The Huggies corporation somehow found out that I have a 27 month old and sent me this mailer the other day. (Notice how it says "Free Subscription" in the upper right hand corner... Yeah, it's a "Free Subscription" to their advertising. Lame.)

As if I already didn't feel a lot of pressure to potty train Luke, now I have Huggies taunting me as well. Evidently, according to this mailer, everyone potty trains their child at 27 months old. Who knew?!

Well, Huggies, I see right through your little marketing ploy! If you pressure parents into potty training their 27 month olds, they will be forced into buying packages of Pull-Ups to take care of the inevitable mess that will follow as a result of premature potty training. I'm no dummy.

Luke washing his hands after he pretends to go to the bathroom.

The question still remains though -- when should I start potty training Luke? We have the all-star seat, but he never really goes to the bathroom on it. It's more like a toy for him. He likes to pretend, but when all is said and done he gets mad if I don't put a diaper on him. Are there any good methods or books I should read so that I can avoid buying Pull-Ups when I actually start potty training?


  1. Brian wasn't potty trained until he was 3 1/2 years old. It happened pretty fast because he was ready for it. I bought the Elmo Potty DVD (talk about feeling wrong watching a show - that was it)! Elmo talks about pee and poo, but Brian identified it and understood it. That helped a lot.

    Then we went and bought him a padded potty chair and he started going. We'd put him in the buzz light year night time pull-ups at night and that was it. After he woke up dry for a month or so, he stopped wearing them.

  2. I only ever bought Pull-ups for night-time wetting. I went cold turkey from diapers to underwear so Jackson would get used to the feel of being wet and underwear. He was nearly 4 when he was trained, and he was ready. Don't push it too soon. If you try it, and it's too frustrating by day 2 or 3, then quit and try again in a couple of months. One the times, it will click -- that's what happened with us.

  3. This is such a difficult subject because every kid is so different! I tried potty training Kaitlyn when she was two and she would pretend to go and then pee on the floor five minutes after leaving the bathroom. So I gave up and then right after she turned three I tried again and she was completely trained (including at night) within two days. But she was ready. I think that's the key. Plus they need the motivation or else it won't work. For her, she saw that her cousin, Kylee, was using the potty so she didn't want to feel left out. Ugh! I don't even want to think about it yet with Gavin. Plus I hear that boys are harder to train. I asked my pediatrician about it when I was there last week and he said I should wait until Gavin turns three because he'll pick it up faster. Oh, but the book that helped me with Kaitlyn was "Potty Train Your Child in Just One Day" by Teri Crane. I didn't use all the suggestions in the book, but it still has a ton of good tips that helped me with Kaitlyn (and she really was trained for daytime within the first day).

  4. Hi LeMira,

    It's Shannon from BYU Married Student Housing! I found you on Cristin's blog.

    Looks like you guys are doing well :)

    A kite festival sounds like lots of fun!

    Hope all is well! Feel free to visit our blogs :)

  5. I've decided potty training is just that -- TRAINING. Practicing. A lot. I felt like I was told a million times over that "it just happens" and that's just not been the case here. After several "false starts," my 3.5-year-old son is potty-trained for day (NOT naps and NOT bedtime). I decided it was fine to use Pull-Ups for those times, as it's a step away from diapers and someday we'll do away with those, I'm sure.

    So. Might you end up actually buying Pull-Ups? Possibly. Will you be spending less on those than you currently spend on diapers? Yes! :-)

  6. Ha,ha! I don't have any expertise in the potty training area, but that is a funny picture!

  7. Be careful not to push it too fast. My first born (a son) still had issues with not peeing his pants... though at least now it isn't enough to run down his leg. he is 5 BTW. Yup, FIVE. I actually finally broke down and bought him a watch that is a timer (I can set it to vibrate only so he can wear it to kindergarten) so that it reminds him to go. I often wondered if he has childhood bladder issues. Than about 2 weeks ago he FINALLY GOT IT. After 3 years of trying. Oh, the frustration.

    My advice again... wait wait wait. What harm is there in waiting (outside having to buy diapers), you avoid frustration and anger for both of you. And if you wait "too long" he will do it himself... how cool would that be?

    Just so you know. My daughter was a DREAM. Done in a week, but I WAITED till she was 3 :)

  8. Here's a suggestion (And I didn't really read what everyone else said) YOu can get him a little "portable potty seat" and put him on that infront of the tv (while he's watching a cartoon) So even if it takes him 30 minutes to go, he will start understanding the concept.

  9. I only recently bought pull-ups for Abie just for night-time ("snuggle panties"). I didn't like the idea of pretending she actually didn't have a diaper to only have something there that was still okay to do her stuff in. But before giving her panties she got to use the potty on her request (as well as mine) even though she was wearing a diaper. She got a fancy sticker chart and a treat (small) each time she "produced." Then she was ready to "hold" it in when it mattered. But I still used the 20 min timer. Funny she actually liked it. She got to turn the timer off and run into the bathroom do go through the ritual. But I guess every kids different! It's been just over a month and just having a bit of relapse with #2 so we're back to the treats to re-inforce. I don't like potty-training!

  10. Not to discourage you or anything, but I HATE potty training. My daughter was trained at 2 1/2. We tried a couple of times before that and I realized within the first day or two that she wasn't ready and we just both gave up. The last time we tried, same thing, it just clicked and she was totally trained in a few days. (Of course I didn't dare leave the house during those 3 days.)

    We used some of the ideas from the "Potty training in a day book" and we also used the "Elmo potty DVD". I checked these out at the library along with EVERY book I could find for kids to read about potty training. I think it is was overkill but it helped.

    My boy is 25 months and he thinks he wants to use the potty but he still doesn't "get it" yet. Someone told me that once your kid is more dry than wet or stays dry through the night, then it's time because then they have the bladder control.

    One more note: Pull Ups didn't work for us. We even used the fancy "cool feeling" ones but it wasn't any more than a fancy diaper to Kaya. We used them only at night just in case but using underwear was the key for us during the day. (No clothes, just underwear for 3 days!) Good Luck!!!

  11. I have no advice, but love the parents in the mirror smiling at their son.

  12. I never waste money on pull ups. Go for those velcro cloth diapers (you can buy them online)...he will potty train really fast because he will hate the feel of pee on him. And I never do it until after they are 3 years old. Both of my boys potty trained in a week that way. As for night time, just put a diaper on...they are way cheaper then pull ups and work better.

  13. Advice on potty training... Nope. We have an almost three year old who's not even interested. I am waiting it out until she wants to do it. I think Nate's more frustrated than I am about it!

    We do have Pull-Ups, but they are special things she can only wear if she's gone on the potty. They are really not necessary, though.

  14. When I get to the point of pullups - I buy the the Target generic brand. Plus they have pirates on it - for boys it's cool to have "Pirate Pullups".



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