My stress level has finally gone down from yesterday's excitement.

Lesson #1

If your car has one of those little computers that say how many miles you have left on your current gas tank, don't believe it. It's totally lying.

I ran out of gas. It shouldn't have been a big deal. I had no children with me (whew!) and was within walking distance of my house. However, I was completely unprepared for how difficult it would be to get the diesel into the car and then restarting it on such little diesel.

Lesson #2:

Know how to get the gas from the can into the tank. It's not as easy as it looks.

I think running out of gas ranks right up there with the most embarrassing moments of my life... especially because it is something that I should be able to control. (My most embarrassing moments include watching my dirty underwear fall out of the bottom of my jeans as I walked into Wal-mart for work, discovering after the Relief Society Presidency had left that one of these women had been standing on a piece of my lingerie the entire duration of their visit, and when I learned at the very end of my mission that I had always been saying "f--- your head" in French instead of "bow your head" when instructing people how to pray.)

Lesson #3:

No matter how well meaning you are, when you are helping someone who has run out of gas, the last thing you should ever say to them is , "You really should get AAA." That's like telling a stranded Hurricane Katrina victim they should have heeded the warnings and gotten out of New Orleans when they are in the middle of dying.

I know... I know...AAA solves everything. One of the women that saved me added that I should get AAA if my husband is going to "make me drive cars like this." Not what I needed to hear at that moment of complete humiliation, but thanks for the ride.


  1. why didn't you just crank up the neil diamond, hand write a sign that said "help" and hold it out your window?

  2. Oh Megan, believe me, that thought did cross my mind more than once.

    To be young and carefree again....

  3. Oh man. Those are really embarrassing moments. I'm still too embarrassed to share mine.

  4. I used to be the queen of running out of gas back when I first started driving because I shared cars with up to 5 other drivers and you never knew how much gas there was going to be in the car. The worst was when the 12-seater van ran out of gas (in both tanks), because somehow I had to steer that bad boy off to the shoulder. Just picture me practically on the floor of the van pulling the wheel over to the right. I sure did master the routine... pull over; walk to nearest gas station with spare gas tank; once gas is in car, pump that gas pedal like crazy to get the gas flowing again. OH yeah, I don't miss those days. It might have been easier to carry around an extra $20 just in case.

  5. You are so funny Cristin! Embarrassing then but funny now, right?

    Think of it this way, at least you didn't run out of gas while in an intersection trying to turn into the gas station. Been there - done that.

    P.S. Remember our deal :)

  6. I feel your pain Cristin! As per my blog dated August 11:
    "One side note : About an hour and a half after taking this picture, after dropping the boys off at EFY, I found myself stranded in the desert, 50 miles out of Thatcher, with gasoline pouring out the back of my car. A man and his wife had flagged me down and alerted me to the danger I was in. Interesting predicament. Here I was, in the middle of nowhere, in 108 degree heat, wondering what to do. This couple offered me a ride to Mesa, a two hours drive. Hmmmm...do I stay in the desert and fry? Or do I risk taking a ride with two strangers? Hmmmm...what to do? I chose the latter, and thankfully I made it home. Would I recommend it to anyone? Not sure. One minute into the drive, the man started telling me his life history. He was once a drug runner for the Mexican drug-cartel. He was beaten up by DEA agents, and almost died. He spent 4 years in Federal Prison. While in prison, he made a "deal with God", that if he got out alive, he'd change his life around. He was 21 at the time, and that was 12 years ago. He got out, and joined the church. Quite the story. These people were nothing but kind and generous to me, no question about it. Although, I will admit, I prayed constantly in the car that I would get home safe, and thankfully...I did. Quite an adventure. I picked the boys up from EFY 6 days later, without incident.
    P.S. The man who fixed our car at the repair shop, said I was very lucky that day, that my car didn't catch fire or explode while I drove down the highway. It was a simple "rollover valve" in the gas tank that needed replacement. I have a lot to be thankful for!"

    Now...in reality,I could have provided MANY MORE details of our two hour conversation on the ride home, but chose to leave it out, in case this guy ever got a hold of my blog, and came after me for disclosing so much information. Truth be told, I actually was a little nervous...no...more like terrified for my safety as I drove with this couple. I left out some of the more scary details...and was kissing my driveway after they dropped me off! Next time, let's just both make sure we DO have AAA! :-)

  7. oh dear!!!! sorry.... but i HAVE to laugh!!!!!!!!!!! :P

  8. Thank heavens you had no kids with you. Running out of gas is kind of embarrassing but mostly annoying I think. Especially if a guy drives up and asks you if you know what you're doing. Why do men assume we have no idea what we are doing when it comes to cars? Those are great embarrassing moments, by the way.

  9. "dirty underwear falling off you"?? Don't get that one!???

  10. All I can say is I'm sorry you had to go through that... at least you can tag it on as one more embarrassing moment to laugh about afterward. hehe...

  11. How could your underwear fall off while you were wearing pants? OR any time, for that matter?

  12. If I heard "Sweet Caroline" I would stop and help you.

  13. I once discovered that I had some underwear sticking to my workout pants after I had walked into the gym (thank you static cling!). I have to say, your embarrassing moments were so funny that I had to share with Nate! :-)

  14. Camille and Kaci -

    Making your underwear fall out of the bottom of your pants isn't hard if you take off your jeans and underwear in one "swoop" - hop into the shower - then put on your pajamas. The next morning you wake up, put on new underwear, and then put on the same jeans that you wore yesterday. What will happen is that you will forget that yesterday's underwear is still stuck inside the jeans, it will float down through one leg and out the bottom while you are in public. Try it sometime. It really will happen.

  15. In Cristin's defense, I actually have had that happen with my garment bottoms. Possibly more embarrassing than underwear because people who don't know what they are wonder why you are wearing a slip with your jeans...



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