As I have mentioned on here and other blogs, numerous times before, I do not support the crying methods taught in Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child. When Luke was born, I read Healthy Sleep Habits. There is definitely some good information about sleep patterns and routine in that book, but I could not see the reasoning in letting a little baby cry themselves to sleep for hours on end.

When Luke was around 9 months old I read The No Cry Sleep Solution and found it to be incredibly helpful. Elizabeth Pantley's advice is practical and accommodating to each particular situation. Luke didn't sleep all night till he was 13 months old, but using the ideas in her book gave me a greater perspective and did cut down on many of his night wakings.

The No-Cry Sleep Solution for Toddlers and Preschoolers follows the pattern of gentle advice given in the previous book. Pantley acknowledges that there is a big difference between a toddler crying because they can't have candy or stay up late and a genuine need. Some of the things I have taken from this book are:

- making Luke's bedtime routine interesting and not rushed
- keeping Luke as active as possible during the day so that he will sleep well at night
- avoiding television time before bed
- limiting his naps to no more than 2 hours a day
- helping him relax for bedtime by reading to him while he is laying in bed

Luke's recent prison break was quickly fixed by our new best friend. Meet the door knob cover:

Many of you suggested turning Luke's room into a "big crib" and it has worked out quite nicely. The first door knob lock we put on, he broke through, so we bought a better one. He protested the first few nights, (mostly banging on the door). When he would scream, we would go in there every 10 minutes or so and see what he needed. I am actually really surprised at how easy the transition to a "big boy" bed has been for him.... probably because it was so overdue.

Even though the solution I have had the most success with, I didn't find in this book, I still definitely recommend it. There are great chapters on sleep terrors, napping, and coordinating sleep schedules between children that I also found very helpful. I don't believe there is any such thing as an "overnight" solution to a child's sleep problem, but I also don't believe that a child waking up at night is always a problem.

Now I just need a book about how to get Charlie to stop spitting up so much when we let him sleep in our bed...


  1. I love the door knob thingy! We live by it.. it has worked nicely for us. glad it is working for ya.

  2. I can't believe Luke sleeps in a big bed! Oh Charlie's problem just brought back so many memories of Jonah sleeping with me. There were so many times I would wake up with spit up all over me or pee in the bed. Zach and I would just get another blanket and sleep on top of the covers. Gross hu. I can't believe how crazy it was back then. I'm SO happy Jonah sleeps in his crib now! Ill have to buy that book when it comes time for the transition. I can't imagine.

  3. I'm glad Luke is sleeping better. Hoepfully you will follow suit!

  4. I read the same book. I really liked it. I am glad that Luke is sleeping better...I am excited about going out there this weekend.

  5. When Kyle bought our house, the previous owners left a bunch of those knob locks on doors throughout the house. I've pried a few off, but haven't been motivated to take our bedroom one off yet, and when the door is shut, it's still quite a pain to get it open. Then again, I have arthritis.

  6. I'm all about the door knob cover. He'll think he's getting a little bit of independence - but you still have some control.

  7. We loved the door knob deal too. But it didn't last. I don't even know how she did/does it...I think she just pushes really hard on one side to get it to turn the knob. Hope your's works longer! Although she's been fairly good...it's always a work in progress. =)



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