Once upon a time, long ago and far away, in a distant land called "Provo," where we lived sans children, I had a friend with a darling one year old daughter. Every time I went over to her house, her daughter was watching a Baby Einstein DVD. I soon noticed that my friend was putting the DVD on repeat so that her daughter was watching it all day long. I thought to myself, "How awful!" When I pointed this "poor" parenting out to Erik, he said, "Well, what do you expect? She has a toddler. Baby Einstein is probably the only way she finds any time to herself."

I have thought about my Provo friend a lot this week. If that They Might Be Giants "Here Come the 123's" DVD had a repeat function, I would be really tempted to use it right now. This is the week that Luke decided to break out of the crib tent, Charlie decided to start army crawling, and we are still unpacking boxes in our new house. Add in the return of thrush and little sleep, and I think I am going to lose my mind. I'm actually surprised that with the little amount of sleep I've been getting this week that I haven't started hallucinating. Yes, it's that bad.

This will all pass. Everything will get better. I know all this. I just wanted to document what I'm feeling right now. You know, keepin' it real, that's all.

The one highlight of this crazy week was picking apples on Friday morning. It's the second time we've gone this year and I expect to go a few more times before the season is over.

I like this picture because Erik looks mad and Luke looks happy.

The apple orchard is a mile from our house. Luke loves it.

The best part about picking the apples is not picking the apples but feeding the apples to the horses next to the orchard. It's very cheap also. 30 minutes of feeding apples to horses + 4 lbs. of apples to take home = $3.00! (Don't you just love entertainment in small towns?!)


  1. I wish I could visit! I would let you take a nap! I'm going to try to maybe sometime early next year. I can't believe Charlie has started to crawl! I want to see him so badly! Sounds like a rough week. I've also been having trouble with Jonah sleeping lately. He refuses to take naps and is having the hardest time to bed, and wakes up at 5:30 every morning. It will get better! Before you know it, Luke will be sleeping in his toddler bed with no problems and Charlie will be sleeping through the night. I'm sorry.

  2. That's awesome Cristin! I love buying apples from the apple farms (never bought them from an orchard) - much cheaper than the grocery store!

    Hang in there - sorry to hear about the return of thrush.

    P.S. Didn't we all know about parenting and what to do and not to do before we actually had to do it ourselves?

  3. If you lived in Camarillo, I'd let you take a nap, too :-}Come on...Erik can commute 2 1/2 hours each way....just kidding.
    I would love to have picked apples with you...sounds so fun. Love the pictures.
    mom lassen

  4. Watch out, Cristin! Whew! That horse almost bit your hand off!!!



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