Candace and I recently attended a MAC make-up class held at the mall. I was really excited because this meant that I would finally learn how to do my make-up. This class was going to change my life, I was sure of it.

Prior to the class, Candace's niece (a MAC employee), told us that if we wanted to be used as models during the class, i.e., get a makeover, we should wear no make-up, arrive early, and sit in the very front row.

Here are our BEFORE pictures:

And here are our AFTER pictures:

As you can see, they didn't pick us to be models. So, we looked like complete freaks among all these make-up enthusiasts because we weren't wearing any make-up. I mean, even the guys in the room had make-up on. We were way out of our league.

Here is some of the life changing material I learned at this class:

1. If you want to look good, you must use no less than 100 brushes. You mean, you don't apply your moisturizer and foundation with a brush either?!?

2. I can be talked into buying fluorescent green eyeshadow for $35. Well, Halloween is coming up.

3. MAC sells a bag of baby wipes, I mean, wipes to remove your make-up, for $17 a bag. Someone asked if you could just use baby wipes, and the make-up artists were offended.

4. I really am as cheap as I think I am. My make-up bag, pre-MAC class, included stuff like Covergirl Bronzer, Covergirl Eye Shadow, Maybelline Mascara, and Almay Eyeliner. (Yup, only the best!) Now that I have some expensive MAC stuff, I am wondering if it's really worth paying $35 for a palette of eye shadow or $17 for an itsy bitsy tube of lip gloss.

5. The whole purpose of spending hundreds of dollars on make-up is to look like you aren't wearing any at all. This makes no sense to me either.

6. Being away from my children all day is a very nice thing.
I told Candace that she could have invited me to pick my nose with her for 5 hours and I would have loved it. Can you tell I needed a break?


  1. I had fun hanging out. I was in need of a break as well. I also hate that picture of me. I look so gross..

  2. You guys are so funny.

    I use mac makeup for my eye makeup (aka eye shadow, mascara, eye liner, and eyebrow powder). However, I REFUSE to pay $40 for foundation (when I know I can it buy one get one free when maybelline goes on sale at rite aid) and the same goes with concealer and powder.

    It's funny because I think a lot of the mac employees work there just so they can afford to buy the makeup!

    Good one Cristin!

  3. Call me crazy, but I don't like the "cheap" makeup you can get at the grocery store or Target. I don't think it works as well or looks as nice (at least for me). Before I got married I bought custom made makeup from a makeup artist, it still was a lot of money but not as much as mac. Now I get the Bare Minerals stuff which I love, also expensive but cheaper than the custom stuff.

  4. I can't even imagine spending a ton of money on make-up. All of my make-up comes from Target or Walgreens. The brand JANE, is Estee Lauder's cheaper brand. I use make-up remover wipes that I cut into quarters because I don't need the whole sheet. And I'm not even a cheap person. (I'm sure my husband will now comment and agree to that.) Also, elf.com has super cheap stuff. I use their eye shadow and eye lash curlers and blush.

  5. Cristin do you really WANT people to be able to tell you're wearing make up? That just makes me think of a clown or something. Especially when it comes to foundation- I want my skin to look like it is just naturally flawless.

  6. TWO WORDS: BOBBI BROWN!(when your ready to spend lots of money and wear all the same line.

  7. I love your blog! You keep me laughing. I like the Bare Minerals and it seems to last a long time, so I don't mind paying a little extra.

  8. whether or not it was worth it to spend $17 on lip gloss depends: was it lip GLOSS, or lip GLASS? Because lip GLASS? Totally worth it. Lip GLOSS? You got screwed.

  9. If you're wearing bright green eye shadow and it looks like you're not wearing any makeup, you really DO need a break from the kids! Glad you had a day out. And I'm not buying $17 baby wipes either.

  10. Cristin-First, thanks for the pat on the back with my before and after shots. Hmmmm...I may do more things like that...I like people telling me I look great! Talk about a boost! Second,I LOVE your "before" and "before" shots even better!! You are absolutely hilarious. Glad I went with the Bare Minerals instead of the MAC. I would have looked like one of those women you mentioned in one of your earlier posts, trying to look 20, when I'm obviously not!! You're great- and your blog makes me smile!

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  12. I love MAC makeup. I buy random makeup now as well, but there are definitely some expensive makeup products that are worth it I think. You know what I discovered as a wonderful eye makeup remover? Just the kids baby wash. It doesn't matter what kind as long as it's tearless. i just put a tiny drop of the yellow Johnson & Johnson hair and body wash on my fingertips and rub it all over my eyes while I'm in the shower and it comes right off. So i don't buy eye makeup remover. i thought that your after picture was going to be all super crazy because they do crazy makeovers with crazy colors!



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