I want to disconnect the cable.

Nobody freak out. I haven't gotten all "super righteous and too spiritual for television." I'm just starting to think that I don't need it.

You see, it all started last week when Luke was having a tantrum. He was mad that I wouldn't let him watch Caillou and he kicked the cable coming out of the television really hard. It broke inside the television and now we can't hook the cable up. Tragic, right? Wrong.

Not having the cable made me realize how useless it is. You can watch almost anything you want online.... BYU TV, Dancing with the Stars, The Office, the news, etc. I am concerned about losing PBS Kids, but I figured if I apply the $14.00 we are now spending monthly for basic cable to a Netflix subscription, I can just check out Sesame Street, Curious George and Word World DVD's for Luke. In addition, I can also check out the DVD's of television shows I want to watch. The more I think about it, the more idiotic it is for us to keep the cable!

This whole idea is crazy because I love television. When I was three years old, I used to sneak out of my room at night and my parents would find me watching Johnny Carson. A letter I wrote to my future self as a teenager focuses more around how to preserve my precious video recordings of Northern Exposure, than my hopes and dreams. I have appeared on a game show, attended the tapings of several television shows, and am an expert at the TV Guide crossword puzzle. Me without the t.v. is like a fish without water, like Dolly Parton without an underwire bra, like salt without pepper... it's ca-ray-zay.

So, if there is any reason why you think I should not disconnect my cable, let me know now or forever hold your peace.


  1. Disconnect it.

    Bryan and I decided on Saturday that when we move and cable no longer comes as part of our rent, we won't be too sad. We watch the stuff we're interested in online anyway.

    Besides, not having cable can just add to your natural, gave-birth-in-a-tub persona.

  2. Okay so I could never get rid of the tv... it is like my security blanket. I like it for the noise. We don't watch it half the time but it is there just in case...

    But I guess it would be nice to not have it, ya right!! I was just joking....

  3. We've done just that... "basic" cable, we only had for 1 month. We realized it had the channels we didn't care about, and we just ended up watching junk more often than not (but we still watched, why?)

    So we canceled cable and got netflix. Now we can watch TV shows with no commercials, with several episodes in a row - YAY for satisfying our impatience!

    And the only current show I actually watch, I can watch online.

  4. We don't have cable anymore because it was pointless, but PBS kids on on practically all day here on our local station. Rabbit Ears antenna does the trick all the way!

  5. We haven't had cable for 3+ years and it's great. I seriously laugh at the fact that when we were first married we felt that cable was one of our needs and had a $70 month subscription... or whatever it was.

    I bought bunny ear antennas for out tv about a year ago and we get pbs and the basic channels (abc, nbc, fox, cbs). they are fuzzy most of the time (except abc) and we have to come up with weird antenna set-ups in order to get important stuff, but, oh well.

    we check out any tv show we want to watch from the library. watch stuff online. actually watch all the movies we own more often. and don't waste time watching needless tv because if we're going to sit through an hour of snowy tv, it's going to be for a show we actually really like.

    cancel your cable. do it. do it.

  6. It's so funny because we've been living WITHOUT TV for almost a year. We got two fuzzy channels, one NBC and one the CW. Then we bought an HDTV to watch movies. Then we bought another mini HDTV to play video games. Now we are spending more on movies and video games than we would on just having cable/satellite. So a word to the wise - be sure to keep your movie watching in check! LOL

  7. We have been thinking about the same thing lately too. I hate having cable when I really could watch anything online like you said. Another thing i've found recently has been the library (at least by us) has a TON of kids videos like all the ones they watch on TV. I guess we just like throwing away our money. Maybe if I hear its working for you we'll brave up and cut the plug as well.:)!

  8. When we moved to this apartment complex in July, we found out that if we wanted channels, we would have to sign up with DirectTV and lock ourselves into a contract for 1+ years. We decided to try to go without for a few months.

    I am SO GLAD we did.

    We still get stations (sometimes a little fuzzily) with the rabbit ears (does it look ugly: yes; am I insisting that my husband do something about it when we move again to someplace more permanent in a month: yes. You can mount antennas outside your house or in the attic, for instance.)

    My son is watching less TV (but playing more computer; oh well, at least that is interactive ... he's teaching himself to read at Starfall.com!)

    And I discovered that the PBS documentaries they have on every night are fantastic: very well done (right now there is a series about the Presidents; it's fascinating) and NO COMMERCIALS! (Except between program breaks, I guess.)

    I never have been much of a TV watcher, but I still had a habit of turning it on, watching CNN or whatever if I couldn't find anything interesting on (which was often). I felt like I was going through a bit of a withdrawal at the beginning, but it only lasted a few weeks.

    DO IT. What's the worst that can happen? You decide in a couple months you can't live without it? You just saved yourselves a couple months of paying the bill! ;-)

  9. We are totally self-righteous. We haven't had cable for almost three years because yes, anything we would WANT to watch we can online and even better we don't have to watch the lame commercials. so yeah, totally not worth having. We did have a homemade antenna for digital cable for a few days and I posted about the weird stuff we sat watching. Like people bobbing for live trout instead of apples, a man teaching a monkey to ride a bike, etc. Anyway. I watch my favorite tv shows online either later that same night like on Hulu or the next day on their home sites.

  10. We get like 3 channels that come in clear. BYU, PBS, and Fox. NBC is really fuzzy but I still watch it when the office or something good is on. I'm so happy with only three channels though, and I'm not paying anything for them! we have an antenna on top of our roof. I know this wont last forever, when everything goes digital but even then i don't know. I felt like when we used to have real cable there was always something on I wanted to watch, and I hate feeling like All I do is sit infront of the tv. But I might argue that when Lost or The Office, or anything like that comes on we will know everything before you do and it might drive you crazy. Oh and it is nice having the news.

  11. We only get a fuzzy nbc and we love our netflix subscription. It's great. Another thing to check out is hulu.com. It's a TON of free TV shows, with very little interruption. The only thing we need to do now is get a cable that will hook our computer up to our TV screen.

  12. More power to you Cristin! We haven't had cable since BYU. I just rent dvds from the library and blockbuster online or I buy my favorite shows (like seinfeld and northern exposure) online. It saves us $20 or $30 a month and we feel like we have more control over our lives.

    Plus I don't have to worry about my kids watching commercials on birth control or viagara - lol!

  13. Jamie's comment almost makes me wish we DID have cable again. People bobbing for live trout? That sounds hilarious. Let me quickly check to see if it's available on YouTube. [pause] Yep, I just watched something similar. It wasn't as funny as it sounded. I have viewer's remorse.

  14. We haven't had cable for like 5 or 6 years (I lost count). It's hard at first to cut the plug because you miss "Your shows" but then after awhile you forget about it and move on with your life, and are better off without it! We have no plans to ever get cable or satellite again. Thats my story and we're sticking to it!

  15. I'd post my thoughts on the subject, but my situation right now is probably the most different from anybody else's as far as time and desire for TV goes. Giving up cable isn't hard anymore because of the internet. I don't miss TV at all, but when I'm at home without internet, I have to get stuff done and it sucks.

    Now I'm trying not to get on the webs after school. It's gonna be tough....especially on my faithful and abundant blog-readers.

  16. Here's my personal experience, for what it's worth...

    We cut our cable in 1999 (we are cheap, plus we'd been getting it for free for a year - both local cable companies claimed it wasn't theirs...). Our 5 kids only watched TV at Nana & Papa's, & were the most UN-CONSUMERIZED kids ever. Their babysitter had to tell the twins at (age 5)that his name was Spongebob, not "Cheese Man". (true story)

    OK, so last April, we hooked up the local broadcast (not cable) so we would watch Gen Conf, & then it just kinda stayed connected. That's when all holy Hades broke loose at our house!

    We had more whining, fighting, teasing, bums-glued-to-the-couch-&-not-going-outside days since then. I have cut WAAAAAY back on what I let them watch (mostly just for an hour in the morning because they seem to think 5:45am is a normal time to get up).

    You'll go thru withdrawls (I did at first), but now you'll actually have to think about what you're going to watch... Sense & Sensibility for the 30th time, or not?

    I think I prefer no TV. Now... where's that remote???

  17. I say everybody should try giving up cable at least once if only for the conversation you get to have with the cable company:
    Me: I want to cancel my service.
    Cable Company: Why?
    Me: I don't need it
    CC: are you switching to a competitor?
    Me: No
    CC: Can I give you a discount?
    Me: No
    CC: Why don't you want it?
    Me: It seems wasteful
    CC: Um (searching for pre-printed concern resolution script)I can give you 3 months of HBO for free
    Me: No thanks
    CC: Why are you canceling again?
    Me: I don't want it
    CC: Whatever

  18. DISCONNECT, DISCONNECT. Between the internet, the free digital tv box you can hook up to your tv and some good rabbit ears you can watch all the basic channels including pbs kids. We don't pay for anything and we get all the basic stuff for free. THE MAN just wants you to think you need to pay them...DISCONNECT!!!

  19. We just recently got cable after not having it since March. We still wouldn't have it if it wasn't football season. I didn't miss it at all.


    We have not had cable EVER in our marriage, so that is 6 and 1/2 years. I am able to watch the shows I want, and if I had cable I don't think I would ever leave the house. As far as kids shows...I like the videos. Personally I am not so sure about the shows that are on tv for kids anyway. I saw one once on a Saturday morning with homosexual subject matter. I was so shocked to see that on a Saturday, when kids are watching!

  21. My son did the same thing at a very young age, my large screen TV had wheels and I didnt realize they were not locked, pulled on the TV and it yanked the whole cable cord and the spot that it plugs into the tv, right out of the back of the TV!...long story short it has been over 2 years and I never had the TV fixed and my kids are a lot better off for it. And I used the money that I saved on a lot of fun activities for the kids!

  22. Do it! You'd be suprised how easy it is to not have it. Besides you pay for how mnay chanels and you watch how many? Then you always have to sort out the good stuff and not get trapped into, what's this show about? Hours later you ask yourself if it's really that late. We've been cable free since we were married and just recently tv free due to some mishaps ourself (see our blog). Are we sad? Only minimally, like missing ourselves on the local news. Like you said, the internet helps for most of it.



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