(My apologies in advance to anyone who may be offended by this little game. It's all in good fun. I just couldn't resist!)

This is how the game works:

Listed below are four blog posts. You decide if it is from the blog of a real person or Seriously So Blessed. The answers will be posted at the end.

Let's begin!


While I am reluctantly making it, I notice a HuGe Black spider coming out of our back door! To make a long story short, he or she eventually dies, and is currently dead (better be) underneath a can of tuna, on a puddle of bleach spray that I will wait for my husband to clean up. Now, I feel really sick off all the fumes from spraying that spider. My mac and Cheese is done. I think..Hmm, I wish this mac and cheese had more flavor, I know! I'll put salt and pepper on it!


When it comes to gift giving, Austin always surprises me. He doesn't EVER get me what I ask for and more often than not if I ask for it he won't get it simply because it won't be a surprise if he does so I have stopped asking for things and just let him get me what he wants. This year he got me a spa day at Breathe spa! He calls me his "princess" so he got me a "royal spa treatment". Full body massage, facial, waxing, foot treatment...even tea and cookies/fruit! Wow! This was an awesome gift because it is definitely not something I would EVER buy for myself! What a sweetheart!


I was secretly (only momentarily) jealous when my husband was diagnosed with cancer because I thought he was going to get to make-a-wish...something I have always thought would be my only way of getting to meet the only famous person I love, Celine Dion...


My friend MOTHERBOARD (i ain't gonna tell you her REAL name....it is a secret!) Does these BUCKET FILLERS and they are awesome...one was Making something Right with Someone who Wronged you {well...not exactly them words...but that is what i took from it} and i am going to do that today. One of my (ahem...) FRIENDS, insulted my hair a couple of weeks ago right after i got it cut..... well.... she is on my visiting teaching list... so instead of just Sending Her the Message in the mail.... I am actually going to go visit her today. And i will treat her as if she Begged on her hands & knees for my forgiveness and that I accepted her apology. AND all will be well again. ♥ I don't like being mad. At All. It makes my tummy hurt. So, I try to change the situation in my head so that I have NO REASON to be mad ♥ { i really hope she doesn't insult my hair again.... that will ruin my whole plan} Notice I am visiting teaching on the LAST DAY OF THE MONTH!! Yiiikes!!! I'll do better next month!




  1. I'm the first one!!!!! That post was meant to be ridiculous! That was funny. By the Way, i am SOO offended. jk.

  2. I know that the LAST POST is from MY BLOG!!!! and i do not know who "Seriously SO Blessed" is????
    maybe i will go check that blog out :)

    but i will guess that #3 came from Seriously So Blessed blog. :)

  3. ... {{{DUH}}}

    i just read the answers!!! ha ha! sometimes i'm retarded.

  4. I was terrified you were going to quote something you found on my blog. Thank heavens.

    Anyway, I knew they were all real. I'm so smart, I guess.

    Thanks for piping in on my political-ish post. I was worried I'd make a lot of people really mad.

  5. I'm Motherboard.

    And I approve this message.



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