Beverly recently asked:

Does anyone in your town know that you have a blog? If so, what is your criteria for letting them know?

For the longest time I did not tell anyone in my town that I had a blog. Admittedly, this was very nice because then I could talk about people without them knowing. Then, one evening, I was in a local coffeehouse/juice place and was introduced to the wife of one of Erik's co-workers. We met, I went to get my hot chocolate, and when I came back to her, she said, "I have a confession. I read your blog." (Hi, Cara!) She said that she had been forwarded one of my posts by a friend and had been reading it ever since. After that experience, I figured I better not write anything that I wouldn't want anyone in my "real life" to know.

Now, when people say, "Oh, do you have any hobbies?" I say, "Yes, I blog." Sometimes I wish I was anonymous because then I could be more honest, but oh well, that's why we keep journals.

Speaking of people in my "real life," I started packing today and I really need boxes. If you have any, please call me or post a comment and I will come pick them up!


  1. I just moved and have a lot of boxes, but I am nowhere near you. The only thing I could do is take them to Camarillo! sorry...

  2. I sometimes wish I had another blog that I didn't tell anyone about, and I wrote it under a pseudonym. There are times that I just want to vent, but I've learned that my blog is NOT the place to do that since everyone I've ever known since I was 3 is now reading it. If it's on the internet, it's not private.

  3. Cristin, I'm sorry to say that this has got to be probably the most boring post you have done. That's why I'm leaving this, because I know this one won't get too many comments.

  4. Hi Cristin,

    Yes, I am still an avid reader. I love your blog! We don't have any boxes, but we do have a pick-up truck and a dolly. I would be happy to help in any way that I can. If you haven't already, check the free section of Craigslist for boxes. By the way, King Charlie is the cutest ever!! Too bad about your trouble with stray fingers in his mouth. Yuk! Where are peoples brains? Oh, and Kaci-- this post is especially exciting to me because I'm mentioned! Not boring!

  5. Haha! It's time for me to "de-lurk" as they call it. I've been reading your blog since I found it via Seriously So Blessed, back when you did the Door-Knocking Prop 8 post. Most of your posts make me smile and want to comment...but I haven't Now I have to, though... because this is what happened to me recently in regards to neighbors knowing about one's blog: (Backgroung--I'm finishing grad school in the English Countryside...it's a bit isolated, but gorgeous)

    Exhibit A--


    and Exhibit B--


    Anyway, thanks for the enjoyable posts. You just met one of your lurkers.

  6. Funny that the daughter of a box maker is in need of boxes.
    Kaci, your constructive critisim is great, keep it up ;oP

  7. I get people coming up to me at church all the time commenting on my blog and I wonder how they ever got a hold of my blog at all. I never told them about it...whats up with that? Stalkers.

  8. Check craigslist.

    When we moved this last time, I picked up so many free boxes and packing paper it was ridiculous. I didn't have to pay for any moving supplies - with the exception of packing tape!

  9. I wanted to start a secret blog so I could go back to brutal honesty, but I just don't have the desire to maintain more than one crappy blog. Brutal honesty is the first casualty of society. It's sort of sad, really, in a "I wish I could rip you apart behind your back, but I can't" sort of way.



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