My sister called me gloating today to talk about Bristol Palin's pregnancy, "Did you hear the news?!" Of course I did. Who didn't? It's all they talked about on the news. You would think that by the way the news was covering this story that Sarah Palin had belonged to a radical black separatist church for the past 20 years (oh wait, that was Obama). What does this have to do with the campaign?

I can't help but feel a little bad for Bristol Palin. This poor 17 year old girl made some mistakes and suddenly she is thrown into the middle of the presidential campaign. If anything, I think this just proves again that the Palin family "walks the walk" when it comes to unplanned pregnancies.

I know that many of you will probably think I am crazy for saying this, but I am actually really starting to like Sarah Palin, flaws and all. No candidate is perfect.

One final lesson...

Bristol Palin's Baby Daddy

Be careful what you write on your MySpace Page, blog, Facebook, etc. The media tracked down Bristol Palin's baby daddy and on his myspace page he wrote these lovely words -
"I'm a f - - -in' redneck who likes to snowboard and ride dirt bikes.

But I live to play hockey. I like to go camping and hang out with the boys, do some fishing, shoot some s- - - and just f - - -in' chillin' I guess.

"Ya f - - - with me I'll kick [your] a--."

Wow, her future son-in-law sounds like a real winner. Is it just me, or do we all suddenly feel even worse for Sarah Palin?


  1. I am less than impressed with the choice of Sarah Palin and her mothering. Not that I would have voted for her as VP anyway. But you'd think the McCain camp would have vetted all this out before making this VP choice. If they wanted a woman (which I think they really did) Olympia Snowe would have been far more respectable choice.

    The baby daddy sounds like a real peach as well. I wonder how long the marriage will last.

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  3. I love, love Sarah Palin's. Listen I come from a family of ten kids. My parents were wonderful church going people. They didn't swear, drink, do drugs, or fight ever. I would have to say even though they were good examples half of my siblings made dumb choices, stupid mistakes, and are still paying for them. Does this make my parents bad parents NO! This just means we are free to chose our own path. This Daughter of Sarah Palin's chose poorly. I wish I could make my teenagers always make good choices. I pray, go to church and I consider myself a very pro active parent. Guess what teenagers make stupid mistakes. It's to bad her daughter made a bad mistake. She is defiantly paying for it. Let's not condemn Sarah Palin's for her daughters choices. How many things did you do when you were a teenager that your parents wouldn't have wanted you to do. I am hoping that this girl has the good sence to give this baby up for adoption. Their are plenty of people who are married and would be more than happy to raise this baby. Even stay at home moms have girls who get pregnant. Why wasn't every one so concerned for Hilary Clinton's daughter when she was working to fix health care during her husbands presidency. That womens worked all through her daughters life. I think Sarah Palin's is great, as you can tell. I have six kids three of which are girls. I can finally say, now that's a women in politics I don't mind my girls idolizing. Not some women like Hilary who let's a man like Clinton stick around after cheating on her. This women is a mother, a wife, and a political force of nature. Let's not knock her down for things that happen in her family that happen to all of us. whether we are working mother or not. How do we know her daughter is raising her younger brother and sisters. I've seen pictures of Sarah holding that baby at work. Also have we thought that maybe if that older daughter was taking care of her younger brothers and sisters more she probably wouldn't have so much time on her hands to get Pregnant.

  4. Okay, I couldn’t sit back without responding to the latest comment. This is very much unlike me to openly state my opinion, but I felt compelled to again because I thought some of the last comment may stem from my other comment. First off, her name is Sarah Palin, right? Like I said before, my husband thinks she is great, and I am still trying to figure it out. You “love, love Sarah Palin’s” what? Secondly, your upbringing sounds VERY similar to mine (church, siblings making dumb choices, etc.) except there were only 5 of us girls. I stated in my previous post that kids will do whatever they want regardless of what they were taught- the same thing you were thinking when you said that we are free to choose our own path. I am not condemning Sarah Palin for her daughter’s mistake, but I still think that she doesn’t have enough time for her children. I cannot find anywhere that tells whether she has a nanny or if her older children take on the responsibility, so maybe I was being overly unsympathetic. However, I am sorry to tell you that she is in fact, NOT giving the baby up for adoption like you were hoping. That would have been a great choice, but they have made an official announcement that she is keeping the baby and is planning on marrying its father. (You can click on the link on Cristin’s post to read that). I sure hope she is not being forced to marry him either. Like I said, I have seen this exact scenario in my own family and the outcome isn’t pleasant. I suppose I shouldn't let this story affect how I vote, but I just think it will be hard for her to be a mother of such young children and be a Vice President. Do I think she is ready to be President if 72 year-old McCain dies? No. However, she would be a better choice than Obama. Perhaps I am just mad that he didn't pick Romney.

  5. By the way I loved Romney more and was hoping for him to. I have to say this whole last few months where McCain and Obama are concerned has left me upset. I considered my choices depressing. Palin has been the only bright spot in this election for me. If I had to choose between McCain and Obama I didn't want to vote. But now with Palin in the picture even with her lack of experience I now see a choice. I would rather see Palin than Obama. I actually would rather see Palin than McCain. I can understand not thinking she has enough time for her children. I have six kids and sometimes I wonder if I have enough time. If I were a working mom though I would think she has it better than any working mom I know. Her kids will live were she works and there will be people everywhere making sure these kids are well taken care of.These kids will be far from neglected. If a women is going to be in the White house wouldn't you want it to be a women like her.

  6. What is interesting to me is that it seems somewhat unusual that a (Vice) Presidential candidate is being evaluated on his/her ability to run the country based on parenting abilities. Has anyone looked into what trouble Joe Biden's kids have gotten into? Or Dick Cheney for that matter? I definitely have mixed feelings regarding Sarah Palin and her daughter's choices, but it just strikes me as somewhat unfair that we seem to be basing our country's future on whether or not a candidate is an adequate mother more so than we are basing it on political factors...

  7. first off "Monaelisa" the fact that you refer to Sarah Palin as "Sarah Palin's" shows just how little you read/watch/listen to the news. Secondly, you condemn Hilary Clinton for working while she had 1 (ONE) child- who was a grown teenager at home, but think it is wonderful that Sarah Palin works with 5??? and I also think that it is pretty sad that you are judging Hilary for deciding to keep her marriage/family together after her husband was unfaithful to her.

    Secondly, I agree with Amber- why is she being judged by how her children turned out? And why do those (who obviously know nothing about this women except she has lots of kids) think she is so wonderful solely because she is a working mom? Have any of you read about her political background? Do any of you know what governmental scandals she is associated with? If she were running for President would you vote for her???

    Did you know that if McCain hadn't chosen Palin, than he was going to go with Huckabee or Leiberman. So sad that he wasn't even strongly considering Romney (who I think we all agree would have been the best choice).

  8. Kelley - You make no sense. How can you support Romney and then now support Obama? They are on such different sides of the political spectrum. I am so puzzled right now at your political choices.

    I wasn't going to write another post about this, but now you have me irritated. You do realize that Obama has numerous scandals associated with him as well... they ALL do. That's politics!

  9. Kelly, I found your post entertaining (in a good way), but like Cristin said, I am not sure how you can support Romney then Obama. Anyway, I enjoyed reading your comments. Thanks for more clearly seconding my thoughts on Monaelisa and I agree with you about the Hilary thing. I mean, I would leave my husband in a second if he cheated on me, but I think she must be a more forgiving person. So, good for her. I am trying to learn more about Sarah Palin, but the funniest thing about Amber's comments are that this whole post of Cristin's mentioned nothing about her ability to run the country. The post was about Bristol Palin's pregnancy and her relationship with her daughter. I don't let her daughter's choices affect how I vote, but I'm thinking Sarah Palin might be better off staying at home. I'm still deciding...

  10. cristin- why are you bringing up Obama? did I mention once about Obama in this post??? No. you make no sense.

  11. Kelley - You told me on the phone that you are voting for Obama.

  12. WOW, this has sparked some sore spots. I know i am just one of your blog stalkers...but I couldn't resist commenting on this. I love Palin, I am finally excited about this election. I am with you...what does her dauther...or her having time for her kids have to do with the election. It is HER running, not her daughter. Palin seems really sassy, and I wouldn't be too suprised if she could do it all (mother, grandma, vice pres...anytthing). Thanks for the post!

  13. Kelly,
    First of all, I have research Sarah Palin. I have read everything I can get my hands on since she was introduced to all of us last week.I not only read pro information on her but also con information. She is still a better women then Hillary will ever be. I do fault Hillary for her choice to stay with her husband. What's the saying if it happens once shame on you. If it happens twice shame on me. (Well it goes something like that) This man did not have one little affair. This happens to this man frequently. A women who would let a man do this to her more than once has some judgment issues. (Three accounts as I recall, with three different women. All brought to our attention during his presidency.)

    Secondly dear Kelly, I'm not voting for this women because she is a mother of five who works. I do believe the best place for a women is in the home. On the other hand I am sick of Mormon women who complain about politics, schools, town governments, and society at large and don't get involved. If your not part of the solution your part of the problem. This women became part of the solution. All of the scandal as you put it by this women so far has not proven to be true.
    Scandal 1 Had ex brother in law fired. She had him fired because he was a officer of the law, who sprayed pepper spray into his ten year old sons face. He also threatened injury to her sister. GEE should he be an officer of the law?
    Scandal 2 Husband DUI so what he was in his early twenties. How old was Obama when he was experimenting with drugs?
    Scandal 3 Daughter pregnant SOOO what.
    I could go on If any of these scandals as you put it were any big deal! McCain wouldn't have chosen her if any of them had any merit. You don't even want to get into the Hillary scandals.

    Third I don't blame this women for the mistakes of her teenage daughter. Just as I don't blame my parents for the dumb things I did when I was a teenager.

    To answer your last question. I know you think this may be hard for me since I am so uninformed. Yes I knew Leiberman was his first choice. So what, why would that surprise any one? They worked together closely on a lot of things in Washington. I wonder how many people Obama was having a hard time choosing between. McCain had a long list of people he was thinking about. Who cares!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Are you all upset just because I asked a few questions that I deem important??? they were: "Have any of you read about her political background? Do any of you know what governmental scandals she is associated with? If she were running for President would you vote for her???"

    did I say anything negative about this woman? I think those are questions that we should ask ourselves about any VP candidate. and Monaelisa- you even said yourself that you too would much rather have romney as well.

    I actually think that Palin will do a decent job, but my one concern is how is she going to cope when it comes to negotiating/and meeting with countries overseas? after all, that is a big responsibility for VP is to keep up good foreign relations and Romney, a harvard grad, incredibly smart well rounded businessman is I think a better choice in that department. It doesn't take a right winged republican to have common sense that Romney is more qualified for the job!

    also, monaelisa- you too even state that when it comes down to McCain and Obama- you really hate your choices, well guess what- SO DO I!!!!

  15. Kelly,if you would prefer people not to get upset with you maybe you should watch how you respond to them. It's not the questions you asked. It's was how you asked them. I'm not upset with you or what you had to ask. It's how you directed your questions. "NO HARM NO FOUL" I understand your young.



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