIEVE how they want. As for the tolerance of gay beliefs make sure you know the difference between tolerating and condoning. Christ does not hate homosexuals and neither do I. Loving someone does not mean you let them do whatever they want, it means you care enough about them to try and help them keep God's commandments. Any parent will tell you that they do not let their children do whatever they want. Parents teach their children correct principles and let them govern themselves. Sometimes children choose well, sometimes they don't. But even when children choose poorly, you never stop loving them. You also do not put a stamp of approval on their poor choices either. Christ did not save people in their sins, but from their sins through repentance.

    If you would like to follow in the footsteps of the Savior I suggest you pray and ask for individual guidance. We are each children of God, and he will help all of us if we would but just ask. But then again, maybe you were being sarcastic about following the Savior and have no intention of asking for guidance, only you know the truth. Well, you and God that is.

  19. So what I can take from this is that you believe it is OK to teach children to hate something just because you do. YOU feel it is wrong. YOU are uncomfortable. and YOU are going to raise another generation of hateful children who will not ask questions, who will not think for themselves - childrem who will mindlessly obey whatever an authority figure tells them. I think THAT is wrong. I think that it's wrong to judge someone not by who they are but by whom they love. Do you love other men? Probably. Do you know women who love other women? You think it's a choice to fall in love? I don't think children are confused by love or "learning" that men and women can love each other. I think what confuses them is why it's such a big deal to you. Do you think that 2 men getting married in MA really affects your marriage? Do you think it's right to deny someone from seeing a woman she's loved for 40 years whos in the hospital just because it's "wrong to be gay". No one - not one homosexual or congressman or bag lady on the street - is stopping you from being happy. Why do you want to do that to others?

    I am a long time Christian, and I do NOT understand how any Christian could deny someone their right to publicly love another person and still follow Christ.

  20. Webmaster
    I'm not sure why you think the way you do about me. One of my best friends is gay, and he understands that I love him as much as anyone else, and that I teach my kids to love everyone. My friend knows how I feel about prop 8, and he understands and respects my beliefs the same way I understand and respect his.
    I feel like you just want to fight and call me hateful names so I will choose to stop interacting with you. I still love you as a child of God. I know God lives and loves us all. Let me know if there is anything I can ever do for you.

  21. Jim,

    I did not call you anything hateful, I apologize if you felt that I did. I do feel that you are raising a generation of hate, however. You are trampling on the civil rights of members of our society. Saying they should not have the same rights as you just because you don't agree with their lifestyle is wrong.

    The religious argument for denying civil marriage rights to same-sex couples is a non-sequitor. There is no contradiction between reserving a religious rite for opposite-sex couples and allowing the civil right to couples of all genders. A rabbi will not perform an interfaith marriage. I agree with him on this. This does not mean that I'm calling for the abolition of the interfaith civil marriage of my upstairs neighbors. The two are not the same, even if the religious ceremony is recognized by civil law.

    Of course, nobody is going to acknowledge that. Because when it comes down to it, the real reason for denying same-gender couples the civil benefit of marriage is this: the gays are different. And it bothers you.

    And I'd like to quickly point out the Mormon hypocrisy if I may --

    "Shall I tell you the law of God in regard to the African race? If the white man...mixes his blood with the seed of Cain, the penalty, under the law of God, is death on the spot. This will always be so." (B. Young, Journal of Discourses, Vol. 10, 110)

    oh, but it's ok to marry blacks now! We never said that LULZ! J/K!!! In 30 years same sex marriage will not be an issue and you will be dead. Or complaining in a nursing home about it. *sigh*

    Sorry dudes and dudettes. Please realize that everyone has the right to be happy - and your trampling of that right for personal gain (srsly - your kids will be fine. if seeing a boob against a boob or watching a man kiss another man is the worst thing that ever happens to them they're pretty lucky) is really low down and dirty.

    but i'm sure i'm not making any friends here, and I'm glad I don't have to meet closed minded people like you on a regular basis. I'd go gay just on principal. :D



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