I have decided that moving is like childbirth. It is really bad, so you swear you will never do it again, but then you forget the pain and do it again....and again... and again.

Here is my advice: Find a house. Live in it forever. Never move. NEVER.

We have been in our new rental since Friday and have now moved on to the tedious part of cleaning the old one and organizing the new one. (Good thing these two houses are right down the street from each other!) I have felt like I've had a part-time job these past few weeks of packing and moving. Thank goodness for such supportive friends who have been willing to watch my kids so that I could get things done. (That's my other advice: If you can avoid moving with two small children, do it.)

Here are some random pictures I wanted to post before I have to get back to work -

This is how Luke helped with the move. I caught him more than once pushing the moving dolly down our cul-de-sac. That got old really fast.

Here is the #1 reason I wanted to move into this house. Remember our old backyard? Today the kids and I had a picnic in the grass. Afterwards, Charlie and I laid on a blanket while Luke ran circles around us. I love having a backyard. (Notice Erik's man cave? He's in heaven too.)

Of course, what's the first thing Luke tries to do when we go into the new backyard? Escape! Good thing I put locks on both gates. (Ha ha ha ha.) Oh, and yes, he is wearing snow boots. Don't ask.

One casualty of the move: Erik's fish tank. He set it on top of Luke's water table and filled the tank with water. The table collapsed and the tank broke. It was very sad. (The table can easily be fixed with nails, the board wasn't broken.) Erik came in the house and said, "Don't worry, the tank is broken, but the $14 table survived." This is why we don't buy nice stuff. (Don't feel too sad for him, he actually bought two fish tanks, both on craigslist. He'll be fine.) No fish were lost in the accident.

Finally, one picture of the kids playing in the yard. Luke loves to wrestle with Charlie. Charlie doesn't mind, so am I a bad mother for allowing it? Probably. Oh well, it keeps them occupied and no one has gotten hurt... yet.


  1. LOL - that's the truth about moving!

    I bet you are in heaven having a backyard like that!

    Now all you need is a swingset off of craigslist :)

    You were lucky to have people help with the kids.

    Last time we moved, I was 5 months pregnant and had both kids around pretty much the whole time I was packing. At least a benefit of packing it myself was that knew where most things were in the boxes :)

  2. OH NO the fish tank! Right now I'm looking for a house for us so we hopefully don't have to move for a very very long time. Try moving as much as we do!

  3. oh and LOVE the pictures. but is Luke actually sitting on Charlie in that last one?

  4. I think I would rent for a lot longer just for the sake of the backyard we have. Of course if something came up, and we had to give up our backyard, we would, but it is so great! I love that the kids can't escape, the yard's not in that great of shape and there's nothing TOO dangerous...it is a huge extension of play time, sanity, and free fresh air for all of us.

  5. ooo yay, your backyard DOES look great- so so nice. I love our enclosed yard, it's been awesome this summer, but now I can't remember what the heck we did all winter when I couldn't just send Leyna outside! What are we going to do inside all winter??
    I'm so glad you guys are getting such a great deal out of your move though, but moving does stink, BIG TIME. It makes me want to throw EVERYTHING away, but of course I never do.

  6. Fun pictures! Luke and Charlie are so cute! I'm happy you have a nicer backyard, that will be so much more convenient to play in.

  7. love the backyard! You will find that backyards are the best things EVER! Its kinda like my timeout....when I need a break from my kiddos but they are following me around the house I open the door and herd them out....and then I shut the door :)! Its nice! I also agree that moving with kids is aweful! The worst thing ever! Being pregnant about to pop is even worse....just trust me on that one.

  8. Love that picture of Luke and Charlie, especially since Charlie has such a pleasant look on his face!

  9. Kelley has to remember that Luke probably only wiegs a couple more pounds than Charlie! Thanks for the cute pics of them. You really should post more. Post some of the house! I hate MOVING. Zach and I have moved 6 times in the past 2 years! That is ridiculous. I told him that we will live here until we move out of state. and than we will buy a house.. and never move again. Ya right.

  10. What a GREAT backyard!!!! How lucky are you!?!?! Spencer and I always talk about the day that we finally get a backyard. Hopefully that day's not too far off! Good luck with finishing moving!

  11. LOVE the pics. Especially that last one with Charlie and Luke. They are so adorable. I totally agree about moving. I hate it! We aren't thrilled with the condo we live in (actually the biggest reason is because we don't have a backyard AT ALL... just a small deck... and our kitchen is the smallest one that I have ever seen.), so Nate keeps suggesting that we look around for something else, but I hate moving so much that I tell him "no" every time he suggests it.

  12. Moving is lame! Glad you survived! Luke will be in heaven to have that backyard, and so will you. I do miss having a backyard here at the ol' apartment!

  13. Love that pic of charlie out there by himself. And those snow boots are hilarious. Definetly better than his Elmo shoes. Hey you should have a family reunion or something in that big backyard of yours.



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